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  1. Yeah man, It would cover both books shipped. Remember what I said in post 43^^^ I have only used them twice in the twenty years I have owned them. In other words, they haven't helped me that much. Other people have had success with them.
  2. This is what I have KC. I will sell you mine for $50 shipped. https://hollanderinterchange.net/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=30
  3. Not likely. Not likely. Is the piece you broke at the carb or the pedal?
  4. Here is the oldest pic from my phone. I may try a cloud pic also... Bottom pic is from 2005
  5. I have never clicked "Insert other media" For below: From my IPhone 6 Browsing on phone. Pic 1 - Cut and paste from a website Then, Click to choose files. Pic 2- Clicked "Photo Library" Pic 3 - "Take Picture" WOODY MIDDLETON DOMINATES HR DERBY AT WORLD SERIES Woodrow Middleton belted 4 bombs in the Final Round of the HR Derby at the Super Series World Series to win the title. Middleton has shown great power all season and continues to make everyone in the organization proud of his accomplishments.
  6. That Mr. Earl figurine can stand on an Olds intake manifold?
  7. I don't go to the AACA site, so don't move it. Start a new one up there.
  8. You HAVE to check it on the ground or you WILL freak out. I doubt it is anything but the panhard shift. (Guessing)
  9. Drive it down here. I'll store it for ya, drive it occasionally, and buy you a beer and dinner AND a ride to the airport. It's 13 hours from STL to AUS unless you drive even faster than I do.
  10. I personally have the inexpensive car covers on my cars for indoor storage, but the California Covers that I have used on customer cars (that they purchased) were extremely high quality. Send a PM to Barney Eaton. He is a distributor (not sure which brand) and would have more knowledge than anybody about quality and other questions.
  11. Could just be leaking out of a hose, or fitting. The Pitman arm seal only holds back gear oil.
  12. They wouldn't have to remove factory mirrors. The mirrors were only optional on some models, so instead of paying $12 for factory mirrors, they might pay $5 from the dealer or Western Auto, etc. **Above dollar amounts are merely made up by me for illustrative purposes.
  13. I have repro Chevy 56 T3s on my judged Special. I did it before finding out that 55s didn't use the T3. I paid pretty big $ for them. Since I don't have the car judged anymore, I am thinking about selling them to some other knucklehead...
  14. I am out of town this week. I can check when I get home.
  15. I have a two pack of Hollanders that have only been opened twice in 20 years if you're want them. (Not free) This is NOT a compliment for the manuals.
  16. "You've got to be careful when you have another car sitting around...all of a sudden it becomes a parts car". Mudbone Yep.
  17. Truth in advertising: I love that you can buy this chain at KakaPart. Must be based in NJ. C491 Precise Engine Timing Chain - Kakapart.com www.kakapart.com › parts › precise-c491 Precise C491 Engine Timing Chain. Main Info. Precise C491. Precise C491. Cross Interchange Parts ...
  18. Biodegraded, $1,200 is too much. Yes you need windlace for looks, but realistically I have cut bad lace out of cars with no ill effect. You do have to install windlace under the headliner, so if you can't do it now, it won't get done reasonably.
  19. I hear ya, man. I am just starting to get slightly concerned that you are biting off too much all at once. Just remember to work on restoring parts every once in a while so you don't have too many pieces of old dirty parts laying around.
  20. Just installing a four way seat is hard, Kosage. We can help (of course), but unless you are really short you will be all the way down and all the way back. This upgrade isn't worth it in my opinion.