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  1. Watch that you don't knock the weights of during mounting: make 2 studs for temporary alignment (probably should do this with any buick wheel with lug bolts).
  2. Get a Special and keep it stock for now. I have seen and heard of too many disasters with inexperienced drivers in a high power car. Send him to a performance driving school or find an abandoned shopping center to sling to around: wet, dry, ice. With his money (earned with hard work, not donated) in the mix will create more responsibility.
  3. At least those ol' boys know how to orient concrete blocks.
  4. Hopefully he will leave the Buick - Buy/Sell forum alone since nobody here is complaining about bumps.
  5. 57 Buick used compressor 5910224 as did 57 Cad and Chev; 56-57 Olds, Pontiac. I would guess that one has the bolted-on rear cylinder head and can be re-sealed (if it were a 55 , I could help with all seals). Find an extra one and take it apart and figure it out from there.
  6. Check the oil to be sure you are not waaaay over-full. Even a big hole in a piston would not use that much oil (and it would not be idling well either)
  7. Never used that one, but the bracket for the 55-56 factory a/c will work with the Sanden type compressors and will work with a single belt that also drives the generator and fan, so need for a multi-groove pulley. Wonder how many of those bracket you threw away?
  8. I will look on my 55 "organ donors" for that and the special nut (made to not loosen in service).
  9. The tire shop can check before mounting. Do a static balance with weights on the inside. Seal the spokes and install as tubeless.
  10. You should pick your passion. Just because it is a neat old car does not mean that you will have any real feelings for it and at that point any work on the car becomes a chore, along with some rage when it lets you down.
  11. With that car you can be both "high and dry" and "dead in the water"
  12. Don't you just love insurance companies? I finally got through after putting the phone on speaker and the charger for over an hour (pathetic for any company). And yes, the agent agreed that club members get a discount. However they at first wanted to pro-rate the refund. They gave the full refund after telling them that others got it that way. Just about as bad as my homeowners insurance not giving the discount for a monitored alarm system because I did not ask for it! Don't you just love insurance companies? $25 by the way....I can drink that much beer while waiting on hold.
  13. Sounded like a good idea. All I get is 20 minutes of distorted music.
  14. Worth the asking price if they would just put the carb back on it to demonstrate that it runs and drives and cools...
  15. Mostly all ofMudbone's videos Probably stick with 56 if assembling parts. The service manual is detailed enough unless someone else has been in there and "messed with it" before you. The only "hard parts" I have replaced that were not in the kits were front and rear pumps and one input shaft along with a few universal joints. These were easy to find used or from David Edwards or Fatsco. Take it apart carefully: I have found missing bushings, wrong gaskets, substituted parts (on my 55 we found that a 56 clutch drum was used that needed 6 clutch pairs and did not work with the 5
  16. Will show day for the Concord portion of the national meet be at the race track again?
  17. Now that I am interested, don't go private.
  18. That motor may work with the treaded shaft (but I would still rather disassemble, clean, lubricate and paint the old one )
  19. Please don't. Last time I looked inside a dynaflow there were no internal seals to leak; just the lip seal at the front pump and that is an external leak. Most likely you have worn parts with clearance problems and some low pressures. Do the pressure tests and report back. (the chemicals in B-12 Chemtool would make a good paint remover)
  20. I hope you have a fantastic report. The thermostats that I have been using work as designed, but (and it may be some other problem with the cooling system design) my factory air cars do not like speeds faster than 65mph if the outside temperature is above 95*.
  21. It is a chore, but doable. From my website: if you do pull the column, just use the plumbing fixture...that'a all I use now.
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