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  1. Can't seem to find what the bulb # is suppose to be for the above Dodge. Did a search but came up with no answer. Can anyone help?
  2. Steve what is the name of the steering wheel shop in WA. ? That is where I am from. Live in West Richland, WA Lee Noga
  3. Need to get my steering wheel repaired. Wondering what kind of luck some of you have had with wheel restoration shops, price & satisfaction. Lee Noga
  4. Need to get my steering wheel repaired. Wondering what kind of luck some of you have had with wheel restoration shops, price & satisfaction. Lee Noga
  5. Again I say cool it!! Don't you guys have something better to do? If you are restoring, go back to it so you get something done. I am a very busy person and cannot spend time with trivia such as yours. Will not respond any more to all this crap! Much better things to do. Again this is between Pete & I and he does not need your help I'm sure. Lee
  6. Okay jpage. Will take your apology. But just to mention although I have been on many, many, auto Forums, I can't remember when I was so badly lambasted really over nothing that others should not be involved in. There is only one person and a really nice fellow, who I was dealing with. It is all between him and I, others have no reason to be involved. Lee Noga
  7. Yes Pete. If I owe anyone an apology it would be you, no others. Don't know what it is, or why all these others are beating up on me? None of their business I feel! Sorry for the delay but I fully intend to reimburse you for your trouble and attention you gave to me. Would $15 or $20 cover your time etc. Don't know what it cost for you to send. Lee
  8. I am sorry but I'm not sure about your original post otherwise I would have replied. What was your original post again? Lee
  9. Does anyone have information on what model Carter Carbs go on a 1965 Buick Wildcat Convertable and also on a 1964 LaSabre Sedan?? Any info would surely be of help. Thanks/Lee Noga (509)967-2723
  10. I do not want to do a full upholstery restoration at this time. Can you tell me if there is anyone who can supply seat covers for the D2 model? I have tried to call a few places with no success. Have any of you done this? Lee
  11. Hope you have one. Thanks for the reply. Lee
  12. Badly need a trunk handle for my sedan in any condition. Can be w/o lock or lock dis-functional. Does anybody have one laying around by chance" Lee Noga auto.nut@ (509)967-2723
  13. I am presently trying to find an electrical wiring diagram for my 1963 Electra. I thought maybe I had one enlarged and printed but can't be sure I have one. I have one diagram that I penciled the name Buick on it and it looks like a Buick diagram but confused. On the diagram, it below states Figure 11-29 B-C-E Series Electrical Color Diagrams. Up above it states Wiring Circuit Diagrams page 11-177. Not sure where I copied this diagram from. Too many years and too many cars I guess. Wondering what year and if it is even Buick?? The Buick cars go by models with the wildcat being a 4600 series and the 4800 being the Electra Series. Does not indicate which year however. The wiring diagrams seems to be designated by series, such as a A-B-C-E. Can anyone straighten me out?? I have no voltage to the coil when I place the ignition switch to ON. I am not getting any spark. Wish to find the wiring diagram. I think the coil wire comes right from the switch, so do I have a bad switch or is there some other possibility?? Lee Noga
  14. Do not have original rubbers but sure there were some. Can anyone help me out on how the transmission was supported? There are two long bolts which are bolted to the smaller upper bolts on the rear of the transmission. There is a plate mounted to the bottom of the chassis rails. It has two large holes in it that measure 7/8". Did they perhaps use some kind of donut rubber mounts on the vertical bolts? Any help from anyone would surely be appreciated. Lee Noga Help badly needed. Want to get this girl back on the road. Doing a body off restoration.
  15. I have a grill part I think but not sure where it goes. I am thinking it is from the D2 Dodge that I own but not sure now where it goes anymore. Can anyone identify it? Lee Noga