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  1. Went with InlineTube preformed set. All lines now in. Most difficult part was really just working under the car when it is on jack stands. You do need to think about the best way to get some of the lines in but I would say it is certainly worth the extra money for the preformed lines.
  2. Mmmm that line is the next one to tackle. I will let you know!
  3. Okay, I think I have solved the issue with this particular line. You have to come from under the engine and rear of the crossmember. Then do a bit of bending to make it fit. BUT STANDBY as I am sure I may reqiuire some help with another line.
  4. Hi all, does anyone know the trick to getting the replacement brake line in that runs along the front crossmember? It runs from a junction block on drivers side across to the front passenger side wheel cylinder flexible hose. It looks as though I need to remove the radiator to even have a chance of feeding the new line into position... help please.
  5. Stainless steel or OE steel? I believe OE steel is tin plated outside and inside? And the tube and easier to bend if necessary?
  6. I need to try and save myself as much grief as possible these days, so pre-bent I think it will be! Thanks everyone for your views.
  7. Thanks all. I did already buy some NiCopp tubing to give it a go but it appears, like 5219, that I am no good at doing flares albeit I think it has a lot to do with the cheap flaring tool I bought. Anyway, rather than spend the money on another tool that may or may not turn me into an expert, I have come to the conclusion to use pre-flared lines. The question will be whether to hand bend straight lines or instead use preformed lines. I did remove the junction box the other day and it may be a bit different to the other year cars because the brake light switch is instead up on th
  8. Okay, I was thinking of going the route of a kit of straight lines. There is no opportunity here to easily buy prefabricated lengths at auto store. Given your comment regarding line lengths in those kits not matching up is making me rethink.
  9. Hi all I want to replace all hard brake lines on the car. Was looking at buying a kit that comes with straight lengths I then bend by hand to suit. Will likely have to pull the old lines out one at a time and bend the new lines to suit away from the car but I am intetested to know whether anyone has had experience with this and what problems arose. I am especially interested to know whether this can be done without a hoist, that is using only jack stands? Thanks, Drew
  10. You may well be correct. I assumed the top picture was an older snapshot because of the state of the paint on the car in the top photo.
  11. I take it that it's the car in the bottom photo that shows the car's current state. It does look a little 'cut up'.
  12. One of the photos shows a jack under the car so presume the entire body is jacked up for some reason - hence why it wierdly looks so high.
  13. Considering the engine doesn't run and the other work that will be required it is probably a legit sale but still a good buy given what is there!
  14. The thread of the MC outlet will be 3/8" x 24 UNF?
  15. If I plug the outlet on the MC then it should produce a hard pedal if the seals are doing what they should. I will see if I can find a bolt to plug it with. Thanks
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