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  1. What does it fut and what does it do? I think 5936853 is the # stamped In it.
  2. Absolutely! On Board Welders. Very helpful when you are miles away from help. used them many times to fix Jeeps/ check out http://premierpowerwelder.com/
  3. What are the rods made of? Could they be welding rods?
  4. Here is a link to a map of Englewood around that time. https://www.loc.gov/item/sanborn00990_001/
  5. for hanging plates. I use two nails on the top plate and I use large paper clips cut into a C shape to hold all the lower plates together.
  6. Been trying to acquire this one for years
  7. Looking for info on how the wires were originally ran. The original wires are taped together with electrical tape and are a mess so I am redoing them. I have a dual filament bulb so their are two wires. Did they lay loose in the wire holders? Was there a sleeve over them? Were they bound every so many inches? I have peeled back some electrical tape and see what Looks like a 3/8" fabric tape binding. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. @pont35cpe THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not realize that it was soldered on the bulb end. I got it apart and only mildly burned myself.
  9. @pont35cpe I called Kurt and he did not have anything available. I have everything apart and was wondering how you joined what looks like modern wiring to the bakelite (or whatever it is) spring assembly. It does not appear that it disassembles. Thank you, Allen
  10. Thanks, I'll get with Kurt. One of the filaments on my bulb was out. The wiring is in bad shape as well. Needs addressed for sure.
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