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  1. Is that hole in the top of the piston?
  2. Thanks for the replies. I just received this from my local title service: (from NY DMV Website) A transferable registration is issued for a 1972 or older motor vehicle, or a 1986 or older motorboat. The transferable portion proves ownership, and is used to sell or give ownership to another person. The registration portion allows the vehicle to be operated on a public road, or a motorboat on a public waterway. "With that being said, we need the transferable registration, the vehicle here for the VIN verification, a current insurance card for the vehicle and your PA drivers license." I keep buying cars that I think are OK for title and then having problems. Here's hoping this one works out! Phil
  3. I'm considering an antique car purchase in New York state which I would title in PA. The seller says NY doesn't title antique cars and they are sold with a Bill of Sale only. Is this acceptable in PA? Phil
  4. Bring the papers you have to a title transfer shop in PA and they will tell you what is needed. You could also go to PennDOT headquarters in Harrisburg. The worst case is that you'll have to get the title assigned to you in court. You can do this yourself or hire a lawyer. With a lawyer, you will end up spending about $700-800 or so. I have used Shook Legal successfully in similar cases. Phil
  5. My Overland engine and oil pump were full of blue silicone pieces from over-use of silicone gasket material. I like The Right Stuff, however, though I try to use it judiciously. I recently removed a Citroen oil pan (on which I'd used Right Stuff) with a thin putty knife, and it came off without problems. A thin coat of oil on one surface makes separation easier. Phil
  6. Looks like, early in the film, a Hupmobile Model 20 on the road and in a garage.
  7. It would be nice if this machine could engrave brass. They say you can engrave metals if they are "coated," suggesting a material called "Cermark." However, their web site also says: "Unfortunately, soft metals like gold, silver, brass, copper and the like don't cut or engrave well." Phil
  8. I was wondering if anyone would ask. I used palladium leaf. Palladium is a soft metal related to platinum and resembles silver and nickel, but will not oxidize. I happened to have some left over from another non-automotive restoration project. Metal leaf comes in two forms: "patent" and "loose" leaf. The patent leaf works best for me as it is adhered to a tissue and you press it onto the "size" ( a sticky varnish). It also cuts easily with scissors to reduce waste (see photos). The leaf is so thin that it will float away if you breath on it. After application, I patted it with a soft brush and then a cotton ball. For automotive use, I will have to use a clear-coat to protect it. Phil
  9. That test might be worth trying. I always thought the pin-type jack stands were the most secure. There are also "double pin lock" stands that have an additional support pin to hold onto the ratchet bar.
  10. Here are the shift and brake levers almost completed. Phil
  11. On the video, he would be better powdering the tube first instead of the tire. Also, slightly inflating the tube before installing the tire on the rim. As for the Weaver Tire Machine: I wish someone would post a video on how to use that! I actually own one, but never found any instructions for it. I use it to hold regular non-split rims while mounting tires, but I'm sure I'm missing some of it's utility. Phil
  12. Do you mean that Brennan sold plans for automobile construction?
  13. I wouldn't mind plating this without disassembly! Phil