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  1. Nfrutiger7, just curious, if you purchase this car, what are you going to do with it?
  2. I have a new, used shift lever and will put in in the car before it is stored for the winter. I want 1 more ride before I put it in storage. Like my friend Dale used to say, ITS a HOOT to Drive.
  3. The model B Hupp for 1932 was the highest production model that Hupp produced. 3,581 Very few would would have been coupes. Missing 1 running board and possibly a side mount cover. If a person had a lot of time and ambition and was good at body work, this car could be saved. I still have tooo many projects to finish or I would not let this 1 go. I hope there is a young person that wants a great car and gets it is back on the road.
  4. My tool maker friend says he would braze it .I will let you know in the spring as its put up for the winter.
  5. Yes, it does look like over spray. What impress's me is the good condition of the running boards.
  6. I just caught a peek of the speedometer and it looks like 38,9?? miles. The paint on the car is called Clay Rust which was a factory color. I would love to look that car over as it could have the original paint.
  7. If the serial # proves out to be a 1935, they only made 224 in 3 body styles, a coupe, 2 dr. sedan and a 4 dr. sedan. Not a lot of people know this but Hupmobile made a lot of great cars. My 1936 Model N is a great road car. It has an over drive factory installed and will run 60 to 70 miles an hour with no strain on the engine
  8. While I was turning around, I had to back up, while shifting into first gear, the shift lever broke off in my hand. I drilled and tapped threads in both sections and will look for one that is not broken. In the mean time I will either braze or electric weld depending on what my tool maker friend advises me to do. See pic 's.
  9. I would be more worried about having 2 wheel brakes than any thing else.
  10. Yes, there is a reserve and they do not tell you when it is bid.
  11. I will post the scan if I can.
  12. Gee, this is a scan put of the Airman Series 12.If you can read what it says about the clutch, you will see it has friction disc.
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