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  1. Boy I hate that when I take something apart and then can't figure out how it goes back together!!! The light switch removal is NO EASY TASK! Anyway had to remove it to fix the dash light dimmer rheostat. Well got it fixed & back in with all the wires back correctly I believe. Except for one wire and that was for the Map Light. Got the wire hooked up at the headlight switch and removed it from the switch as I thought that would be easier. But then I looked at the maplight!! I removed it thus how to put back in place?? A MYSTERY NOW!! Don't know how I removed it without being able to
  2. I have to remove the light switch since I do not have any panel lights. Evidently the variable rheostat has open up or something. How big of a job is it? Are there any easier ways to do it. Can any of you give me any tips before I tear into it. What holds it in place etc. Lee
  3. Can anyone help me out with a picture or description of how the throttle return spring is attached? I think I see where the spring is to be attached at the top end of the throttle linkage on the cowl, but not sure where it should attach forward of that. I cannot find any place to attach a spring to. Just bought this auto so not too familiar. Also how long should the spring be, not stretched?
  4. ALL good suggestions and thank you. The first thing I did was bring the wire ring around 180 degrees since it did not agree with one of the posts. For some reason, this made it a little easier to install and I did get it installed okay. To put silicone in is not a bad idea either.
  5. Thanks much for your info. I will try again today and let you know how I come out. Lee
  6. How do you install the '36 Dodge tail light glass lens? I can barely get it inside with a lot of effort, but cannot get it in front of the wire holder that holds it in place. There has to be a trick to it that I am just not privy to. Can anyone help? Seems like a few years ago I saw an article of how it is done, but have no idea where to locate it now. Any help would be appreciated. Don't want to break the lens since they are so hard to find.
  7. Sure hope someone can help me out. Even if you don't have one, perhaps you might give me a hint of who I might contact. Would be greatly appreciated. Lee
  8. Well I got the sending unit out and took it apart. The wirewound wiper assembly was disconnected from the connection. I was desperate in trying to fix it. I thought worth a try so got my biggest soldering iron out and thought I could get enough heat through the assembly and to the back of the screw assy. Yes I did it without ruining anything else. So instead of riviting back together I thought I would solder since I had the big iron cranked up. BIG MISTAKE because when I got it all together it didn't work. It was no longer open but it didn't change resistance. Thus had to take apart agai
  9. No one has up to this point. I know that the Packard Club keeps a very good record of all the Packards currently in existence that they know of, and also of present & past owners. Lee
  10. Hmm did not realize that cars of this era had a backup light feature. Real Cool!! And the clear bottom lens was for the license plate illumination. Thanks so much for your info and even a little bit of my education. Never too old to learn they always say. Was sure wondering about the clear lens between the two red lenses. Now I know. Don't think that many cars had this back-up feature. Was Buick the first one to use this feature I wonder? Lee
  11. Well looks like you sure nailed it. Is Gemco & Guidelamp Corp one and the same? Is it mounted by two bolts on either side of the electrical connector? Mine also has a clear lens on the bottom of the taillight. Not sure why the bottom lens. Wouldn't be for backing up or anything. I wouldn't have thought that this was used on a Buick. Thought for a more expensive auto. I am a Buick man however and thought the Buick was always a great automobile. Lee
  12. Okay I'll see if I can find a few pictures of Buicks in that era.
  13. Not sure this is a good place to post but wondering if anyone can help me ID this taillight. It is a larger taillight which looks to be for a more larger classic auto. I was thinking someone could perhaps really use it. Fairly good shape. Does me no good to just have it laying around. In order to sell on Ebay or whatever, I would need to know what auto used it. If any of you have a clue as to what auto might have used it sure would appreciate it. Measures approx 4 7/8" across. Mounts with two bolts It has a "GUIDELAMP CORP" STAMPED ON THE BOTTOM OF THE lamp. Lee NOga
  14. HHmmm, I was looking for a cover that you are speaking of which would surely make the job easier. But could see not cover from below and someone glued the carpet down in the trunk area. Thus I dropped the tank. Odd that you say there is an access cover. Do you have a '49 Roadmaster? Perhaps if you have a Super maybe they had one but think it odd if they had one that my Roadmaster doesn't.
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