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  1. Wow, that's distressing news. With Chickasha ending this year, Bakersfield is the only brass meet left. It's a small, but loaded with lots of interesting stuff. Hope HCCA continues with it or, in the alternative, a few brave souls continue the tradition. Now I know what the dinosaurs felt like.
  2. RansomEli

    Lifting the car

    Curious as to what brand of tires you bought. I need a set for my '29 and am looking for recommendations. There have been quite a few discussions on this forum on this topic.
  3. Thanks for all the information. I found that my old unit was still being manufactured, although the company does not sell on eBay or Amazon. Had to purchase direct from them. I bought the same unit I had, slightly updated. Although, Larry, your charger is very interesting.
  4. This happened to me with my 232 6 cylinder Rambler. Turns out I had installed the distributor 180 degrees off. Ran very rough. Re-installed the distributor and all was OK.
  5. Wow, that means Prince Charles can drive a clutch. Wonder when he last actually drove a car. Royals are different from you and me. I remember a story where Princess Di had all his front trouser pockets sewn shut so he couldn't put his hands in them -- didn't look regal. I'll bet any film footage of the two 70-year-olds trying to get in/out of the car has been confiscated.
  6. I've owned 3 AMCs with the 232 6 cylinder. Very reliable and easy to work on. Good price. If I had room I'd be seriously looking at this car.
  7. I am continually amazed by all the Franklin expertise shared on this and the HHFC site. Thanks to all of you, from those who are trying to learn.
  8. My old battery charger just died. Over 40 years old and a trusted friend. Does anyone have recommendations? I have both 6- and 12-volt cars. The newer, microprocessor-controlled chargers say they can recognize 6 volt batteries, but a lot of reviewers say the computer-controlled models screw up a lot. Anyways, what are y'all using?
  9. I received the needed info. Clean the plastic surface thoroughly and apply 2 coats of adhesion promoter. You can then apply an epoxy primer or 2K primer surfacer.
  10. Need some advice. I'm painting an early 1990's Yamaha motorcycle with plastic fairing and fenders (not fiberglass - they are thick and bendable). It's almost the same stuff you see in 1980's GM bumper fillers/extensions I will prime and then paint using a urethane single-stage color. I know I need to use an adhesion promoter. Questions: Do I use the adhesion promoter under the primer, or after the primer and before the color coat? Is there a particular brand of adhesion promoter that works best? I've heard that DupliColor is better than Bulldog. Any other advice? Thanks in advance.
  11. I once owned a '56 Olds 88 four-door, although not nearly as nice as yours. They are very fun cars to drive and easy to maintain. The V8 is very happy to oblige when you show off at stoplights. This car looks great.
  12. Beautiful wheels and the machinery is fascinating. I have four 24" wooden wheels that need new spokes. How do I get an estimate on the cost, including shipping to the USA (Texas)?
  13. Having engine work done on a Franklin can be frightfully expensive. If you do it yourself (and know what you're doing) it's not too bad. Take the unknown engine condition into your price estimate. By the way, the 1919 Franklin Series 9B Touring for sale on the Franklin Club website is a good deal. Given my druthers, I'd prefer to buy a Franklin in drivable condition.
  14. Probably the worst thing you could do is to try turning over the engine. You could damage a lot of very expensive parts. You need to fill the cylinders with oil/transmission fluid/Marvel Mystery Oil and let sit for at least a week. Not to mention the valves and pushrods. Best thing you could do is drop the oil pan and take a look from underneath. I'd be concerned about the condition of the babbitt bearings. If the engine has not been restored, then you definitely need a rebuild. If it has, then you need to be very careful on restarting it. I have a 1921 9B touring and simply love the car. It's nimble (but not quick), easy to drive and very reliable. An open car is worth more than a closed - less weight means a more spritely drive. Wire wheels are a big plus. Any spare engine parts included would be a very big factor, too. I would factor into the price the cost of rebuilding/restoring the engine. Check with Franklin Club members to find someone who knows Franklins and can do the job at a more reasonable rate than a restoration shop. Good luck and let us know the outcome. Pictures would be really nice.