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  1. Here are a few more pictures of the wagon. It is all original a few dents and dings and some surface rust but the little 196 V6 runs great and with the manual transmission it actually feels pretty peppy.
  2. Do to unforeseen problems I am driving my 1963 Buick Station Wagon to work for awhile. I had to take off the Historical plates and when I went to the court house to get the new plates the guy that was helping me said wait a minute and he returned a minute later with these. These are organizational plates and there is room to put a BCA sticker on the left side also which would be pretty nice with the other end having 63 on it
  3. My 1963 Buick Special station wagon has 13" wheels on it and it is geared too slow for highway speeds. I was looking in my owners manual and there is an option for 15 inch wheels listed. I would like to replace the 13" with 15" inch and want some original wheels so I can use the dog dish hub caps. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. I was online today to renew my membership and don't see an option for a 3 year membership. Is that not available online. Thanks
  5. I am looking at a 1926 Buick and the previous owner told me that when he purchased the car it had an electric fuEl pump. Shortly after he got the car the carb started to leak gas. He then put on a new pump with a restricted to have it stop at a certain pressure. It is still leaking now from between the bowl and the top of the carb. Is this something that can be fixed fairly easily or not. I think I'd the carb can be repaired or replaced then I would probably repair the vacuum tank so it's correct so that cost will be involved also. The car is very close to me and was bought by a dealer in Texas but I have been talking to the man in South Dakota Thanks for any information. I haven't been to look at the car because of the gas issues
  6. I can't talk to my bank until Monday. If they agree to the purchase I will buy it
  7. I don't see a price here or on the bringatrailer site other than a $6000 bid. I would like to know what you are hoping to get. Beautiful car by the way
  8. Well it wasn't this past weekend but Easter Sunday my oldest daughter and I drove our 29 to go to church with my parents and siblings. It was a round trip of a little over 90 miles.
  9. I need the administrator to help me sign back on using my old sign in. Its sad to say its been so long since Ive been on here I forgot it. That plus the email address I had associated with my account was hacked and I can't get into it anymore. Can you help me Mr Earl