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    My first car (1968): 1929 Ford Standard Coupe. Now restoring 1921 Peugeot Quadrilette 161, 1913 Metz "22", 1911 Hupmobile "20".

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  1. MochetVelo

    Fabric top

    I wonder what was in it, also. Here is a nice sales brochure where they say what's not in it. Phil
  2. Yes, it is a front engine mount (1924 Peugeot 5HP) . There is no bushing in the female part, though I thought to add one. The male part has a about 3mm wear at the bottom. The female part has less wear, and still looks fairly round. They were definitely a loose fit. I've added weld to the male part, and will try turning it on my lathe. Phil
  3. Thanks. The female part never had a bushing, but I thought adding one might be an improvement. Philk
  4. Here is a front engine mount from a 1924 Citroen. Both parts have wear and a very loose fit. Could I use weld to build up the male part, then turn it on a lathe? I was also thinking of inserting a bushing in the female part. Phil
  5. Today's Philadelphia Inquirer featured the AACA Library and Simeone Museum on page one today. They jointly acquired the Philadelphia Free Library's Automobile literature collection. I'm sure the AACA staff will provide details. The Free Library's collection was right out of Charles Dickens (or Harry Potter); way up at the stone cornice in the old building. I enjoyed finding treasures there! Phil
  6. I just got back my new running boards, the old ones being in pretty rusted condition. These were made by a local sheet metal shop, Holly Metals. Phil
  7. The previous photo shows Ford's original car. I think the poster was interested in his 1914 cyclecar (see below). It had a gasoline engine.
  8. The rebuilt muffler should arrive shortly. It needed a new shell and internal tube (5 hours work). Phil
  9. The Tesla and Rivian pick-ups are really SUV's with short (6'-6.5') beds, designed more as people carriers. In fact, most pick-ups seem to be used this way. I look forward to the Electric F150, scheduled for release in 2021. I probably won't be able to afford it, however.
  10. Though not common, you can find the Champion 32 long-reach plugs. Keep scanning eBay and swap meets. Phil
  11. RM has an auction in Abu Dhabi today. Lots of hot sport and race cars
  12. PayPal is frequently spoofed. An email saying "you have been charged..." from PayPal" will direct you to the spammer's site where you enter your password. I'm not saying that is what happened to you, but worth checking.
  13. I thought side windows were supposed to use tempered glass so they would shatter, but the Tesla truck appears to use safety glass.
  14. I removed the steel dashboard and stripped the layers of goopy paint. A previous owner crudely added a temp. gauge, so I cut a slug and tack welded it in place. using some magnets to hold it in position. The first photo shows the repair before priming. Hopefully, it will look more original soon. Phil