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  1. I spent Thursday picking up my registration pack, 10 minutes to actually walk up to the desk, get the pack and be on my way. Then off to the Swap Meet. I have two comments, too many non-auto related vendors (hair ribbons, phone cases, trinkets, etc. But I guess that helps pay the bills) and there didn't seem to be as many true swap meet type vendors as I've seen in years past. Friday was spent in Ocean Springs and as usual I was not disappointed. This is always a great venue with three main streets dedicated to cruiser parking. Great food, great cruising circuit as well. I did see more Buicks this year, the majority being later years and models. Seemed to be a lot of Rivieras '65 and newer with a scattering of Gran Nationals, Specials, and an Electra here and there. I did see a few older Specials and Roadmasters. My favorite was an original '52 Super. I was unable to locate the owner but it had Florida Plates. See attached photos. But all things must come to an end, had to leave with enough time to turn in my 2019 Registration Form and get back to BR to finish packing for our Cruise out of New Orleans in the morning.
  2. ssmock, Sorry for the late update, I will be at CTC 2018, unfortunately the '53 will not make the trip, still working on the engine rebuild. However, we can still hook up somewhere along the Coast and grab a poboy. Most of the week is up in the air, but I will be at the Swap Meet on Thursday, and in Ocean Springs on Friday for sure. Email me at, I'll still be looking for the Buicks that will be there. Have a safe trip, see ya there.
  3. SJF1948

    Me and My '53 Super 56R

    RiKi5156B, To repair a broken wiper cable, I removed the radio and glove box. There is more room under the dash than I thought would be. Not quite enough room for a Vintage Air Gen ll, but the Mini may be an option. If you don't mind, I have a couple of questions. Does the Mini cool your 40 Sedan? Vintage Air says it's good for smaller coupes and trucks, etc. When you did the trial fit in your 53, did the evaporator go all the way up into the dash and clear the wiper pulleys and cable routing, or would it have to hang a little below the dash? I also removed the defroster core just to see how much room I would have, it would appear that I am going to have to cut the top of the dash to install aftermarket defroster ducts? Either that or see if I can adapt the factory dash duct to the new A/C defrost outlet.
  4. SJF1948

    Cracked 322 Head

    Thanks for the replies and suggestions, after much thought, the cracks do not appear to be in a high stress area. If I'm not mistaken the port is the exhaust crossover between heads. Once the heat riser opens there should be less exhaust flow through the crossover. I have no idea if the heat riser was stuck or not, it was moving freely when I pulled the exhaust manifolds. I'm considering drilling the ends of the cracks, cleaning the cracks, notching the cracks and filling the cracks with JB Weld. Never used the stuff before but the reviews I've seen of the original product look good. The key to a successful repair is stop the cracks from growing and make sure everything is clean. Other than these PITA cracks, the heads are in very good condition. Valves and valve seats are are also in very good condition. One thing I noticed though is there are no stem seals used.... I have seen the seals are available but my concern is the lack of room to install seals with the dual springs used. Any thoughts or comments. As a side note, I decided to pull the engine and do a thorough inspection and cleaning, I'm this far into it and my original goal is/was to make this car a reliable cruising driver. I'll let y'all know how it all turns out. Cruisin' the Coast 2018 may be another spectator event..... As another side note, I forgot how easy it is to pull an engine out of a classic!!!!! Also I am located in Baton Rouge.
  5. SJF1948

    Cracked 322 Head

    I pulled the heads off of my 322 to address two stuck valves. As it turned out it was a good move, one of the head gaskets was close to failing at a water port. In the process of disassembly and cleaning of the heads I also discovered two cracks in the exhaust crossover port on the right head! One crack goes from the machined surface through to the outside of the casting. The crack appears to be an old one as the gasket has a matching mark on it. This is my first Buick so I'm not familiar with any defects if any with these engines. Any thoughts, comments, possible repairs that could be made. I can't imagine there will be many good used heads available if it's trashed. For what it's worth, this is a 53, 62,000 miles, appears to be original, no rebuilds or previous repairs.
  6. SJF1948

    Wide Whitewalls

    Good debate for sure, Thanks for all the comments. It would appear that the majority of those who offered a preference went with Diamond Back..... Which was my initial choice as well. Back in the day I ran what I could afford on my '56 Bel Air...... mostly recaps!!!!! Never had any problems but most of my driving then was local, to school, to work, not a lot of Interstate driving..... now that I think about it, not a lot of interstates! My only bad experience was in 1971 with a new set of BFG Radials on my '64 Valiant, I -70 between Denver and KC, Tread Separated, put spare on and limped to the next exit, found one of the other three ready to self destruct!!!!! These tires were less than a year old, probably less than 2,000 miles, BFG graciously pro-rated them, I'm hoping Diamond Back offers a choice of tires to be White Walled!!!
  7. SJF1948

    Wide Whitewalls

    What say ye.... Coker or Diamond Back Classics???? Preferences, experiences, etc. Leaning toward Radials.
  8. Yeah you're right, it can be a very expensive week for sure. The trick (for future Cruisin's) is to book early and shop around. The closer you get to Biloxi, the higher it gets. That being said, there are a number of Hotels/Motels that are away from the Beach that are pretty reasonable. A friend of mine booked the Margaritaville in Biloxi two years ago....$250.00/night, stayed one night, called around and got a room for the remainder of the Cruise at the Palace Casino for $125.00/night. Not bad for a quick booking! The deals are there, just have to shop around. The Bay St. Louis area is kind of laid back....small town atmosphere, even for the Casinos. My favorite venue is Ocean Springs, hands down. We'll have to get together for some shrimp po-boys, oyster po-boys, seafood gumbo, etc.
  9. SJF1948

    '53 Super Defroster Blower

    Update on Blower Motor. Spraying penetrating oil did very little to free up the blower, Brush end of motor is sealed. Disassembled for inspection. Inside of motor was clean, except for the brush/commutator area. The bushings were gummed up bad. The brushes are worn to less than half of their length (assumption as to new length) The commutator is grooved about 1/32 at least under the brushes, and the carbon had bridged the commutator segment gaps. It does appear to be repairable, so I'll clean it up, find some new brushes, clean the commutator, and clean out the gaps. The bushings and the armature shaft cleaned up nicely. Then the Generator is next!!!!! s
  10. I'm going through various electrical components under the hood. I discovered that the defroster blower was not operating. I found the power supply wire to the blower was pinched and suspected a blown fuse. Fuse is good, verified 12v to the blower when switched on. Hooked up 12v direct to the blower, still no go! I removed the blower from the duct, it was very hard to turn, but I was able to free it up (probably hasn't run in quite some time) and other than the usual dust and crud, there is no evidence of any overheating, electrical fault, etc. The shop manual has very little info on the blower itself. Has anyone had any experience with repairing the blower, is it a reparable item, or do I need to start a search for a replacement? This thing reminds me of the Axial fans used in Submarine ventilation ducts, or any other Naval Vessel, (AKA Target) for that matter... but that's another story! Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  11. SJF1948

    Me and My '53 Super 56R

    The final pieces of the puzzle!!!!
  12. I'm originally from Biloxi, but I now live in Baton Rouge, taking the scenic route is about a 2 1/2 hour drive. My Sister-In-Law has a home on Front Beach in Ocean Springs, so that's where I'll be staying. This will be my first CTC as a participant, and I'm looking forward to meeting and cruisin' with other Buick owners. Hope to see ya there!
  13. Mississippi Gulf Coast, 10 venues, from Bay St. Louis to Pascagoula.
  14. As a fairly new member to the group, I would be interested in seeing how many Buick owners are planning on attending this week long event. It would be nice to see something other than Tri-5's, Mustang's, Camaro's, Malibu's, etc. Out of approximately 8,000 registered vehicles last year, I saw maybe 10 Buicks!!!! I plan on having my '53 Super ready to cruise and attending as a Participant instead of a Spectator.