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  1. I have uploaded the file here: Snap On CG 630 B Steering Wheel Puller Set : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  2. I have found a fuel tank which I have decided to put in the Hupmobile. It needs to be purged and modified but it is a good start and I have all the material I need on hand to make it work.
  3. I was finally able to get the steering wheel off:
  4. The usual story, progress has been slower than expected. I had been trying to buy floor parts but people have been difficult to deal with so I guess I'll be patching the floor on my own. I'm also hung-up on a fuel system for the engine due to the current goings-on. Here are a couple recent videos:
  5. I bought a book of Thompson / Toledo connecting rod drawings a while ago and was having trouble scanning it so I bought a DSLR camera and took pictures of it: https://archive.org/details/thompsonproductstoledoconnectingroddrawingsblueprints1910through1940511pages Covers some 500 orphans and random vehicles from about 1910 through 1940. If anybody makes a rod from these drawings please mail me a blank forging. Cheers, Steve
  6. Things are chugging along. The McCord B-1 gasket catalogue turned out to be a really nice document, they must have owned the market as they covered everything. https://archive.org/details/McCordGasketGuideCatalogB11928Through1940OCR288Pages If anybody has the McCord A gasket catalogue I would like to get my hands on it. That one covers 1909 through 1927. The Clum and McQuay Norris stuff is also great. Lots of fun info. Another thing I am after is OLDER catalogs. MOOG obsoleted a lot of parts in 1956 so I need earlier catalogues to augment what I've already posted. The earlier the better for them and all the other manufacturers would help. King Quality Products is another one I'm after along with Monmouth and Sealed Power. If something exists for making exhaust pipes based on lengths and angles that would be nice to have too. One would think you'd just look in a book and whip up a tailpipe rather than order it back then?
  7. You should be able to find what you are looking for on http://www.archive.org Searching can be frustrating but there are many books on early fuel and ignition systems. You won't see many manuals dating back to the really early stuff but the books are cool because they are essentially universal.
  8. If you see something about "deriving" that means it is still being processed. It can take a number of hours for that to take place and I think they make a human verify the contents to some extent.
  9. Thanks guys, I am open to anything but probably more on the repair side than OEM literature. I think the car clubs do well with the OEM stuff. The concept is that a person would access my list and be prepared to turn any vehicle pushed, dragged, or driven to their shop into a running/stopping vehicle. Anything along the lines of parts identification, parts manuals, parts drawings, catalogues, etc. would be very helpful. Stuff for door handles, wheels, suspension parts, wipers, axles, brakes, etc. is good. The material I scan is just getting boxed up and put away. The Auto Electrician's Guide cost me about $100 outright and it's probably one of the best examples available. Luckily that was bolted together so I could pull it apart without any damage but I just want to make a point that I'm not a "book photographer" like some people. I fire the pages through the scanner instead of having a dual camera system with foot pedals. If you follow the links and open the documents you will see that you can download the PDF for safe storage. We need to distribute the responsibility. Regards, Steve
  10. I am uploading a pile of stuff to archive.org - CHECK IN DAILY OR WEEKLY TO SEE WHAT'S NEW! You can find my listings here: https://archive.org/details/@steverontario If you have something electronically you want me to add for you please PM me so we can transfer over email. If you have something in hardcopy you want to donate let me know. I remove all of the staples and cut the spines off so it is DESTRUCTIVE. You will not get it back but it will become available to the World for ever. Cheers, Steve
  11. Here is a video showing some of the sheet metal work which I neglected filming on the first panel.
  12. One of the door skins is coming together.
  13. I can email a PDF of the photo for anybody who truly needs it. That's about the only solution to the photo being resized.
  14. I made a YouTube video of this set but couldn't include the application chart so I'm sticking it here and cross referencing it with the video. This set is from 1962 and has specific applications between 1938 and 1962 but can be used on many more generic applications. Models listed by application include Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Corvair, Chevy II, Chrysler, Comet, DeSoto, Dodge, Dart, Lancer, Edsel, Ford, Falcon, Thunderbird, Frazer, Hudson, Imperial, Kaiser, Henry Jr., Lincoln Continental, Mercury, Nash, Oldsmobile, F85, Packard, Plymouth, Pontiac, Tempest, Rambler, Studebaker, Lark, Valiant, Willys, Light Trucks, Heavy Trucks, Volkswagen, MG, Jaguar, Simea. Sales Literature: https://archive.org/details/SnapOnToolsCatalogBB1970/page/n113 https://archive.org/details/SnapOnToolsCatalogY1962/page/n113 CG630B CG-630B CG630-B Form SB-142C
  15. I finished the big paper template. I think I am going to save it as a single piece and go back to make door bottom templates. This will make sure I maintain the proper positions of everything.
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