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  1. Brenda and I are as excited as 2 young people going to their senior prom. Can not wait to see all our friends and make new ones.
  2. Getting ready for the 2021 Hupp tour in Pittsburg Pa. I noticed a small amount of what looked like brake fluid on the hot top in the driveway. I slide a piece of cardboard under the area where the leak was. Checking the master cylinder and it was low on fluid. Jacked up the front end and put it on ramps plus jack stands. That gave me enough room to get under the car to see where the leak was. It was by-passing the master cylinder piston. So I got a new master cylinder and installed it. Full brake pedal with no leaks. See pic. Just so you know, this car is mostly original, so that being said it has small oil leaks here and there. Nothing to keep it for going down the road.
  3. The 1935 Aerodynamic front wheel drive that I posted the pic of I was told got destroyed.
  4. I do apologize, its not in my makeup not to help people if I can. This is a Hupmobile oil pan used on the 1928-29 Model A 6 cyl.
  5. Hi Eric, looks like a great fun ride. Did you find the pinion bearing grease fitting yet? My 2 R 's are a 1923 and 1924 so yours may be a little different than the pic I sent you. Keep touring, the more you run it the better it will go.
  6. I have thought about what I have to do. Dale told me that he new that I was not a rich man of money. As friends, I am the riches man in the world. It is very hard to part with this piece of history, but in reality, I do not have the money to keep this car as it should be taken car of. I feel I let Dale down, but I am sure some one else will take car of this car as it should be.
  7. About 20 years ago I picked up a Model S body that was removed to use the frame for a roadster. I have a good frame that the body will go on. The top material is original and it has no pattern, its all smooth. If I was to do your top, I would use smooth black vinyl. It would not need any sealing like the canvas that was used originally. You should be able to buy this material form a company that installs convertible tops.
  8. I am truly a Hupmobile guy, I would entertain a partial trade on a Hupp roadster or open touring. If you have a Hupp and want to trade up to one of the finest cars ever made in America, lets talk.
  9. You may find a more expensive one than this one, but not any finer. The cost of this restoration was $160,000 a number of years ago. It still is museum quality and runs and drives great. Look for the story and pic. in the P/A section of this forum. Price is $50,000 and you will not find a better buy than this for a car of this quality. Call 603 217 7234. Chuck
  10. Here is a 1925 3 dr. sedan that my good friend Dale owned. He had me looking for 3 years to find a 3 dr. Hupp model R of show quality. We went from Florida to Mass. to pick it up and bring it back to Florida. I detailed it and before we had a chance to show it, I lost my good friend Dale.
  11. PM me, if you want to sell it.
  12. Yes Mike has done a lot of work on the car, I will check with him to see if he has it finished.
  13. Well Tuesday is the day the Pierce comes out of storage, I will be glad that the Good Lord has keep me around to drive it. I will spend a few hours servicing it be fore I get it out on the road. A ride around Newfound lake and to the 104 dinner will be in order.
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