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  1. Nice car. Appears to be okay price. The bottom of the drivers side door in the photo appears to show uneveness, possibly repair work - hard to tell from photos?
  2. Too wierd. Almost as if an alien who doesn't know selling culture is punching in numbers they believe are inticing to a buyer.
  3. If it $8800 I would be interested but not at $8801 ... 🙄
  4. It certainly looks too good for that price even if there was some work on the brakes, etc. Just my opinion. I also spy a potential scam. Happy to be shown wrong. Someone would just have to be careful.
  5. Fair enough, my main concern was whether there was any start-up advantage with the spin-on. It seems not. Will keep the original. Thanks 'llgentlemen.
  6. From searching the forum there appears to a practical benefit (ease at oil filter changes) of using an oil filter adapter that allows for a screw on oil filter but is there a benefit in reducing wear of the engine? I have read the oil filter adapter and screw in oil filter stops oil drain back so there is oil in the filter ready to go at start up. In other words, oil flows and gets to moving engine parts quicker thus perhaps reducing wear - given a great deal of wear occurs at start up. Thanks Drew
  7. I also have the TANKS INC unit where the fill tube attaches to the tank via rubber sleeve. The fill tube used to slop around without any bracing. I bought a tri-five chev filler tube bracket and adapted that to hold the filler still. Being tri-five chev all parts are easily available.
  8. Mine is a Century. I can see the tube bracket but can't exactly see where the bolt locates but it appears as though it is going to have to use a bell housing bolt. Difficult for me to get under mine at moment but if you can get under your car then it should be obvious whether it is the bell housing or something else. For reference the tube itself is sitting down between the engine and the auto trans fluid filler tube. And the bracket appears to be horizontal running square to the engine.
  9. My mistake. You are correct, vented caps and the one road draught tube from the valley cover. For some reason I thought there were 2. Not that I have looked but the shop manual is indicating the filter for the tube is inside the valley cover.
  10. Hi Anyone ever clean the steel filters inside the valve covers that filter the crankcase fumes? These are the filters at the top of the 2 crankcase vent tubes or pipes running down from the top of the engine each side at the rear. As I understand it when the car is moving the air moving past the pipe outlets, syphons crankcase fumes out and away under the car. The air is drawn into the engine through the oil filler caps. Not sure but I would expect this means that when the car is not moving i.e. idling then the crankcase fumes will exit through the oil filler caps?
  11. Is that right. That would explain why many cars do not sport the J bars (apart from the rusting issue).
  12. The ad says the frame is good but there is certainly likely issues to some extent given the rockers and floor need replacing. I would expect there to be a lot of money to be spent in properly repairing rusted frame and body.
  13. I still don't understand which method we should be using. I have seen both methods referred to. I am the same as you because if I use the method of no scraping then the travel on the brake pedal is crazy but if I do the 6 clicks method there is some scraping and the brake pedal travel issue is good. However, doesn't this mean the shoes are always dragging and will just wear shoe and drum face?