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  1. Thanks for the further info on possible causes. It certainly could be any one of the suggestions. I will get back to the investigation soon but unfortunately I am currently sidetracked with a motorcycle engine rebuild. I will let you know. Cheers, Drew
  2. The crash pad is off so that certainly makes it easier to see behind the instrument panel. But it seems this will take some time to try all possible issues and complete a process of elimination. When I have an answer I will post back. Thanks
  3. My squeak is definitely repetitive. I never really thought of it before but the torque on a speedo cable may cause touching - maybe even cause the outside of the cable to touch something behind the dash and cause the squeak. Thanks
  4. Hi all, there is an annoying repetitive squeak coming from somewhere behind the dash while driving and I wondered whether anyone else has come across the issue. I dont seem to notice it when i take my foot off the gas and i cant see what it might be. I thought it may be the speedo or cable but that makes no sense that the squeak would stop when i take my foot off the gas as the cable would still be spinning. Any suggestions appreciated. I have the crash pad off at the moment so this is the ideal time to fix the issue if i can. Thanks, Drew.
  5. It appears this one died early on also but I will pull the sender unit at the dynaflow and see if there are teeth... I suppose the same applies in some form at the speedometer unit end itself, as the 'turning teeth or similar' there may have issue given the cable has been trying to move the stuck unit.
  6. As I understand it the 56 was a once off for many parts including the speedo. I have the often seen the red bar stuck and the odometer no longer reading on these cars. I am not too fussed about the odometer but does anyone know if there is a self fix for the stuck red bar (which I understand is not a bar but on a roller)? I know I can always send it off for repair but I am wondering whether there is a simple fix possibilty. The previous owner told me he attempted to fix the speedo by replacing the cable but that obviously didn't work. Any help appreciated as I have the crash pad off at the moment so I have access to the speedo unit. Thanks Drew
  7. Apparently its almost impossible to break the rubber/court gaskets.
  8. I just replaced the fuel sender unit gasket as it was leaking. Apparently the rubber gaskets are prone to breaking and then leaking and you need the rubber inpregnated cork gaskets. My 56 has the 'Tanks Inc' gas tank. I bought a rubber/cork gasket to suit a tri-five chev which fitted great. I also replaced the round rubber washers on the screws with flat copper washers.
  9. Hi all The vent window manual regulator appears to have an issue on my 56. When the vent window is closed its almost as if the winder sits too far in because as you turn the winder it hits the decorative trim above it. And as you continue to turn the winder, the winder then spirals out leaving a gap between the winder and the door panel. Anyone come across this problem? I haven't taken it apart but I assume the regulator mechanism is worn/broken and is one of those unrepairable items. Do any of the other GM makes for that year use the same mechanism because I am guessing it will be easier to find a tri-five chev part? Any info or advice would be appreciated. Thanks Drew
  10. Agreed re turning the shaft to see if the points are opening and closing. If there is no opening and closing as the shaft turns then there will be no spark. The next step after will be to check how it is wired up.
  11. I didnt put it in but my 56 Century has the Tanks Inc 41-54 Buick B1 series. It is listed there under 'Buick' tanks and also in the 'universal' sections. But as suggested, check the measurements between what was there and what you are replacing it with. Good luck.
  12. It looks to me as though the 3 blades are deeper in cross section and would likely move more water than the 5 bladed unitiui where the blades are shallower - unless its the angle of the units being different in the photo!?!