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  1. I could be wrong but I can assure you that I will be corrected if I am wrong. I am astounded how many knowledgeable people will help. That said, Carfax will not have information of damage and/or repair if the insurance co does not report it. I was rear ended by an underaged driver in an off road golf cart. They paid to fix the bumper & it never got on Carfax. I have used Carfax for the last 3 cars I purchased, none with undisclosed damage. If it is totaled by the insurance company, I skip the car. My father owned a reposition business for banks & those vehicles were usually not well taken care of. Most were sold at auction & carried a discounted value. I bought one from a bank that needed repaired. Price formula = wholesale price - 20% - retail repair value - condition value.
  2. Try posting it in the. Hupmobile forum
  3. Do you have a NADA store near by? i just go to them & tell them my car make model year describing the part(s) wanted. They always apologize for not having one in stock but say I can pick the part up the next day. Great service for a 88 year car.
  4. Yes, that is the truck & it is not a 1936. Sorry, I should have checked first. Thanks for the correction.
  5. Sherry Chrysler, Piqua Oh, 937 753 3037. They have a late 30’s Dodge pickup on their sales floor. I was there but didn’t go over to see it. looked like it had been restored.
  6. In 2016 I was looking for a pair of Ohio year of manufacture plates at a swap met. I was surprised to find a dealer plate for less than half price. YOM plates run about $35 to register & are good for your life time. I can’t tell you how many people think I am a dealer.
  7. Keep in mind, advice given here will find someone who is successful bending this advice. In 1972 my in-laws towed a 4,000 Pound camper with a 4,400 pound 1967 Chrysler with a 383 engine. Most trips were less than 400 miles around Iowa. The exception was 2,600 round trip to trip to Brownsville TX. Towed at 50 mph and replaced the trans in TX. Today, I use a Silverado 1500 to pull a 2,000 pound open trailer & 3,000 pound car. Works ok on flat areas but had a strain going across West Virgina last year. You will need a frame hitch & an equalizer hitch on a 64 year old car with a soft suspension. Stay out of hills & you will be slowest vehicle on the road. Truly vintage has very good advise
  8. In 1998, at 56, I decided to purchase my first antique car. I wanted a 20s style with a vertical radiator. Research highlighted I wanted a 4 door, 6 or 8 cylinder in good condition both cosmetic and mechanical. Hemmings & Craigs List along with other web sites were used. I searched over 18 months traveling up to 5 hours to view cars I actually didn’t want. “You may have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find Prince Charming.” I was also advised to avoid project cars if I planned to drive it in my life time. I first saw the ad in May, in August when he lowered the asking price, I contacted him to drive it. Picked it up in October 2000. I suggest you use Hemmings to select car events to view & sit in cars for sale. Charlotte has a large car show at the race track. If your not 100% on the car, wait. You could miss a car but another will show up. When you find a great car some distance away, have a local person inspect it for you. You could use someone from AACA check it out. The good news is more cars & events will occur as summer arrives.
  9. I have had 67 Mustang on the road about 3 years & was redone as a very nice driver. It has about 134,000 miles with everything new about 3,500 miles ago. The car is an 289 V8, auto, Factory A/C, PS, new paint, interior carpet, headliner, seats, moter rebuilt & trans. I plan to put it up for sale when the weather breaks in April. If interested, PM me.
  10. There are 2 or 3 companies at Hershey that ship to Europe etc. Also, Hemings Magazine has shippers advertised. Me, I have never used a shipping co.
  11. Sears did not mfg any tires but contracted with Armstrong Rubber Co. 50% of Armstrong’s yearly production in the 50s - 70s were Allstate. The contract called for Armstrong to be paid on a cost plus by Sears. Sears warehoused tires in 1 of 5 plants and shipped tires directly from plant to stores. Michelin tires were imported by Sears to the Armstrong plants to be distributed to the stores. Armstrong built radial tires starting in the late 60’s. Surprisingly, the Des Moines plant, in the 60’s, built tires for Firestone, Good Year, Goodrich, Phillips Oil, and others. The Firestone plant across town sent a truck every evening to pickup the days production.
  12. Tuesday is setup day, some setup Wednesday morning. We arrive Tuesday at noon but setup Wednesday morning. Tuesday afternoon 60 to 70% of spaces will be empty. The large retail vendors will be setup by Tuesday morning. Skip Tuesday if raining.
  13. 2001 was my first trip & my 21 year old nephew came from western Iowa. When my brother asked about the swap meet, all Joe would say was “I can’t describe it”. You have to go next year.
  14. Have you purchased a Hemmings Magazine & checked the last 6 or 8 pages? They will be at Hershey & you can pick them there. Best of luck.
  15. It’s posted in the forum “Cars For Sale”
  16. The AACA club does not require you to own an antique vehicle, you only have to have an interest. Our local club tours monthly from April thru October and normally 10 to 50 percent will drive a modern car. We tour about 40 MPH unless a slower car shows up. In Ohio there is the “Ohio Region” & 7 local Chapters around the state. Three times a year we have a weekend region gathering with both modern & antique vehicles. Join in the National club and visit your local chapter/region tours before joining.
  17. Late 1920’s Hupmobile. Try posting under Hupmobile forum.
  18. If you post your zip code, someone may recommend a good shop. How far are you willing to travel?
  19. They are the front & rear wheel. They look like 1930/31 Hupmobile wheels & 1930 Chrysler wheels. Also may fit 1931 Desoto.
  20. huptoy


    In 1988 I was looking for a good used car for my daughter and seriously considered a new Yugo. I purchased a used low mileage 5 year old car from a church member. In checking with my machanic, he discouraged my purchasing a Yugo calling it a “throw away car”. You don’t fix it, junk it. Yugo shipped cars but not repair parts & it took weeks to months to repair them. The part that held the hatch back window in place was faulty & people taped a plywood pannel in place driving the car for months. I listened to my machanic’s advice & thanked him for years. if you are keeping it in a museum, it ok. It was never a dependable daily driver.
  21. Hupmobile painted their 8 cyl block & head Black. The 6 cyl were a green close to Packard,s with some in black.
  22. I suggest you post on the forum “Technical”. More members will see it there.
  23. A longer tongue allows better control when backing. With more steel, a longer tongue will add weight to the tongue at the ball. The tongue weight calculation is to use the distance from the ball to the axel & the percentage of distance the weight is from the front. we need the cargo area length & the tongue length for both trailers. We will also need the distance the axle is from the ball.
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