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  1. Well I just thought that with 5 vehicles fully insured and I can only drive 1 in the winter to save a little money, being on a fixed income just put them on comp. Thank you for the comment on my health issue. I will be having a pet scan this next Thursday to see if I am cancer clear. I will post the results when I find out. I love my Pierce Arrow but, if the cancer is not gone, I will have to sell it.
  2. Lump, I have also advised this person about the Hupp club, seems if it cost money, he is not interested.
  3. Put the car in winter storage. Called the insurance company to take off the total coverage, to put in on comp, fire and theft as the car would not be on the road until May 2020. I was shocked when they said we do not offer comp insurance.I have 2 cars and 2 trucks on comp insurance with another company for the winter as I do not drive them in the winter. I will not say who the company is but it is one of the most expensive company out there.
  4. Thank you, Then what is it?
  5. Not the expert on the Pierce but I would say its a 1933 Model 1236 Salon Club Sedan
  6. If no one gets back to with a pair of them, you may want to find a good black smith and have him make you a pair. Food for thought.
  7. They also brought back the Model H in 1938 . It was an 8 cyl.
  8. Did you happen to see the 1 on Pierce Arrow-ebay, its says its for a 1934 and does not say the make, maybe, its a Ross?
  9. On Oct. 12th not feeling I had enough strength to drive the Pierce Arrow 30 miles each way to the show at Shaker Village, I used my enclosed trailer. I had the trailer attached to my dump truck and decided to use my F--250 haul the car to the show. When I backed the Pierce out of the trailer, the trailer ball came out the receiver. The pin that held the ball on was missing. Not too far away from where I was parked the Studebaker Club members had a row of there cars parked. As I pulled in to park the Pierce at the show at least 3 members of the Studebaker club came over and said if you give us the key to your truck, we will see if we can see what is wrong with your trailer. After a while they came back and said, there is no pin in the trailer ball. I told them there were 2 more balls in the pickup and there should be a pin in one. Not long after they came back with my keys and said, you are all set. I thanked them for helping me as I could not have fixed it my self. They are a fine group of car people. They took time away from the show to help a fellow car guy in need. I am very grateful for there help
  10. I wanted to let you know , I recieved the book The Checkered Flag and it it super, Thank You very much Chuck Moore
  11. To the right of his finger, whats that round thing that looks like a pin or a set screw?
  12. I would say if you went back yesterday or today there should be a motor home in one of the spots.
  13. Just wanted to say hi to all the members of the Hupp club that are there at Hershey. 2020 is our club 50th. year as an on going club. I am proud to say that I am a charter member. Due to an illness I can not go this year but look forward to next.