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  1. I am also friends with Bob. Here is a link to the e-card. https://www.lvhn.org/send-card Last name Whitmoyer Room number 3K35 Location LVH-Cedar Crest The last I heard he was in an induced coma so he may not see any well wishes for a while. The incident occurred on July 4th.
  2. Wellsboro is not only a nice place to visit, it's a GREAT place to live. I am less than a quarter mile off Route 6 and about a mile and a half from the Wellsboro Diner. Be sure to wave as you go by.
  3. I may be interested in this depending on more details. Pics or additional information on manufacturer and/or model would be helpful. At the very least, bring it to Hershey and I will look you up either Wednesday or Thursday, whichever day is less rainy.
  4. Returning to the original post, I have been told that particular Pontiac tail light is a Guide 555 - the same as the front turn signal/parking light on my 1957 International S series truck. Not that that makes it any less rare.
  5. 73 - 74 must have been a confusing time at the Chevy/GMC pickup plant. My brother was working as a salesman at the local Chevy dealer and they got in a brand new C10 that was Chevy on the outside and GMC on the inside. A local farmer bought it new and a few years later when I was working at the IH tractor dealership it was our salesman's truck.
  6. DennyC

    Touring car

    keiser31, I think you nailed it once again. I had looked at other Studebakers but hadn't found the match like you did. Thank you!
  7. DennyC

    Touring car

    Poor quality photo, but can anyone identify what it is?
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