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  1. Nick, Trusts are a useful and valuable tool to avoid probate. The ones I have been involved with have achieved their purpose: minimizing estate costs and legal fees while maximizing the $$$ going to heirs. Your comments show that your lawyer did not (1) sufficiently explain wills/trusts/estates to you and (2) figure out a way to implement your wishes. Get someone who cares about you, not your legal fees. The concept of a trustee involves someone who is in total control of your estate. Someone you absolutely trust to do the right thing. You should name as trustee someone who will ask Bob for advice. Please don't give up on the idea of a living trust.
  2. I agree with Joe Padavano. If the timing belt is broken then you basically need a new head and/or engine. Believe this Honda is an "interference" engine, which means if the timing belt breaks then the valves hit the pistons. Damage is done to all. Try to start the car. If it spins kind of fast, then the timing belt is broken. Run, don't walk, away. You can find similar or better Toyota/Honda bargains if you keep looking.
  3. Thanks for the notice. Just ordered a copy.
  4. 26-25 Buick, If you arrive mid-morning Saturday, you'll be just in time to wave goodbye to all the dealers who've already packed up and are on their way home. Get there Friday morning for best results. From one who made that mistake.
  5. There are lost title companies in each state. They are the experts who can help you. Check Yelp and other references to find a good person. Then, tell him/her your story. They should give you a good answer and a precise $$ estimate.
  6. I used to own a '27 REO. Nice driving car. First year for four-wheel hydraulic brakes, too.
  7. Can't answer what to pay, but do have some observations: Converted to carb - will it pass smog inspection on your state? If not, big problems. Figure on spending $1000-1500 to fix the AC. It's almost never something simple. Front bushings - you'll probably need to do the whole front end. Do it yourself for under $400. Or pay someone about $1,000. Figure these costs into the selling price. Or you could continue looking nationally for the Sinatra version. Good luck however you decide. Let us know.
  8. John, Welcome to the happy world of Franklins. A very nice club and lots of knowledgable, friendly people. What REOs do you have? I've got a basket-case 1908 Model G. Will restore it someday once I get my Franklins all running.
  9. Love your sense of humor. Do the Ferrari owners know you call their rolling sculptures pony cars?
  10. Go to http://woodgraining.com and scroll down the page. There's a good video on woodgraining a Model A dash.
  11. Matt, I've worked on several greasy frames. You can't really start cleaning until you scrape off the heavy layers of crap. It's ugly, dirty, time-consuming work. Lots of rags and paper towels. Wear the worst work clothes you have. I hate it. Then, you can properly start cleaning the frame. I use a wire brush (manual) and Dove. Again, lots of work but not as bad. Lots of time, protective gloves, paper towels and rags. No way around it, though. You'll end up with a clean frame. The caustic stuff isn't worth it. Doesn't save you time and just makes the cuts in your hands really sting.
  12. lump, Your Figure 3 explanation is perfectly clear. I see now how it is used. That little item is probably worth buying the whole kit. Speaking from one who has been there.
  13. Does anyone know the purpose of the tools in Figures 2 & 3?
  14. Q: How do you drive a 1934 Bentley? A: Fast. Apologies for the sarcastic reply, but W.O. made me do it.