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  1. Hello All I have one more question. If I can get a good purchase on a vintage 1950's car but it has a cracked and marked up origional steering wheen and horn ring, can a restoration shop recast or repair the steering wheel to its new and original condition? Not sure if it can be done as I want the steering wheel and horn ring to look like it was new when the car new. sorry for the dumb questions but just wanted to know before I would purchase a car that would have such a problem. Thanks Chris
  2. Thank you all for your feedback I truly appreciate it and it has been very helpful to relieve my fears. I know if I make sure the hoses and fuel pums and gas tanks are set for any Ethanol and the car is run more often I should be ok. Thanks again
  3. Hello, I am a newbie with vintage cars as I have never owed one or even drove or sat in one before but am I am thinking of buying one in the near future. I am looking at late 1940's to late 1950's cars. The question I have as I have heard about is Gasoline issue. I heard modern gasoline cannot be used in vintage cars as I do know the gas was leaded back in the era. Also about fuel pumps and such and our modern gas today has ethanol in it and will ruin a vintage cars engine. Can anyone tell me more about what to do about this dilemma as its kinda scaring me off from not investing in a vintage car. I was thinking what is the point of having a vintage car if you cannot even drive it around sometime and to ca car show and such. Can anyone help me on how you gas up your cars and such. I know if I purchase a car it will not be a daily commuter but would like to take it in the summertime and and drive it sometimes and to local cars shows when they come up. Thanks in advance for all your responses. Thanks again, Chris