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  1. From this angle the Packard looks like the prototype of a Rolls Royce Corniche. This car looks very nice in black.
  2. Four-door sedan. Painted white. Flat tire, engine hasn't run in years, upholstery needs repairs. Wants $9500 and no low-ball offers. Sounds like he will be keeping that car for a while.
  3. I defy anyone to try diamond-tufting a touring car: buying the leather and horsehair padding, laying out the diamond design so it duplicates the original pattern and size, and then actually doing the work without resorting to plastic foam shaping or sewing the pleats. Horribly time-consuming and you have to make a lot of mistakes (in leather) before you get things right. Whatever someone charges for this work, it's worth every cent. You're paying for the knowledge how to do it, not the labor.
  4. Walt G, Thanks for your comments. I have received so much help from the Franklin community on my '21 9B touring and '29 135 sedan that "paying it forward" is the least I can do. Franklin people are a special breed. They have a lot of knowledge and are willing to share with others. Francis, Post as many questions as you need in this forum. We're always glad to help.
  5. FR9B, You posted this request in another section on this forum. Someone suggested that you should get photos of the actual top bow holders, since the factory drawings are pretty vague. Here are some photos from my 1921 9B. Some more photos. Was limited to 9.77 MB per posting.
  6. Been painting cars as a hobbyist for years. Early on using a Binks Model 16, then switching to HVLP (high volume low pressure). Now thinking of getting an LVLP (low volume low pressure). Supposedly, the advantage of LVLP is that it does a better job than HVLP with clear coat and single-stage paint. Less volume but finer atomization. Takes longer to paint but you can lay down a much glossier finish (before color sanding). I've heard the advantages of HVLP are in spraying primer/surfacer and base coats. Thinking of getting an LVLP gun. Has anyone used one? Any
  7. Love these old model kits. I have 5-6 stashed in the closet waiting to be built. Went to a hobby store a few weeks ago to look around. Not a lot of car models available and the prices were very high. I could never have afforded those prices when I was a kid. Let us see a pic when you're done. And make it a convertible - it will be worth more when you sell it.
  8. Remember when revealing the new car models was a big thing? Dealerships would cover their showroom windows and the new models inside were were draped over so you couldn't get a sneak peek. Then, on the big evening, searchlights would would lure curious people into the showrooms. The next day, you'd talk with your buddies about how really neat the new models were. When did that all stop?
  9. Gary, Thanks for posting all this information. It's a priceless education for those of us who don't have a mechanical background. I have a couple of questions and would like some advice. You mentioned your little Harbor Freight lathe. Is that the Precision bench top mini lathe? Would you recommend it for someone just starting out with a metal lathe? Also, what 3d printer/software are you using? You seem to be doing a lot of nice reproduction work with it.
  10. AL1630, I checked and your '63 doesn't have a heat riser valve. The only thing related to running rich that I would check is the thermal choke line, which carries heat from the exhaust manifold to the choke coil on the carburetor. With age, the choke line breaks and lets exhaust go straight into the choke coil, which screws everything up. I see above you've checked the choke position after running the car. How about while the car is running, to see if you're getting exhaust? Ramblers are very simple engines. You should be getting at least 18mpg with y
  11. Check the clutch linkage, too. If a bushing is worn out or misaligned you'll have that problem.
  12. I had a 1966 Rambler American with a 232 inline 6. The heat riser valve in the car would get stuck or the tube controlling the heat riser valve would break on a regular basis. This would cause the engine to run rich. Don't know if your '63 has a heat riser valve, but I would check that it's operating properly. New distributor cap, wires and plugs should be a given, too.
  13. I can attest to the quality of TP Tools products. I've purchased their turbine HVLP turbine paint sprayer, metal air line kits, and their paint line. I'm especially happy with the quality of their primer/surfacers. Reasonably priced, they sand easily and my acrylic lacquers go on them perfectly.
  14. I am amazed about how many useful tools are out there that I never knew existed. And could have used in the past. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
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