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  1. Yes Ed, my mistake, I thought the Series 80 was a duel valve 6, now I know its a straight 6.. Please forgive me , I am a Hupp Guy.
  2. There is a head for that car on Ebay under Pierce Arrow that states that the head was crack checked OK.
  3. With the cost of a restoration these days, This .car I regret that I am selling needs NO restoration. It was restored a number of years ago and sat in a museum. If you are a person that loves trophy's, this is the car for you.I have showed this car for 4 years and always received a top trophy.. For the story of the car, scroll down to the Pierce Arrow site. Whom ever wants to buy this car, needs to come and drive it.The car will sell it self. How many cars do you know that have all the hardware in the people compartment 14 krt. gold plated and needle point upholstery done 1 stitch at a time. The price is $75,000
  4. Well it finally stopped raining.We went for a ride around Newfound Lake.Took a couple of pic at the end of the lake with my phone. Sun was in my face so I could not get a good pic.
  5. Got the car home today out of double locked storage. After a close examination it was noted that the design on the back of the seats are hand stitched as the original seats. Can you imagine how long it took to do this one stitch at a time. Another clue as to the expense of this restoration.
  6. That pic is from the brochure that was given out when a person would inquire about buying a new Pierce Arrow. Note that the pic I posted of the interior of my car has been made the same.
  7. I am all set the web master of WOKR sent me an email and a form for membership. Thank you
  8. As a past member of the Willys overland knight registry I am working on a 1923 Willys Knight that I need a distributor for.I tried to rejoin the club but can not bring up a form to re join, looking for some help to re-join. I am not a computer guy. Thank you in advance.
  9. Made a successful tripe back to N.H., can not take the Pierce out for a ride because of 2 days of rain. In 4 years the only water that been on the car is when I washed it.
  10. The chips you see on the fender are where the parking lights set. They match the headlights in shape. just a lot smaller. Hupmobile started using chrome in 1928 for all the bright work. He says the interior is Mohair, could be new or original. If he posted the serial # that is on the fire wall on the passengers side. I would know the exact year. As a Hupp guy, if i was not in the selling mode my self, its a good buy.
  11. I sure wish me and the wife were back in N.H. We could take a nice ride in the Pierce Arrow around Newfound lake, stop in Hebron and get an ice cream. That would sure beat sitting in the house in Florida.
  12. I had a Cat scan last Thursday. Went to see the ENT doctor on Tuesday, Ear, nose and throat. He informed me that the Cat scan was clear and I am still cancer free. By the last week of April I will be back up North and should be able to get the Pierce out of winter storage and get it out on the road.
  13. Wow over 10,000 views, my only wish is that Dale was still here to see. I am still trying to figure out what I ever did in this world to own this piece of history. I would like to think Dale loved that car so well that he knew that i would cherish it as much as he did. I know that I will see him again.