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  1. The worst part for me is after the car is completely re-assembled and then trying to get it to drive dependably. In other words, having to take things apart... again. Phil
  2. I am restoring a 1924 Citroen 5HP Cabriolet. There is a very good French Forum on the subject on which one can use a translator like Google Translator or Deepl.com. Like the Ford T, these cars were kept going with all kinds of edgy repairs. It is more difficult to repair one in the U.S. since there are so few parts and owners here. Phil
  3. You can install vintage metal stems on new tubes. Here is a nice description of the process: http://www.mtfca.com/discus/messages/599638/640373.html Phil
  4. From their web page: I had entered to take part. How do I get a refund?Any additional extras that may have been purchased by participants entered into the 2020 Run (e.g. tender packs, extra participant passes, luggage tags) will be refunded before the end of the month to the original payment method used. You will receive an automated notification from Worldpay. The Veteran Car Run is a world-class, international event requiring extensive year-round planning and preparation, as well as continuous liaison with the many authorities along the entire route. In o
  5. The wheel is the one thing I can stripe with a brush because the surface moves instead of my shaky hand. Just keep a solvent-dampened cloth handy to wipe off errors. It only takes a minute to re-do. Phil
  6. Here is a page I found: https://www.sparkplug-crossreference.com/ Phil
  7. Does anyone know where to find an early spark plug compatibility chart? I'm looking specifically for a 1909 Buick Model 10. Phil
  8. You're going all-out for authenticity! Terne metal was, in recent years, made only in the USA by Follansbee Steel which went under several years ago. It was used primarily for roofing, and was steel sheet with a coating of lead and tin in order to make it rust resistant and easy to solder. They had a stainless steel, also coated with lead/tin. The former required painting every few years. As long as it is painted, it lasts a long time. My 1890 building still has its original terne metal roof and our house has terne metal from the 1880s. The roofers here now use copper. Phil
  9. Problem solved. The spring in the removable front cover had deformed and wasn't making contact. I massaged it and the cut-off works now. Phil
  10. My Bosch DU4 magneto does not cut off when grounded. Any suggestions on what I should look for? Phil
  11. So, can I adjust the calipers so they don't drag as much?
  12. Thanks. I see several of these at Summit, but I don't see any bleeds on them. Would one like this work? Phil
  13. My 1909 Buick has a disc brake replacing the original drum brake on the driveshaft. This seems to work well, but the pads drag on the disc. I don't know what model the brake unit is. Can the calipers be adjusted on these? To the left in the photo are the planetary transmission drums. Phil
  14. I wrote to Evans several years ago, and they said they did not recommend using their coolant in non-pressurized systems. However, it seems many people (Including Leno) do. Phil
  15. The rule is 'the less body filler, the better.' 1/16" thickness or less is my goal. If you need more than that, you should use a hammer and dolly. I like the Eastwood "Contour" body filler. It never clogs my sandpapers and is forgiving in mixing. Phil
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