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  1. good afternoon could you tell me how many miles the car has do all the gauges work what is wrong if anything thanks
  2. thanks Spinneyhill I never heard of that I will do some research and see
  3. My problem is I took my 1940 Cadillac to my mechanic to replace seals in the trans to clear up some leaks. When I got it back the trans was making noise and vibration only in second gear. It seemed okay if you didn't put pressure on the gas, but as soon as you did it would make this loud rumbling noise. It would also happen when down shifting into second. This was only in second gear. I took it back to the mechanic they took it all apart and couldn't find anything wrong. The car was then towed to a transmission shop and they can't find the problem. They sent the trans to their sister transmi
  4. bdas

    1937 chevy sedan

    Thank you for the answer I couldn't seem to find it bob
  5. can someone tell if the fuel sending unit on a 1937 Chevy is on the top of the tank in the middle or on one side. Looked for pictures but it shows a lot of different tanks. This is a stock tank I'm talking about. Thanks for any information:)
  6. bdas

    1937 chevy sedan

    Thank yo very much
  7. Can someone tell me how many quarts of oil a 1937 Chevy sedan takes I haven't received manuals yet thanks in advance for any information
  8. Thanks for clearing that up for me I appreciate it b
  9. can anyone tell me what the fans are for under the front seat. I also would like to know where the knob or button should be to make them work. Just in case I want to hook them up again. Thanks, b:o
  10. I am interested in your radiators I have a 1928 Oakland in need of one. If you still have them I could take measurements of mine and see if yours fits. Let me know Bob Dunn 818-400-8043 Thanks
  11. looking for differential pinion seal trans selector shaft seal trans output shaft seal stabilizer links hood latch cable and I'm sure more to come any links to somebody selling these parts would be helpful thanks in advanced
  12. bdas

    adjusting brakes

    thanks for all the input. I do have the Oakland Pontiac Manual, and have read it several times. I just can't seem to get the brakes to work like I think they should. I do not have Midland Steeldraulic brakes they are banded brakes as stated in the book. They mention a rounding tool, I know what it looks like but not how to use it. I had the brakes all relined several weeks ago and the hubs turned, it seemed to work for a little bit but then I had to start pushing harder and harder on the brakes to stop. Now I have all the wheels off checking seals and ready to adjust them one more time. I g
  13. bdas

    adjusting brakes

    Sorry I forgot Yes it is a 1929 Oakland Sedan I was just out looking at the shoes and I wonder if the pads are to hard. They are new and fell so rough and hard
  14. Hi guys Does anybody have some information on how to properly adjust band brakes. I just had new shoes put on and I'm having a hell of a time.
  15. bdas

    wireing problems

    problem solved it was bad receptacles for the head lights once they were replaced the electric seems fine thanks for the help bob
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