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  1. I would say if you went back yesterday or today there should be a motor home in one of the spots.
  2. Just wanted to say hi to all the members of the Hupp club that are there at Hershey. 2020 is our club 50th. year as an on going club. I am proud to say that I am a charter member. Due to an illness I can not go this year but look forward to next.
  3. Checked the site, doors no longer available. I hope a Hupp Club got them. It was a good price. Thank you Mark for the great help.
  4. Well sometimes the plans of men just do not happen. My mind said yes, my heart said yes, but the chemo and radiation left me to weak to make it happen. There will be other times and car shows.
  5. Well after a lot of thinking, I signed up for the Littleton Lions car show on Saturday and Sunday. September 28th and 29th. I am over half way on my Chemo and radiation still feeling strong enough to make this show. I am sorry that I can not make the Boston Cup show as the Pierce would have made a good showing. I will post some pic after I go to Littleton.
  6. I had a heating problem on my 1929 Hupp model A .Took the side water jacket side panel off and cleaned out what was in there, not much. Had the radiator boiled out by a radiator shop and 80 % flow rate was the end result. the shop said that would be ok. Installed the radiator back on the car and at 90 Deg.F out side temp the new temp gauge was reading 190 Deg running at a fast idle for !/2 Hr. Not satisfied with that I placed a fan on a chair in front of the radiator on low speed. Ran at same speed for 1/2 hr. Engine cooled down to 160. Had a 1931 pats car with a fan on the engine. Removed it and compared it to the one on the 29 and it had more aggressive pitch. Installed it on the 29 problem. solved. I told you this because if you have cracks in the head you may have a heating problem One Hupp guy helping another.
  7. This is a sweet 1929 Hupp Sport Coupe that my friend Dale owned and loved to drive.
  8. The feeling was mutual, to see Bugatti's Duesenberg, although it was a replica and a Rolls-Royce and so many great cars at one show was just the icing on the cake. Its hard to believe so many great cars were in one place in a small town in N.H.
  9. Took the Pierce to the Charity Concours of N.H. I was very pleased when the Pierce got 2 trophy's. They will go to Fl. and be placed with the other trophy's that the Pierce received when my good friend Dale owned it. The first one was The Boston Cup. This trophy is given with an invitation to the Boston Cup car show on the Boston Common. It is by special invitation only. Only 100 cars. The second trophy was for Pre war american cars. I was the only car that got 2 trophy's. See Pic. These are for Dale, the Pierce is my Trophy.
  10. Hupp36

    1913 Hupp 32

    Great car, maybe some one of the Hupp club will help you that has a Model 13 as that is not one of the Hupps I own..
  11. Its the end of a widget that goes on the end of a gadget.
  12. Well, I think I had help from a higher power and I sold the Ajax. The Pierce Arrow is going to stay in my possession for a while longer.
  13. I knew nothing about the book, I just said what was on my mind.
  14. That's when they made Automobiles, not the crap they make today.
  15. Not a Model 20, but a 1936 Hupmobile Model N. 1 of 21 produced in 1936 I waited 2 years to have this bridge open back up. My Hupp was the first car to cross the bridge even before it was officially open.