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  1. Hupp36

    Hup 20 Magneto

    Maybe you should check to see if it works first, Place the magneto in a vice. If there is a cap on it, remove it and check the points to see that there is no film built up on them. If so, take a point file and dress them. Place a spark plug wire in any one of the the caps 4 holes. Hook the other end of the wire to the top of the spark plug. With another wire that has clamps on each end, ground the base of the spark plug to the magneto base. Watching the spark plug as you rotate the magneto gear at least 4 revolutions. If the magneto is good you should see the spark plug fire. And please, if I left something out please help.
  2. I guess I have not mentioned that because so busy showing the hand stitched decor and 18 carat gold trim on all the metal in the rear compartment where the owners ride. The stitching on the door trim was hand done 1 stitch at a time. The pattern on the rear seat cushion was reproduced like the original in the sales brochure which is not here at this time.
  3. Known as a N.Y. city model, I am still working on finding the original owners of my 1927 Pierce Arrow Model 36 Enclosed Drive Limo.
  4. Hupp36

    Hupmobile script jack. Is it common?

    I would not worry about the looks of your car as this car was at the last tour and as you can see its a work in progress. It ran fine and at the next tour it will more than likely be sporting a fine paint job. My White Tornado as its called by some of the club members was painted an off white in 1948 and shows a lot of wear, but it has an over drive , factory installed and will drive 55 to 65 mph with no problem. The other thing is that its 1 of 21 produced and when I go on a Hupp tour members will look it over good as they have not seen one in person. Pic of tour Hupp , first pic. Second pic 1936 Hupmobile Model N
  5. Hupp36

    Hupmobile script jack. Is it common?

    The Hupp meet is in Piqua Ohio on July 29th to Aug.2nd. and if Lee brings it, you will see the M your dad owned. How far is that from where live? Plan on a fun day, no judging cars or people Just members with one thing in common loving their Hupmobiles.
  6. Hupp36

    Hupmobile script jack. Is it common?

    Well if you go to the Hupp tour you will probably see the 1929-30 Hupp your parents owned. The Hupp Club member who is heading the tour owns that Hupp, he bought it from Don. When Don passed away, Jack was able to carry on with some of Don;s projects. Just something I thought you might like to know.
  7. Hupp36

    Hupmobile script jack. Is it common?

    Yes, it would be nice if you brought it to the Hupp meet the summer of 2019 near Dayton Ohio. I am sure that the members would like to see it, me included.
  8. Hupp36

    WANTED Aerodynamic Coupe

    If you scroll to page 5 you will see a 1935 J Hupp Coupe. It sold for $70,000. Now you have a Hupp G engine . The G coupe had a lot less production than the j coupe. I do believe if you find a G coupe in the condition as the J it would be in the price range of $70,000 to$ 90,000. Not bad for a car that sold new for $695.
  9. This is what a 1927 Pierce Arrow looks like at a show. I love this car and are proud to own it.
  10. Hupp36

    34 Hup

    Raymond Loewy did not design the 417-W . Amos Northorp designed the non Aerodynamic Hupps which were the W series. Hupp produced 4707 of the W series in 1934 which was half of the car production for that year. The balance of the production, 4713 as split on the Aerodynamic , Model K,F,I,J and T
  11. Hupp36

    34 Hup

    The seller said the car has a Briggs body , its a Murray body, my friend in the Hupp club has one.
  12. Hupp36

    1948 Tucker #1057 on ebay

    I hope he likes the car, at that price he is going to have it for his lifetime. The big thing, its not a real Tucker.
  13. Hupp36

    Cilinder Head HUPMOBILE 1933 Model K-321

    Not sure if you know Hupmobile designed and produced all there own engines from 1909 until the end in 1941. So, I do not know who or where you got the information that its the same as Hudson and Willys but please check very carefully before you try to install another head except one that says HUPP on it.
  14. Hupp36

    Model 20 with SOUTHERN TREAD

    No, in Mass.
  15. Hupp36

    Model 20 with SOUTHERN TREAD

    Yes, about 30 years ago, I looked at a 1911 Model 20 with a 60 in. tread the owner called it a southern tread car. The only reason for me not purchasing the car was it had a home made body on it.