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  1. My brother said the that the long block is intact and has not been pulled apart. Probably from something else Gramps pulled apart 40 years ago lol.
  2. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing!
  3. Mom is going to be getting engine pictures this week.
  4. At no point have I said I want x amount for the car or denied anyone’s offer. I have no personal attachment and whatever price it takes to get it out before the house sells, is what it is. I am only trying to help my mother get rid of it. She will have to come to terms with that as well.
  5. Sorry guys I have been in the shop for 4 days working on the Chevelle. Took yesterday off as well. Haven't been on the computer since Thursday. Once I start working on something, I hit it hard and don't worry about anything else. Supposed to have additional photos today. House is going on the market in the next 6-8 weeks so the garage will need to be emptied out long before then.
  6. We are not out to make money on this thing. It will end up going to the highest offer from someone that doesn't want to part it out . It would be a shame to part this thing out.
  7. Sorry J M davis, I didn't know your offer was only valid for 15 hours lol. I have been buried in my shop since friday working on my Chevelle, my apologies to you sir. To be fair for everyone my mother and brother were supposed to pull everything out and get pictures of everything so nobody has any surprises. The car is 350 miles away from me and I can't just drive over and snap some pictures. My mother is the executor and she will have the final say. I am just here to try and get it to a good home where someone will put her back together.
  8. I want them all! My wife..........................not so much! 🤣
  9. There is also a 69 triumph tr6 that needs to go as well if nobody in the family wants it. Might try to squeeze that in the shop as well. Not sure if it’s worth a divorce lol.
  10. It was driven in and pulled apart. My grandfather never got that far. At least that’s what I remember since I was just a polliwog when he tore it down.
  11. I honestly don't think it needs much of anything. The body is completely intact and in great condition. In northern CA where it is located the weather is great with the perfect amount of humidity. My Hup was in storage for almost 40 years and is in great shape.
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