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  1. Not totally sure about the '28 setup, but my horn button screwed off, a couple of screws below that released the plates above the spark advance and throttle plates, had to then disconnect the shafts of the throttle and spark advance mechanism at the steering box; had to use a puller and some heat to remove steering wheel once the nut was removed (note - would not come off with just puller alone, once puller was on tension, I heated carefully with a torch for about 30s and it popped off)
  2. Ok Thx, I am looking for parts or replacement I guess...
  3. Would you know if your kits would fit a gemmer with stamped number 2171 2 from a 1924/25 maxwell (chrysler)? Thx
  4. I know this is an old thread, but where did you get the bearings and bushings for your steering box? I have a 1924/25 Maxwell with a very similar gemmer steering box and need parts. Thanks.
  5. Looking for some help again on the steering box issue. I was able to strip out the box and steering column, took it to a professional who soaked the disassembled box in a penetrating liquid for a few wks and it finally came apart. He believes I need a rebuild kit including bearings, bushings, seals and sector shaft. He is not able to find the parts. Any ideas where I might find parts, or interchangeable years/models/makes that would have a similar gemmer box as above? Really hoping the experts can give some guidance, otherwise I am at a standstill. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the comments. Well, I got the Pitman arm off and the front wheels basically turn beautifully on the wheel dollies. No issues with front end. Unbolted the gemmer steering box from the frame, trying to remove it. Started to loosen the large coupler at the top but see that this pushes the whole mechanism forward, as it seems to be attached to the steering column on a race? Realizing I don't know #$#& about steering boxes. Soaked everything in penetrating oil again, will check tomorrow and see if I can catch a break and it will loosen up. I think she would be good to go if I can get the steering issue sorted.
  7. Jay Any parts for a 25 Maxwell? ie hood locks, grease cap for wheel, lug nut cover for wheel? Thx
  8. Thanks guys! Yep, confirmed the lock is for the transmission only. Fired it up again tonite, wouldn't start by hand crank but the starter mysteriously came to life and I ran it for a while. Smokes, but no liquid leaking, idles nicely. Thx for the comments re the steering issue. I have checked carefully and i dont see any sort of anti-theft device on column. I jacked it up and there seems to be play in the front end and king pins, but the steering wheel is absolutely frozen. I dont have a big enough socket for the pitman arm, it looks to be about a 11/2 in nut. Will need to get a larger socket set. I dont have a repair/owners manual so not sure how to tackle the steering box. Thx for the restoration pictures, very interesting, but nothing on the steering column or box.
  9. Found some great 'door check straps' on ebay and restorationstuff.com, just need to order correct lengths Should I try to take the steering box apart?
  10. Thanks Great news - fired it up tonite and she runs great. Starter won't budge so I used the hand crank. Added water to rad and did a quick oil change. There is a crack at the weld at the top of the rad where the inlet is, but runs cool. Figured out the ignition switch. The electric fuel pump performs well. Unfortunately cant take it out yet as the steering is locked tight, can't budge it at all. Any suggestions?
  11. Huptoy Thanks for the tips and reminders re the oil, very helpful. The attachment has great info as well. Can you or anyone explain the small lock at the base of the shifter - is this a transmission lock? I just got the key from the previous owner. Does not seem related to the ignition. The ignition switch on the panel has some cryptic terms - Curb, Off, Day, Bright, Dim. Which position for starting? Thx
  12. Thx for the shifting pattern, you probably saved a few gears! I just dropped the oil pan tonight and cleaned out about a half inch of thick crud, its back on with 10W30 for now, with some STP for good measure. I found a gauge on the side of the pan that indicates 'full' at about one gallon. Turned it over with the hand crank slowly and it seems to have good compression. Thx for the picture of your maxwell, great seats! I am sure mine had seats like that originally, may be under my material covers, will look at some point. What are your inner door lashes/stops made out of? On my driver side there is a bungee bolted together, and on the passenger side it has a dog collar. At least that is what it looks like to me. My fan belt measures out at about 36 3/4", but hard to tell because it is falling apart. Will try to order a leather one from the site you recommended.
  13. Thanks for the tip on the fan belt. I was going to use standard 10W30 oil for the engine. I will probably use regular gear oil for tranny and differential. Will use green spark plug company for new spark plugs. Will need some new tires, although these are not that bad. Need a lug nut cover plate and wheel bearing cover. Anyone know the pattern of the transmission (position of reverse and forward gears on lever)? See attached pics.
  14. Hoping for some much needed info on my newest project, a 1925 Maxwell Club Sedan in remarkably well preserved condition. Many questions, hope to tap into the expertise on this forum: I need a new fan belt, anyone know size and a source to purchase? Recommended engine oil? 10W30? Capacity? Recommended transmission and differential lube and capacity? There is no oil filter correct? I seem to have an electric fuel pump added at a later date, is the canister on the right side of the firewall an original fuel filter? Thx
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