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  1. RansomEli

    What is your preferred degreasing technique?

    Matt, I've worked on several greasy frames. You can't really start cleaning until you scrape off the heavy layers of crap. It's ugly, dirty, time-consuming work. Lots of rags and paper towels. Wear the worst work clothes you have. I hate it. Then, you can properly start cleaning the frame. I use a wire brush (manual) and Dove. Again, lots of work but not as bad. Lots of time, protective gloves, paper towels and rags. No way around it, though. You'll end up with a clean frame. The caustic stuff isn't worth it. Doesn't save you time and just makes the cuts in your hands really sting.
  2. RansomEli


    lump, Your Figure 3 explanation is perfectly clear. I see now how it is used. That little item is probably worth buying the whole kit. Speaking from one who has been there.
  3. RansomEli


    Does anyone know the purpose of the tools in Figures 2 & 3?
  4. RansomEli

    1908 REO touring original unrestored.

    Do you have a price in mind?
  5. RansomEli

    How do you drive a 1934 Bentley?

    Q: How do you drive a 1934 Bentley? A: Fast. Apologies for the sarcastic reply, but W.O. made me do it.
  6. RansomEli

    Vintage dealership buildings that are still around

    Here's a Chevy dealership in the small town of Thrall, TX. The town was founded about 1875 by German immigrants. I know nothing about the dealership, although they must have served the surrounding farms. I last checking on the building about 3 years ago - it was still there.
  7. RansomEli

    Time to part with a car, with out regret....

    I'm of two opinions: Sell the car to someone who would really appreciate it and drive it regularly. Maybe someone you know in the hobby who can't really afford the car - you'll give them a partial gift and know the car will be cared for. Whatever money you receive from selling the car won't replace the feelings you get walking past the car in your garage - all the fond memories are something money just can't replace. Keep it.
  8. RansomEli

    Just another T speedster build '27

    Nice design. Gives me incentive to start working again on my raceabout.
  9. RansomEli

    REO model questions

    Sorry, can't help you with dates, but those are two beautiful REOs. I'd get the 2-cylinder running well and leave the rest of the car as-is. Would be the hit of any show you took it to.
  10. RansomEli

    1934 Morgan Car

    Wow! $12,000 or best offer. That's a very good price. You won't find another Morgan for that price. Too bad I don't have room for another car. My last spot was taken up by a franklin project.
  11. RansomEli

    1934 Morgan Car

    "Inquire for price" is the first I've seen on Craigslist. Maybe he thinks he's in the Robb Report. I just love it when you see an ad for a Ferrari, Packard or similar car, and the last line says "POA" - Price upon application. I already know it's too expensive for me.
  12. RansomEli

    For those of you looking for

    Ran when parked. Original paint. Restorer's dream.
  13. RansomEli

    Roadworthyness of 32 Chrysler 6?

    If you like the car then it's worth the airfare to take a look at the car and drive it. If everything is OK, then you can make an offer and buy the car on the spot. Buying via eBay can be risky. The $$ spent personally inspecting the car may be the best investment you made - whether you bought the car or not. Go for it.
  14. RansomEli

    Henry Austin Clark

    “Is there any point to which you would wish to draw my attention?' 'To the curious incident of Henry Austin Clark talking about Sherlock Holmes.' 'But Henry Austin Clark didn't talk about Sherlock Holmes.''That was the curious incident,' remarked Sherlock Holmes.” ― Arthur Conan Doyle, Silver Blaze (kinda)
  15. RansomEli

    HELP Ford 250 4.1 l6 timing issue

    One thing to check: if you have replaced the timing cover or the harmonic balancer, do the timing marks on the new items match those on the original? When I replaced the harmonic balancer on my 1980 Chevy truck, I noticed that the timing mark differed by about one inch from my original. Without compensating for that change, I would have a poorly running vehicle. I have heard about this for Chevy engines; don't know if it applies to Fords, too.