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  1. Not disagreeing, but in my opinion this disaster has brought out the best in people. Houston neighbors are helping neighbors. Real people in Austin are donating blood, goods, services and money at an extraordinary rate. I've seen it first hand. When I worked at the food bank. Today my wife donated money and her company doubled it. Be optimistic and stop looking for the bad side dammit. Now wanna get angry at somebody? Our senator who voted against money for you Yankees in Superstorm Sandy wants money for us. Hypocrite. Oh, and I wish everybody would just sell one cigarette for when you have been drinking and you need to turn green without buying a whole pack.
  2. We're alright. From Snopes: Trolls are creating fake tweets about looting There are a bunch of social media posts of varying virality claiming to show evidence of widespread looting in Houston after Harvey. At least some of these tweets are obvious trolls — particularly those using the hashtag #HarveyLootCrew. As Motherboard explained, trolls have previously used #BaltimoreLootCrew and #SandyLootCrew to try and make fake posts about looting go viral during major news events.
  3. That's the deluxe wheel, Mud. Can't help ya, Bill I have an NOS emblem from a standard wheel, but have never even seen one up close.
  4. Willie is closer to the mess than I am. The wind is relatively calm here, but it has been steadily raining for almost 24 hours. I have spoken with some friends in Houston who are more concerned. I bet that building could be bought for a song. I know a song...
  5. I may have to look at this old garage in Galveston if it is still standing next week
  6. There is a big part of your problem. Old bias ply tires ride rough and wander even more than new ones.
  7. How old are the Remington tires? I'm guessing not recent vintage.
  8. There is zero reason to tow an ugly trailer behind an old car.
  9. Another very important difference that I noticed between European and American drivers is that Europeans know what lane you are supposed to DRIVE in and which lane you are supposed to PASS in. Driving with patience, civility and courtesy is rare to see.
  10. Have you called Steele Rubber? They might be who Russ sends em to.
  11. Wow, it's about time somebody put the black knob on those.
  12. I am way too much of a princess to want to camp. I heart hotels. BUT, I love that Shasta. I have restored two full size Spartan trailers and a few smaller ones, but would love to have a new trailer.
  13. I may have some parts. I'm not in town right now
  14. I'm guessing something with the float (needle / seat) not refilling the primary portion of the carburetor IF it started on its own without filling the carb (fuel pump filled it). Or clogged line. Again, if you put gas in the carb to start it and run the 100 yards, that is what the car will run on with just the fuel in the bowl.
  15. All of the repro pedals are the same. My 55 originally came with a 54 pedal which was way shorter than the replacement I found later. What a difference that made! The angle shouldn't be a big deal. I think they split the difference. Let me put it this way... I have personally never had an issue with any of the pedals I have installed and I would conservatively estimate that at 10. Edit: After reading this again, it may not have been a 54. It was shaped like earlier rounded pedals and didn't work properly. Just so I don't get grief that 54-55 pedals were the same height...
  16. ...and zero snark intended, William. If you don't know what the second half of the fuel pump does, please put the tools down until you buy a shop manual. In my opinion, that box is a fire waiting to happen and I would remove it.
  17. I gotta disagree on the braided steel, B. I've never seen an original with anything other than rubber.
  18. The first thing you need to do is purchase a shop manual from eBay.
  19. They can track down YOM plates easily. I have never had any "problems" but I did receive a toll fee in the mail due to a similar mistake. Willie will be fine, but his frugal nature will be irked at the extra $1.
  20. It will have one rubber hose between the metal fuel line and the fuel pump, but more likely, the carb needs a solid cleaning / minor rebuild.