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  1. I am presently trying to find an electrical wiring diagram for my 1963 Electra. I thought maybe I had one enlarged and printed but can't be sure I have one. I have one diagram that I penciled the name Buick on it and it looks like a Buick diagram but confused. On the diagram, it below states Figure 11-29 B-C-E Series Electrical Color Diagrams. Up above it states Wiring Circuit Diagrams page 11-177. Not sure where I copied this diagram from. Too many years and too many cars I guess. Wondering what year and if it is even Buick?? The Buick cars go by models with the wildcat being a 4600 series and the 4800 being the Electra Series. Does not indicate which year however. The wiring diagrams seems to be designated by series, such as a A-B-C-E. Can anyone straighten me out?? I have no voltage to the coil when I place the ignition switch to ON. I am not getting any spark. Wish to find the wiring diagram. I think the coil wire comes right from the switch, so do I have a bad switch or is there some other possibility?? Lee Noga
  2. Do not have original rubbers but sure there were some. Can anyone help me out on how the transmission was supported? There are two long bolts which are bolted to the smaller upper bolts on the rear of the transmission. There is a plate mounted to the bottom of the chassis rails. It has two large holes in it that measure 7/8". Did they perhaps use some kind of donut rubber mounts on the vertical bolts? Any help from anyone would surely be appreciated. Lee Noga Help badly needed. Want to get this girl back on the road. Doing a body off restoration.
  3. I have a grill part I think but not sure where it goes. I am thinking it is from the D2 Dodge that I own but not sure now where it goes anymore. Can anyone identify it? Lee Noga
  4. Well thank you Jim for the info. I will have to investigate and see if I am able to tackle the job. I am in my 80's and don't have that much time left. I have some bottom fins that are pretty much gone. I thought perhaps I could somehow cut them out and put new ones in and tack weld behind the cross pieces. Do you think that would be a solution since as you say separating the stainless from the fins would be a tough job. Lee
  5. I agree totally! Wonder why they created such a complicated grill?
  6. My email is:
  7. Thank you for the reply. Yes a very insurmountable task. When you mention masking off the stainless strips, are you talking about painting the metal strips on which the stainless is mounted on? It appears that masking, would be a very difficult and a time consuming task etc. To ask anyone to repair a grill like this would be very time consuming and spendy. Lee
  8. Excellent Dave. Yes I figured I would have to install a new kit etc to put it in shape. The one I have, the throttle froze up so bad there is no way to get it loose. Tried everything. Stuck in the oven, then the freezer. Soaked in Carb Cleaner for a week. Nothing worked. So if you have one, please let me know what you want for it. I want to get my Wildcat back on the road again. I let my son use it and he ran into the back of an auto and pretty much destroyed my whole front end. I was able to find another front end and installed it. Thus getting closer. Need now to get the engine running again. Has been sitting for several years. Just Me/Lee
  9. Does anyone have a partial grill which I could perhaps use some of the pieces to repair my grill? I do not need the center piece. Lee
  10. Need the above carb for my '65 Wildcat Convertible. Does anyone have a spare they could part with?
  11. Need the above carb for my '65 Buick Converible 401 engine!! Does anyone have one to spare? Lee Noga
  12. I have an extra 1954 owners manual if anyone is interested. Front cover has some damage but interior is good. Lee
  13. Does anyone have a spare '36 Dodge headlight they would like to sell ? Wasn't sure if they are interchangeable but if not, I am looking for the Drivers Side.
  14. Have a '36 Dodge and want to get it running again. Wanted to get on a couple of websites for parts, and they want to know what series it is? My VIN # is D2152041, Thus is this a series a D2? That comes up with as a coupe. Mine is a sedan. Can you get me straight on this? Thanks Lee
  15. I may be in touch with you soon.