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  1. It’s an hour south of here Rooster. I have emailed him to see if it is still available. It is for a big nailhead, do you have a 401?
  2. I’ve never used BaT. Is it at all line eBay? Do people just wait and snipe at the end?
  3. Kinda looks like my junk drawers too. 😁 I have several of those bezels now Lamar.
  4. Bernie, you have leaches on that seat up near your head. Watch out.
  5. The main problem I have experienced is if there are too many cushions surrounding your tank, you will lose the ground for your gas gauge. With that said, I have used bike inner tubes sliced lengthwise so you couldn’t see them from below so there is no movement THEN I had to ground the sender separately.
  6. Good luck. I welded the tie rod ends.
  7. I have used both. I know for a fact they have brake line kits for your car. I usually use SS for brakes and OE for fuel. I don’t really know why.
  8. I agree with John D. I have had wheelcovers fly off. If they flew off again I replaced them. I think it is a hubcap problem not a wheel issue.
  9. Inline Tube is the only way I would do this. I have never had an incorrect pre-bent line from them.
  10. The hunt is ALWAYS more exciting than the repairs.
  11. I saw that one. It certainly makes restoring one at this point not a sensible decision. A lot of 53’s available too.
  12. Every time I see some of this expert rigging, I want to admit it was me. I used the super glue. I welded the flapper open. I hope you sell the car back to it’s old owner so I can undo some of YOUR work. 😘
  13. I’d take it. I like the seats. It’s a TBird pattern.
  14. For those who don’t know the car, it is a low mileage car, but it lived in Texas it’s entire life. Under hood heat in the sun fries plastic. Even while sitting.
  15. An American assembled that spring spaced rigging. Just saying.
  16. What the Heck? Those look like plumbing parts. I would personally just order 2” lowered springs. I have 1.5” on my 55 wagon and it doesn’t drive any differently than my stock 55. I’m not a senior , but I’m closing in. Does AARP count?
  17. Good eye @56buick, There are indeed jack stands under the front and back.
  18. It won’t matter on a full framed (55 Century) car. A Riv or something with an X frame won’t work on short armed lifts.
  19. Didja see Auburnseeker’s question above? If I had a Wildcat, it wouldn’t do me any good if it was from a Special. And vice versa. At least a measurement.
  20. NAPA or Oreillys should have a new cylinder in stock. Rockauto.com if you live in the country
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