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  1. I'm guessing something with the float (needle / seat) not refilling the primary portion of the carburetor IF it started on its own without filling the carb (fuel pump filled it). Or clogged line. Again, if you put gas in the carb to start it and run the 100 yards, that is what the car will run on with just the fuel in the bowl.
  2. All of the repro pedals are the same. My 55 originally came with a 54 pedal which was way shorter than the replacement I found later. What a difference that made! The angle shouldn't be a big deal. I think they split the difference. Let me put it this way... I have personally never had an issue with any of the pedals I have installed and I would conservatively estimate that at 10. Edit: After reading this again, it may not have been a 54. It was shaped like earlier rounded pedals and didn't work properly. Just so I don't get grief that 54-55 pedals were the same height...
  3. ...and zero snark intended, William. If you don't know what the second half of the fuel pump does, please put the tools down until you buy a shop manual. In my opinion, that box is a fire waiting to happen and I would remove it.
  4. I gotta disagree on the braided steel, B. I've never seen an original with anything other than rubber.
  5. The first thing you need to do is purchase a shop manual from eBay.
  6. They can track down YOM plates easily. I have never had any "problems" but I did receive a toll fee in the mail due to a similar mistake. Willie will be fine, but his frugal nature will be irked at the extra $1.
  7. It will have one rubber hose between the metal fuel line and the fuel pump, but more likely, the carb needs a solid cleaning / minor rebuild.
  8. I used a 401 bracket on my wagon before I made this one. I don't remember what I had to modify, but it was minimal. I think I actually made the bracket taller after the one pictured to provide better geometry for fan belt adjustment. I HATE the one that Centreville sells for 401 engines. It is giant and gaudy. I wanted to minimize the engine compartment intrusion. I also decided only to use one of the crossover studs as a mount in case I ever sold them to other peeps who would definitely at least have that one stud, so that it was a "one stop shop" kinda thing. It is 4 1/2" from crossover to right bolt hole. I am attaching another pic of the last one I had made up with a slotted Hole on the left side for a little more tensioning options. PS, I have one of these left without the slotted adjuster, and that is my final "run"
  9. Nope. I initially wanted to make a rear bracket, but there is literally no shaking and once you bolt it, you can't move it with your hands. It's made out of 3/16" steel. My prototype was bent in my vice with a big ass hammer and a Bosch electric jigsaw. Nothing fancy.
  10. More, including the condenser and side to side comparison of the bracket with factory bracket beside. If you have an original 401 bracket, you can use that by expanding the holes to fit a Sanden style compressor. Apparently, this customer got even colder air than my previous pic of my IR gun.
  11. Found some of a customer's car
  12. Here are the pics of my bracket based on a factory bracket. Much like the original, belt tension is achieved by adjusting the generator. I don't have pics of my setup cuz my car is up in the air (on a lift), and I can't get to it with a ladder. I will try and get a pic soon. Honestly, I can't believe I don't have one pic in my phone of my setup....
  13. The 401 pulleys have different holes. I bought a few trying to modify and or sell to customers. I will take some pics later today.
  14. Another consideration is which side do the hoses enter and exit the unit. That is why I used the Old Air Products. The hoses are on the passenger side which means they don't have to go an additional two feet and be messing with your foot on the accelerator pedal. I just drilled the drain into the bell housing bump and let it drain out there. No problem...just a hole. Like you mentioned above, I had a compressor mount fabricated that just uses two mounting points at the generator stud and the top water pump stud. Hasn't moved and very solid.
  15. I have installed around a dozen "Old Air Products" underdash units and they cool relatively well. New and under a grand for most of what you need.
  16. I don't come to the forum as often as I used to, but when I do this is my favorite show!
  17. That's not gonna help. They are terrible even when adjusted properly.
  18. I watched two of Mud's videos today. The king pin installation and the upper control arm installation. I have done a lot of both of those jobs and he makes it look easy. I wish I had these videos available to me when I was first doing this work. Great work Ken. Seriously.
  19. I have taken a few apart with no issues at all. Broken at least one.
  20. If I recall correctly, it is a press fit on a splined shaft. Use clothesline as a replacement gasket.
  21. Thats why I sold em to KC. I didn't even use them as decor.
  22. By the way. They ARE generally referred to as flippers. I have two NOS in boxes for the smaller (Century and Special). Somebody's gonna have to cough up serious dough for those, though.