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  1. Thanks Ray, I forgot to mention that I have blanked off the heat riser but the back firing through the carb can be stopped by pulling the choke out a bit. I have been looking at a replacement carb but its the timing that's worrying me.
  2. Can anyone please tell me how I can check the timing between the crank and the camshaft on my 29-25X? I have an issue whereby when adjusting the distributor so that the timing light is on the 17 deg Adv mark the engine runs terribly but adjusting manually to get her running smoothly she then backfires through the carburetor. All the valves have been cut and the valve seats ground, compression is good. Head was skimmed. Fibre timing gear looks good. Carburetor stripped and cleaned, new idle needle fitted.
  3. Thanks Paul, I thought as much but thought I would ask. Hope you had a great Christmas. Martin
  4. Does anyone know if there is a modern equivalent for the main bearings on a 1930 147? crank assembly drawing number 43840. A search on this forum hasn't revealed any details.
  5. Thank you Paul. I somehow knew you would know. Hope all is well.
  6. Hi Dave The series 14 are from 1930. Thanks for the info.
  7. Hi, does anyone know the correct gauge thickness of the rear fenders on a Series 14? I need to order steel but finding it difficult to measure and need to replace some rusted portions.
  8. Hi Hugh Can you please confirm that the specs below are correct? Bearing name 7038C bearing New model 7038C Old model 36138 bearing Products types 7038C Angular Contact Ball Bearings Categories Angular Contact Ball Bearings Brands SNR Dimensions (mm) Inside diameter ID d 190 Outside diameter OD D 290 Thickness B 46 Size (IDxODxB)mm 190x290x46
  9. I have 4 x 3v solar panels without a regulator and they work well. 2 pairs in series and then both pairs in parallel to increase the wattage. Bright sun provides 7v
  10. I have found that Champion D21 burn a little hotter and cleaner
  11. Hi Does anyone know the throwout/thrust clutch bearing specs, such as a part number so that I can track one down for my 1929 Buick 29-25. I'm hoping to replace the clutch and bearing on the same day.
  12. Thanks Fred, it is possible that I may have overfilled the differential when I replaced the oil with a 250w
  13. I would be very mindful of what power you put through the wooden spoked wheels.
  14. Do not use an ultrasonic bath as it can damage the pot metal.
  15. Thanks, I have not checked the spout so that's my next job. Many thanks for your help. The axle nut was tight locked by the lock washer.