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  1. Something is definitely wrong in that last picture.
  2. I personally never had the problem until Lamar asked me to try and post. I think Matt W may be on to something. Maybe not the only problem, but it can't help. Wait... what? That's right, my earlier answer is still here as if I can only make one post per thread. Sidebar: Did anybody else notice that Senior 55 Century with the chrome slider bezels? (Post 70, pic 4)
  3. I personally never had the problem until Lamar asked me to try and post. I think Matt W may be on to something. Maybe not the only problem, but it can't help.
  4. Run the drill in reverse when checking. It is a counterclockwise gear.
  5. Go to www.rockauto.com right now!!! I just entered all the info for a 1955 Century hardtop in black Daytona for $265.
  6. I have never dealt with them, but almost all sewn carpets you buy from any vendor comes in an ACC (Auto Custom Carpets) box. They have the proper Daytona weave in many colors. Check around for the best price. I actually bought a set for a 55 Special on rockauto for under $400 once a few years ago. https://www.accmats.com/
  7. Best post on the whole internet. Thank YOU Mud for your continuing inspiration and friendship.
  8. Rob, I got your email. I can't help with a pic, cuz I think the 55 electric seat is different. I probably can help with the defroster switch. Will check after Xmas.
  9. Steve, I don't think there is a clip that holds it in. It should just be a press fit. Just clean it with carb cleaner and don't put any lube in when you reinstall the switch.
  10. Joel, My grandfather ran a sawmill his whole life in Gerard's Fort, Pa. I remember going to his old house and marveling in his floor choices. He had different wood in every room. Cherry, walnut and oak for sure. Love the garage, buddy.
  11. I don't have enough experience on this alteration, VB. I will help if ya need it, but I'd just be peein' in the wind.
  12. Or Antique Automotive Service in St. Louis
  13. Shoot, you can still have a dance hall with a couple of posts in the middle. It's where you will find me leaning, trying to look cool. Looks great, Joel.
  14. Beemon, The shop who quoted you $8-12k and says they are going to keep a log book and keep you updated sounds like a pretty reasonable shop to deal with. There is a relatively good chance you will be disappointed in any shop you choose, depending on your expectations. I can almost guarantee you will be disappointed in a shop that gives you a firm quote as opposed to an estimate. At some point that "quote" shop will run into something that will take more time to do and will not do it because they will lose money. I never gave quotes to anybody on any work I did. I would give a reasonable estimate and I did my best to come in under it every time and I lost money many times because I wanted to be "fair" to a customer. I am also a semi-bitter ex-restoration shop owner because I gave too many deals to too many people. (Insert Tongue in cheek emoji here). Anybody who is willing to "make you a killer deal" will also disappoint you. Your project WILL wait at this shop. My story follows... My 55 Special was painted at a shop that was 60 miles round trip from my house. I was "quoted" $5k. I took it there with the chrome and seats out, engine rebuilt and firewall painted by me (with a small touch up gun in a garage). I drove there every weekend dropping off or picking up parts and small pieces. I helped installing glass. I picked the car up and drove it home after it was completed and I installed all of the trim, weatherstrip and interior. All said and done, the final bill was over $8k... but they stripped the car to bare metal, patched several rusted spots, painted the door jambs and dashboard. I was distressed that they went over the quote (more of an estimate, dontcha think?) by nearly half, but the car looked outstanding in the end. It was the best paint I saw on many cars I "competed" against. I don't think I could have done a better job at that point in my life. The key to my story is that I established a positive working relationship with that shop and assisted without being a nuisance. We are still on speaking terms which is a different experience than I have heard from more than one other hobbyist.
  15. It's like the forum wants me to finish saying what I started before. I signed out, reset my phone, signed back in and it still had restored the line above.
  16. I never had a problem until I wanted to show off a new fridge in my garage. Here is a screen grab:
  17. Dang, Twixt Beemon, Grimy and NTX this might be the smartest thread on the Forum.
  18. I drive a wagon with four way power seat. All the way back. All the way down.
  19. Still... Buy something for the car! These won't help you now.
  20. Must have been the complete underselling I did. I don't blame you. Don't waste your money on interchange manuals.
  21. Father Buick made up some very nice "custom repros" of an earlier version based off of the valve cover decal on 54-55. I would at least contact him for details of how he did it. I don't have a picture of it on my phone.