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  1. In Texas we would call that an Aggie joke!
  2. Another choice for WWW? HERE They are less expensive than Coker and Diamondback, but I don't like the choices of tire to put the whitewall on. For those that like the radial ride and handling characteristics, but don't drive much, it could be a good choice?
  3. I am curious and was hoping someone who tell me all about it. Anyhow, my research and observations: Inter-web say this is a 1966 factory photo; there are last generation (red) engines probably small block (340?) or big block (400/430) for next year(?); there are nailheads (green) in line too which should be 401/425, but the closest one appears to have a canister oil filter which I though ended with the 364.
  4. That is called a retaining washer. 1955 part number is 1346997 which I suspect is the same as yours. Nothing shows on an internet search, so you will have to call a supplier and ask.
  5. Great! And I thought I taught you everything you need to know about "rigging". Here is your next lesson: Vice Grip Garage. The first one I played was the oldest and first vid on the 1970 Caddy. As long as you are under house arrest with this covid thing, just put one of those hemorrhoid donuts on the the chair and pi$$ away a few hours!
  6. Relocate the compressor down low near the crank pulley; or fabricate a means to install an idler pulley between the compressor and the crank pulley; live with it as long as it is not contacting other components like the radiator hose. It is gonna flop!
  7. During the first attempt to charge.
  8. If you got one that is quiet and working well now, it will give many years of service. The problem is that there is a shortage of rebuildable cores. I went through 4 rebuilt units from Advance Auto and none were good. They had no more available so there is an aluminum reproduction giving good service now.
  9. Cushions top only. Probably sound deadening or maybe since that area is fixed, to keep from rubbing through top of tank. But I have seen rust holes where the cushions trapped water and probably stayed wet. I used some old nylon seat belt sections and saw no problems after 20 years when I dropped the tank to seal against rust inside.
  10. Successful reservation at the Holiday Inn Strongsville today...was told it was the last one. Maybe they tell everybody that? How many rooms to start with? Who got the early notices?
  11. That would be a good time to restore a classic car. ...restore to put in a museum? Or maybe just crush to recoup some value?
  12. I keep neglecting to note the mileage at the first of the year, but I have for the last 30 years been recording the mileage right before heading for a national meet in June or July. Usually we do 5000 to 7000 miles. Last year with the meet only 500 miles away, I barely did 3000 miles and this year looks like much less on that car. I guess I could cheat and add in the miles of the rest of the herd, which combined would maybe be another 2000 miles.
  13. Consider nickel-copper tubing, bend and flare yourself (search it). If yours is like a 55, the only hard part would be at the junction block where all the lines come together with the brake switch. Last week it was hard enough to just change the switch with the car up in the air.
  14. Nope, dynaflow, used low and shifted at 60. Never ahead of the Buick and lost ground at every shift (3 speed stick).
  15. Probably less if it was like the one an Uncle had: 2dr Custom with 272 V8 overdrive, radio and heater delete, all white, blackwalls, poverty caps. I shamelessly whipped up on my cousin with my 55 Special.
  16. Lots of pictures used to be on the BCA website (buickclub.org). They could be accessed by going to past meets and selecting Flint 2003; now nothing. I uploaded 21 pictures of all the 55 Bucks that I could find. I still have them. If someone cannot resurrect them, I can try to find a way to share them.
  17. According to the 'net the base price of the 54 Buick was about $2300 when new. Used car price of the exact same car will vary due to mileage, wear and tear inside and out. The 57 Ford is new and apparently unwanted at any price.
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