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    My first car (1968): 1929 Ford Standard Coupe. Now restoring 1921 Peugeot Quadrilette 161, 1913 Metz "22", 1911 Hupmobile "20".

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  1. MochetVelo

    Citroen: 100th Birthday, 2019

    ...hardly a name that would work in the USA. What about Jack Lemmon?
  2. MochetVelo

    Brake Drums Too Tight

    The drums now slide over the shoes, but they do rub slightly when turned by hand (no wheels installed as yet). I assume the linings will conform somewhat during operation, but wonder how much rubbing is too much. Phil
  3. MochetVelo

    Brake Drums Too Tight

    Thanks for those tips! I'll refrain from turning the drums. For some reason, I didn't think of removing shims that were installed over the cams. They must have been used to used when the linings were worn or thinner. This seems to be the trick. Phil
  4. MochetVelo

    Brake Drums Too Tight

    I got new 3/16" linings installed on the brake shoes of my 1924 Citroen 5HP, and the brake drums are now a very tight fit. One goes on and rotates, but the lining rubs on the drum. The other drum doesn't want to go on at all. The original linings were 5mm thick, I'm told, which is comparable to the 3/16" I had installed. These drums have little wear, so I was wondering if turning them down slightly might be an option. Any pointers? Phil
  5. MochetVelo

    My "new" lathe - Input?

    My favorite YouTube machinist is "Mr Pete," a retired high school shop teacher. He has a do-it-yourself attitude. He has a number of videos on the South Bend lathe. These were the best-selling small lathes back in the 20th century, and parts are pretty common for them today. Phil
  6. MochetVelo


    The scammers are always recent joiners to the Forum with very few (like zero) posts. That should be your first clue. The "over-payment" method is the classic scam, usually accompanied by a long-winded explanation. Some of these scams are pretty well done.
  7. MochetVelo

    AACA Annual Meeting
  8. MochetVelo

    Museum cars?

    The good news about a Metz car is their simplicity. They basically have a simplified Model T engine (minus the planetary transmission) and with a high-voltage Bosch magneto. A Model T guy could check out the engine for you. The transmission is, of course, a paper friction wheel. This will probably need to be replaced, but they are available. The differential is tiny, but does need lubrication. There are no glaring defects in the car's design, but you'll need to check all the bearings, the crankshaft, spokes, etc. before you go touring.The timing gear is a steel/fiberboard sandwich that sometimes needs replacement. If the finish looks good, it was probably in a heated building, which beats a shed or barn.
  9. MochetVelo

    New 2019 Peugeot 504

    A concept car? Definitely not the 504 I think of!
  10. 2019 marks Citroen's 100th anniversary. Andre Citroen was an interesting person. He began by purchasing the rights to manufacture a "herringbone" (double helical) gear which had very little lash (play) in the tooth design. This gears teeth inspired the logo still used today. After improving the manufacture of French artillery shells in WWI, he was able to convert the factory to the manufacture of cars; a fairly ordinary line of sedans called the "Type A" (designed by Jules Soloman). Thanks to Citroen's manufacturing expertise, the car proved dependable and less expensive then the older makers like Renault and Peugeot. His inspiration was Henry Ford (whom he met several times), and Citroen adapted Ford's assembly line ideas. In 1921, the Type A was replaced by the B2, another success. His first "iconic" car was the 5HP (named for it's French tax status, not the actual horsepower), better known as le petit citron (the "little lemon", since it was at first painted yellow), an 856cc boat-tail, electric-start economy car with style. The line continued with numerous other great cars like the Traction Avant in 1934, the first mass-produced FWD, unit-body car. Citroen licensed the Budd Company of Philadelphia's technology to stamp out the steel body of this advanced automobile. Alas, Citroen lost control of his firm in 1934 to Michelin and he died in 1935 at only 57. The Citroen name continued with even stronger innovation like the legendary 2CV deux cheveaux ("two horses"), an economy car equivalent to a French Volkwagen; the DS with it's unique hydraulic suspension system, etc. Anyway, the history is worth reading about, and worth celebrating in 2019, a great car's hundredth anniversaire. Phil Andre Citroen (left)
  11. MochetVelo

    Laser Rust Removal... Anyone seen this work?

    Their motto: As augustine rodin said, life is not without beauty, but a beautiful eyes. The charm of forever, we inspired by everyday life details. Provide personalized charm for your loved ones, to show your personality charm. charm. Couldn't have said it better myself!
  12. MochetVelo

    '10 Hupp drive train repairs...

    ...and I have patterns for the intake manifold, should anyone want one! Phil
  13. MochetVelo

    What is the best fire extinguisher?

    The above information is interesting, but doesn't mention why halon was banned. This is because it is destructive to atmospheric ozone which, in turn, shields the earth from the sun's ultraviolet radiation.
  14. MochetVelo

    Water Slide Decals

    You can make individual water-slide decals using a dye sublimation printer. A friend of mine used Photoshop or the like to do the art, then had someone print them out for him. I think the process used in the model-making field. Phil
  15. MochetVelo

    Shipping/Postage costs

    This from NPR's All Things Considered, 4/4/2018: BRIAN NAYLOR, BYLINE: In fact, package deliveries have been the bright spot in the Postal Service's financial picture the last several years. It reported more than $19 billion of revenue from package deliveries last year - an increase of 11 percent. Still, that wasn't enough to put the Postal Service into the black. In part, that's because fewer people are mailing first-class letters and bills. The Postal Service lost some $2.7 billion last year. Democratic Senator Tom Carper of Delaware says there's another reason for the red ink - something few, if any, other businesses have to deal with. TOM CARPER: The other thing that's hurting the Postal Service's bottom line is a requirement to pay off, over a 10-year period of time, health care costs for their pensioners. That's what's really choking the Postal Service - that and the decline in first-class mail.