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  1. Thanks guys. Okay, I will confirm the colours of the wires and routing but it sounds like there is something wrong.
  2. Thanks John, that is the same picture I tried but apparently failed to put in my post. And it is the picture that has led to my confusion given my car has both wires going to the ballast resistor.
  3. Hi all Hoping someone can assist with the routing of the wiring going/coming from the accelerator vacuum switch that sits on the side of the carb. On my car the 2 wires connected to the accelerator vacuum switch both run to the ballast resistor on the firewall of the car which doesn't make sense to me given the below wiring diagram for the 56. If anyone can tell me where the wiring off the accelerator vacuum switch in their car is going that will likely assist me figuring out what is going on. Thanks Drew
  4. There are also much stronger loctite products made to fix bearings in housings, etc. It would never come out. But I am not sure it would be appropriate unless you can be sure you can easily get the bushing in place before the product starts gripping or you would end up with the bushing half in and half out.
  5. Anyone know whether you can use the later 90 fin aluminum drums in the same way?
  6. Apologies, I just reread the post again and I see you got around this issue by using the older hubs into the 58-60 drum.
  7. I did look at swapping the 1958-60 drums onto my 56 but after looking at the cross-sectional diagrams from respective shop manuals, it appeared the spindles were different to suit the different hub assemblies. Am I wrong about that then?
  8. Thanks guys. Certainly very faded in spots and the backing is starting to crumble. Heel pad is sewn in and the structure or fit has been made by cutting and sewing. Definitely not a heated mold fit. Hard to tell for sure but looking at all the piles available this carpet looks most like a roughed up daytona pile. Either original or something still very old.
  9. Hi all I am interested to know whether anyone is aware of any tell tale signs or things that will tell you whether the carpet is original? Thanks Drew
  10. I have seen the shells covered in vinyl to make them more aesthetic. Just an option.
  11. As you rightly suggested I found an illustration for the 56 and it does show a return spring sitting under the accelerator pump. I will have to check whether the shaft of the pump is solid or instead a sleeve over a lower shaft. Thanks
  12. Hi all, hoping someone can please let me know whether there is supposed to be a return spring sitting under the accelerator pump on the Rochester 4GC being used on the 56. This is not the spring sitting around the stem of the accelerator pump but a spring that would sit under the pump? Thanks
  13. Can you contact the tank manufacturer and find out the thread size?
  14. I am going to just suggest the importance of level flat ground over the entirety of the car. If unsure how this may be affecting the heights, you could use the same floor but turn the car around and see if the height issue remains. Just a thought. Always a difficult task when the issue is not apparent. Good luck.
  15. I cannot remember where exactly I purchased the gasket I used but having a quick look on the Internet it looks like Danchuk Chevy have a rubberised cork gasket. There is a photo there and that may assist in seeing if it will suit you.
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