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  1. I have been looking for a water pump for my 63 wagon with a 196 V6 in it. I haven't found any through classic Buick Panther but I went to the Buick Farm and according to them the water pump for the 215 without air conditioning is the same as the water pump on the small V6 nobody else listed it that way is that correct. Thanks in advance Sid Rollings
  2. I saw this somewhat modified 55 with California plates on a trailer with 2 other cars from California this morning. Couldn't get a good look under it because the guy who was hauling it was backing getting ready to leave so not sure if it has original drive train. Nice straight car.
  3. I follow the advice of old tank. People that use tools bleed. From working on my 58 this weekend
  4. Well it's back on the road with my Station Wagon. My son and his wife just gave me my first grandchild (baby boy) and his pickup blew a head gasket and her car has other problems. I really don't want them driving something unreliable with the new baby so I'm letting them use my pickup until they get al least one fixed. In the meantime I will enjoy using my wagon.
  5. Fixed the heater hose this morning and when we were leaving to drive the car to the shop my wife Amber asked if she could drive. Sure said I. We met my son on the interstate on the way and he had to call. He said she had a huge grin on her face and her hair was blowing in the wind. Another happy classic Buick owner.
  6. Had a nice evening driving the 58 30 miles to LaVerne Minnesota tonight to The Verne drive in movies. They were showing the original Ghostbuster and we had a great time. Just as we pulled up to park at home a heater hose broke so I know what I'll be doing in the morning. Here's a few pictures from the evening. Bring back any memories.
  7. She will be leaving the Navy this fall because she has accepted an offer from NOAA another uniformed agency of the government to go through officer training and is looking forward to this new challenge. I don't think I could have ever done one basic training let alone two but she's already training her body and mind for the new challenge.
  8. Yes sonar operator as well as qualified to service all aspects of sonar. She just got a quarterly award for being the junior sailor of the quarter as well.
  9. She puts everything that she has into everything that she does and always does it with a smile. I am proud of all of my children but she has a special place in my heart because of her commitment play everything she does
  10. Even after all this time she's still smiling. Still at least August sometime and she sent me a new shirt. USS San Jacinto, part of task force with the Ike USS Eisenhower.
  11. This was way back before the beards when the group was just getting together. It looked like late 60's early 70's maybe
  12. Has anyone seen the ZZ Top documentary on Netfix. I'm a fan of the boys from Texas and have seen them twice at the Buffalo Chip at the bike rally in Surgis South Dakota and may make it a 3rd time this summer if they make it again. In the documentary there is a shot of Billy Gibbons hanging out the passenger side window of 65 Riviera several times. Might be the same shot I'm not sure. I know Billy has a large collection of large cars most are hot rods.
  13. 160 days at sea and no end in sight.
  14. She is ready to drive that 58 and wants to learn how to drive a manual transmission so she can drive the station wagon
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