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  1. Hi Tom I will be back up North in a week or so. I have a model E Hupp dash, as I have not seen it in a while, I can not remember if its complete. I will post a pic when I get home.
  2. Is your car a 6cyl model A Hupp or model M or E Hupp 8cyl as the dashes on each car are different?
  3. Go on facebook, type in Hupmobile cars and parts. There is a tail light lens you are looking for.
  4. Well I hope it makes you a very Huppy guy.
  5. Michael, on Ebay, Hupmobile- vintage cars & truck parts. Item #402763390711 This should take you to the Hupp engine.
  6. Jeff, you will need to remove the side and rear panels. The ones over the doors and front header over the windshield. Then you will be ready to install the headliner. Its marked front and back. Start in the back, then the come forward, If the guy that made the headliner did his job. (Me)just staple the tacking strips to the cross roof slats. If you get into trouble call me.
  7. Jeff and Jacob installed the seats, need to install the door panels , rear side panels and headliner. Another Hupmobile almost ready for the road.
  8. Raymond Loewy styled the 1932-1934 model F and I cycle fender models. Later he styled the 1934- models J and T 1935 model G, J, T, O and N 1936-1937 model G and N 1937-1939 models E and H Hupp aerodynamics. Amos Northrop styled the !928 A model, the 1932-1933 Model B. He also styled the 1934-1935 model W Hupmobiles which were not aerodynamic styled cars.
  9. Ok, the Raulang is a special body built by a body specialty company. Hupmobile used as standard body's. Murray and Seaman body's. I am not surprised this car would sell for this price. Correct me if I am wrong ,but I believe this car is recognized by the CCCA. The car for sale is a standard body. If I owned this car , it would take $25,00 to buy it from me, but it would be running and driving.
  10. In 1933 Hupp built 729 Hupp model B's in 4 different body styles. Very few were roadsters. I bought my first Hupp 54 years ago Harry Miller formed a Hupmobile Club in 1970 of which I have been a member of since the beginning. I have seen only 1 1933 Hupp model B in person. This car is 1 that if you took it to a car show, the chance that some one else would have 1 like it would be like winning the lottery. If you were going to use the car and not show it for points you could join the Hupp club and get a good running 6 cyl .
  11. Had a great day at lake Whales Ridge Live Steamers. The live steamer I road on took me back to y early teens, It smells like a big train, sounds like a big train, more fun than a big train. By the way, Jeff loved the upholstery work.
  12. Interior all loaded, ready to rock and roll tomorrow morning. I will post some pic of the train ride, I am 81 but I am just as excited to do this as a 6 year old would be.
  13. I will be taking the interior for Jeff's Hupmobile coupe down to Lake Whales this Saturday and deliver it to him. There is also a train park where I will get to ride a small train made like the full size train's. Jeff and his son Jacob are both engineer's and have there own trains. It will be a new experience for me. As a kid growing up in a house that was on a bank 25 ft. from the railroad tracks. I used to walk down the tracks to the Lakeport station and catch the paper train to Meredith 6 days a week to work in the Meredith Laundry f
  14. You are correct in that it is a 1933 Hupp Model K. Hupp produced 4,940 K in 1933. It has a 121 in wheel base and a 90 Hp. 6 cyl engine. I am not sure of how many body styles it was produced in as it was a lower priced car as a 6 cyl. model If the speedometer is correct, 26, 391 miles are not a lot of miles on the drivetrain. It is a cycle fender designed by Raymond Leowy. He was also a member of our Hupmobile Club before he passed away. I do not feel comfortable pricing the car, but if i owned it and was selling it, I would price
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