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  1. Yeah man. Send me a PM. I know everything about that car. I had that pinstriped. She passed while I was working on it. It was a tough reunion.
  2. I just noticed this. Wallace’s car was in my shop for a long time. The 322 and Dynaflow came from Bob Coker’s pile of stuff I brought home with me. Anything good done to that car wasn’t done by Leland Love. 😁
  3. I recall a thread years ago that the springs were different colors for different cars. Green was one of the colors.
  4. I have heard a bunch about the ZZ Top doc. It is on my watch list. SOON!
  5. Was it Jimmie Vaughan’s 63? (Fabulous Thunderbirds guitar slinger)
  6. Brake pedal or E brake? (which is what I think Doug is talking about)
  7. That looks like a revulcanized one. The concern about the NJ version was that it didn’t seem to stick to the shiny zinc plating. I have installed them from everywhere (CARS, Bobs, Steele) and never had a call back FWIW. I have also never done any of the shimming process in the manual. Just gaskets and pookie.
  8. I like the Auburn too but it doesn’t come in a 7.60-15 (225/75) size
  9. They are in the armrest in 55 and 63 that I know of.
  10. @lancemb, when I see your car I’m gonna ask what the plate is really loud. I vote cut the middle out 😁
  11. I use them. A lot of times I will cut them out so you can’t see them as obviously. There are indeed harder to install that way.
  12. Took me til Lamar said something to get this. Holy cow. I’m not expecting such a dad joke homerun on the forum.
  13. Exhaust manifold gaskets
  14. And that torn hole is where a modern tow truck driver tightened a tie down too much.
  15. Yes. It is frustrating to get in a car that you have rebuilt everything and it still doesn’t work. My modern underdash unit from Old Air Products has never needed a top off and has always blown cold. I installed it in my 55 wagon over five years ago.
  16. And I know Rob (Ficken) is still in business cuz I just sent him some spare wipers within the last two months.
  17. When I was younger I thought it was better to have my engine run cool. I took out the thermostat then I ran a 160. I was basically trying to mask the real reasons the car was running hot. Either bad tuning or blocked radiator. As I got older and I discovered why certain things worked together to be efficient, I raised the thermostat to 180 and installed higher caps. Both of my cars have AC, so I may have blindly installed the 13-16lb caps but I ran a 7 on the factory AC Special for a long time and it only puked a little when it was really hot. I don’t even think I realized it was the lower pressure cap until it looked a little funky and I was going for a senior preservation and was detailing under the hood. At that time I installed a 13.
  18. I didn’t think about the fact that I have AC radiators in both of my 55’s @avgwarhawk def check first, BUT I had a 7 on both cars and then swapped em and they fit fine.
  19. Me too, although they don’t work on cars that aren’t currently driving