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  1. A Norman Rockwell knock-off. But nice. I remember the days when you could buy a junker for $100-200 and practice your skills on it. Engine work, tuning, paint (at $30 per gallon).
  2. Congratulations. It will be a great driver. The fun factor is over the top. Now go and wear those tires out.
  3. From the ad: "Cracked head needs to be repaired - Ran great until this point"
  4. gwells, You are hereby absolved of any guilt. Anyone can make a mistake, even if it is a doozy. However.... For your penance, you must: Buy a 1964 Rambler American (four door, 232-6 cylinder, three-on-the-tree). Ask a lot of questions about the car in the AACA Classics sub-forum. Get edinmass to perform a tune-up on your classic. All kidding aside, I feel your pain. Don't give it a second thought. We've all done worse. Like the time I was testing a Department of Defense satellite channel and accidently an Emergency Action Message (EAM - very serious situation) to NATO Brussels.
  5. Ouch. Although, I have purchased a Franklin in much worse condition.
  6. I like the interesting FB postings - they show cars I would normally not see. Keep it up, especially the orphan makes or outrageously priced vehicles. What I don't like is when a seller posts a car on the AACA forum with just a link to the eBay listing, with no other commentary or description. Those people are just taking advantage of the AACA forum.
  7. I may be sentenced to AACA jail for my comment, but from this angle the car would look really great with a 2" chop and a perfect jet-black paint job. And leave the visor on. Shame on me.
  8. This color has grown on me throughout the years I've owned the car. I hate Camaro convertibles painted fire engine red or electric yellow. The official name of my color is 1989 Camaro Flame Red Poly. When I decide to finally sell the car, I'm calling the color Texas A&M (Aggie) Maroon.
  9. I had excellent results with POR-15. Painted over a rusty truck cab roof. Stopped the rust completely.
  10. That is my (and probably all of AACA's) nightmare, especially since you did everything to prevent such an accident.
  11. From your title, I thought you were getting new whitewalls.
  12. Chickasha has been going downhill for several years. The only thing I will miss is the J&W Grill's fried onion burgers.
  13. Does the truck have a VATS ignition key? If so, there's a good probability that's the reason it won't start. The chip in the ignition key wears down over time (as you insert and remove the key) and the security feature, VATS, doesn't let you start the car/truck. You can bypass the VATS system with a small jumper wire and a resistor equivalent to the chip in the ignition key. If this might be the problem, google "bypass VATS system" and you'll get a ton of how-tos and videos.
  14. Another person you should check out is Restorer32, a long-time participant on this forum. Highly respected. He has a couple of posts in the Commercial Advertisements section of this forum: Body rewooding and Oak Bows. His website is PennDutchRestoration.com