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  1. Hi folks, still looking for my Skyhawk! I am keeping patient, but as I feel the car “antsyness” growing, in the interim I’m thinking of taking my little car fund and heading into the northeast winter getting a Cascada. Love that little Buick too. Any opines?
  2. I got some recent leads, follow up led to a great possibility, but it involved a deep, expensive and long project. I’m not at that level of urgency yet. Gonna be a great day when I find one.
  3. Really doesn’t matter, she’s gonna be pampered and loved with the boost or not. Prefer rarer and more highly optioned, but I’ll know on first sight. I’m sure you understand how to folks like us, cars are about passion, especially Buick for me. You can see the 65 Skylark in the background of that tiny pic to the left....saw one when I was 8 years old and the passion was immediate, got one nearly 30 years later, right after 9/11, and poured a lot of attention into it...”Sky” is part of the family now. That beautiful green 91 Reatta has its fun backstory too. The Skyhawk T has been on my mind since the early 80’s ....OMG nearly 40 years.....you bet turbo really doesn’t matter! (but it would be nice). Thanks Alan for your hopeful question!
  4. I know this process can take years, ok I’m now prepping for the long haul.....Skyhawk T - where are you?
  5. Yes I’ve seen that before, there are others out there too, including for my Reatta. I love those historic clips and commercials. Thanks!
  6. Nice, actually looks like a T Type interior and turbo hood bulge...I may find a way to reach out to Facebook and inquire though I’m hoping to find one in great condition, well I can hope!
  7. Tease 🤪! I understand that seeing the project ahead can be daunting, but if it’s a thing of joy it will be time (and $) well spent. I’m jealous. Keep us advised.
  8. Nice! Getting much closer. I made a well thought out decision years ago to reject Facebook and stay as far away as possible. I am constantly revisiting that decision. The front end on the 87 is similar to my 91 Reatta, as you can see in that tiny box to the left. I’ve dealt with headlight door opening issues before, but the look is great. I’m excited that I may actually find my dream with all your help!
  9. Is that a solar system decal on the rear quarter? Spacehawk. Wow.
  10. “J Body Community” ? I want in! Is there an application form or membership committee to contact? I have good credentials, BCA member, 65 Skylark, 91 Reatta, etc. C’mon folks, this is my dream here. 😊. Thanks Buick Racer!!! Very close, not a T I think, nor a turbo (no hood bulge?) Am I wrong for really loving the notchback? but slantback would be great too. Great lead, tho Matt has me thinking twice about it. Folks, I so appreciate the help of all of you car people out there. During the deep worst of the pandemic, when it was science fiction-type quiet on the ppe littered streets of my beloved Brooklyn, NY, I’d get the occasional joy of some restless classic car owner driving their beautiful prize along the desolate avenues, and then get out for a spin around Bay Ridge in the Reatta. We all know, respect, care for and love cars. Thanks all.
  11. Wow, really...no one out there with a lead to my dream? Shyhawk T type? I’ll keep hopeful 😊
  12. It’s about time I finally get around to this bucket list item. Im looking for a great condition 2nd generation 1980’s era Skyhawk T, notch or hatch. Exhausted from a Reatta resto and the 65 Skylark is done, so now I want to get the one car I’ve always had a strange fascination for. Fell in love in high school and college with this vehicle, so now is the time. I’m hoping my Buick BCA brethren can come through. Please get back to me if you can help.
  13. I am awed by the knowledge out there of our beloved Buick’s, and all cars. Thanks guys, and ....WOW Kong, great advice, and WOW John, I could only find one other photo, and it wasn’t nearly as clear as yours! And 5563, thanks too. We are ultimately responsible to be good caretakers of these wonderful vehicles while they are in our care, and you guys are great examples. Thanks again, and I welcome any other info out there.
  14. WHERE?! I tried the BCA techs, but no responses. My basic research shows that on 1965 Skylark convertibles the rear power window switch was on the armrest, not on the side panels, like in hardtops. I guess I understand why...so as to avoid wires around the convertible top mechanicals. I am installing an original style p/w system and miraculously had found original convertible rear side panels (no cut outs for window crank), so I will have to carefully cut in the existing armrests to put the switch. Seems like a strange place....Does anyone out there know exactly where I have to make the opening? How far exactly behind the ashtray does the switch get mounted. Crazy esoteric question, huh? I’m trusting in my fellow Buick guys to come thru. Thanks. Jeff BCA 34813 While waiting, I’ll take a drive in the Reatta!
  15. It was my response, and I was wondering if sales of classics and collectibles would at some point take off in a country (2nd largest economy on Earth) that loves Buicks. If so, our Reattas may be a bit more in demand if the Chinese start seeking out classic Buicks. Ecomomics 101 - Supply and Demand.
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