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  1. RansomEli

    Looking for ALF or simular speedster project

    Don, Welcome to the Forum. You'll find a lot of expertise here - people are doing amazing things and are willing to share. Like the tip on distressing your speedster body.
  2. RansomEli

    HELP Ford 250 4.1 l6 timing issue

    One thing to check: if you have replaced the timing cover or the harmonic balancer, do the timing marks on the new items match those on the original? When I replaced the harmonic balancer on my 1980 Chevy truck, I noticed that the timing mark differed by about one inch from my original. Without compensating for that change, I would have a poorly running vehicle. I have heard about this for Chevy engines; don't know if it applies to Fords, too.
  3. RansomEli

    Brand New 1956 Oldsmobile 88 (3607 miles!) *SOLD*

    I owned a '56 Oldsmobile, but in the exact opposite condition. However, it was a total delight to drive. The engine, transmission and power brakes were just wonderful.
  4. RansomEli

    Workshop tools

    What makes this list so funny is how much of it has happened to me.
  5. RansomEli


    I second the recommendation for Mel's. Have dealt with him several times and received excellent service.
  6. RansomEli

    What do you think?

    Why should you care what others think? If you like the car, have the funds, then do it. My intention is not to scold, but when it comes to cars you should follow your heart and not care what others think. Fix it up and then drive it. A lot.
  7. RansomEli

    What do you think of this?

    I think one of those TV restoration reality shows should buy it: Week 1: car is completely restored Week 2: first person to look at the car buys it for $250,000. Declares he will sell it at the next Barrett Jackson Scottsdale for $500,000. And he does.
  8. RansomEli

    1929 Franklin sedan woodgraining

    Paul & John, Thanks for the advice. You're points are well taken. There is no simple solution. j
  9. RansomEli

    Looking for guage rebuilder for SW guages

    Went to John Wolf's site. He does beautiful work.
  10. RansomEli

    1929 Franklin sedan woodgraining

    I'm going to woodgrain my '29 Franklin 135 sedan: dashboard, instrument panel and window frames. I will use the Grain-It Technologies system. I researched this forum and the HHFC archives (thanks to Tom Rasmussen and Paul Fitz for their comments and pics). However, I can't reach a firm conclusion. I need help. I'm attaching photos of several Franklin dashboards. I'm also including the Grain-It base color chart. Based on my research: The three instrument panels are a walnut burl pattern. The base color is dark brown walnut (Grain-It base color GBC-DB4) The dashboard is a straight grain pattern. I'm confused as to color. One HHFC archive (I believe it's Tom R.) states "the base color is butterscotch or reddish-brown that is much lighter than the grain color." From this, I believe the base color should be Carpathian Elm GBC-CE3 or GBC-CE4. Paul Fitz took a photo of a 1930 dashboard. Would that be the color Tom Rasmussen was talking about? However, I see a lot of dashboards that are darker. Would a Light Brown Walnut be proper - GBC-LB1? I'm including dashboard photos for reference. One is an earlier year with a very dark dash. The other is a 1930 dash showing a light butterscotch color. My current dashboard is a dark, almost two-grained pattern. It's the dashboard photo with the missing clock (looking for one - if so, contact me). Window surrounds match the dashboard. From what I can tell, the bottom & top surrounds have a horizontal grain pattern. On my '29, the two side surrounds have a vertical grain pattern. Is this correct? Does anyone have a definitive answer? Or does it really matter? Thanks in advance for your replies/advice.
  11. RansomEli

    Car Logo Quiz...

    Oooh! Perfect score. Someone in this forum should come up with similar quiz for AACA-eligible cars. Thanks, Lebowski, for posting this
  12. RansomEli

    RM auction at Hershey

    Thanks for sharing. No "steals", but some really nice cars at reasonable prices.
  13. RansomEli

    1936 REO Flying Cloud

    Falstaff, Welcome to the AACA forum. There's a forum further below dedicated to REOs. You'll get a better response by asking questions there. Lots of helpful REO owners with a wealth of expertise. Good luck in your restoration. You will make a lot of friends along the way.
  14. I restored a '23 Buick and found a very easy car to work on. It also was a nice car to drive. It won't take a lot of bucks to restore the car to original condition. I'd give it a go. Drive an original '23 Buick for donuts and coffee - you get lots of waves, people honk their horns and lookee-loos tell you what a neat car you have. Drive a hot rod and you won't get near that attention. Just my advice. Restore it right and drive a time machine. It's quite an experience.