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  1. I think I was 9 or 10 years old and found a 69 road runner 440 6 pack with 28k miles for $2,500 my father said no, and I had almost enough saved up. I still have the wheels and deals ad somewhere. I probably would have wrecked it though.
  2. I've done my share, I rebuilt an engine for my 40 Plymouth with mostly good used parts I scrounged up, it was a little tight. I ran several batteries down trying to get it to fire. My father took a look and suggested we drag it down the street in gear. While doing that the overdrive bound up somehow and we drug it home. I was sitting in it trying to figure out where I went wrong when I noticed the ignition was in the off position. It fired right up after that and I got to drop the transmission and replace the spragg clutch assembly next.... Part 2 of the screwup didn't become known till a little while later. It developed a tiny knock. I tried the pull a plug wire to determin which cylinder but couldn't find anything. It developed into sizeable knock but I needed the car to get to school so I drove it till I found another engine. I tore it down just to see what failed. Apparently I hadn't fully seated a wrist pin retainer, that pin had just about worn through the block and into the next cylinder.
  3. Good luck! I learned my lesson real quick with state farm. I had an "agreed value policy" on a '40 Plymouth. The car was deemed "totaled" after a minor wreck. I called and asked for my check for the policy "agreed" amount, they said it doesn't work that way, they send an appraiser out to determine the vehicles value and give you a check for that amount.
  4. Does she have a younger single sister??
  5. I think I have 8 classics now in Iowa and a couple more in CA. I don't have anything newer than 1986, and a 3 car garage. My loose rule is, if I haven't done more than put a tarp on it in 2 years I sell it.
  6. That raised marble originally only came on one side, I can't recall which. It has/had a silver reflective coating on the inside.
  7. My 30U has insert bearings, I've got several spare engines and all of them are also inserts.
  8. You are correct! It's been a while since I pulled a mopar 6. I must have been thinking of how I did the Buick. I think I have pulled a bell housing to engine bolt and found one a little longer and used it with a generator bolt.
  9. I usually use a starter bolt and a generator bolt.
  10. If it's catastrophic I'm parting out an '85 D30 6.2L with 74k miles in Des Moines, Iowa.
  11. I wanted to go deck over but thought the approach incline might be a little too much for lower cars. I ended up ordering drive-over fenders and the extra wide deck option. The '56 was about an inch away from scrapping the exhaust tips. I don't think wide low cars would do well driving over the fenders though.
  12. Must be a Kansas thing, here's the "Dodge" I bought last Friday
  13. I'd have to disagree, the biggest expense is that you've got the ability to haul stuff home that you'd normally walk away from because you don't want to mess with renting a trailer and going back for it......
  14. $6k to buy it or that's what he's willing to pay someone to endure the shame of hauling it to the crusher after dark?
  15. I'm interested, would you crate and ship to 50320 Des Moines Iowa?
  16. I've got several, I'll dig them out and take some pictures.
  17. Well when you're out gently rubbing carnaube body lotion on everywhere with the 85-90wt gear lube scent crossed with slight essences of gasoline in the background with some good tunes on the radio, and then slowly teasing the wax off with a 100% cotton terry cloth towel folded in fourths, it'd be awkward if it didn't have a female name......
  18. It's 6 or 16 hours out of the way depending on if I go the southern route or not, weather dependant. I usually make people a great deal but at 7mpgs you might be cheaper to fastenall it. Furthest planned south destination is Turlock.
  19. We have the derelict, 57 3/4 ton 4x4 IH we drug out of a pasture a couple years ago, still have brakes to do before it's road ready. A neighbor gave me the Buick after 20 years of pestering him about it. Brush painted in the 70s, and a 51 super engine was rebuilt and dropped in it then and never started. His grandfather blew the car's 2nd engine in 1954 and it was parked till the 70s then my neighbor started rewiring the car with all #8 green wire and when he got to the dash he had a huge bundle of green wires. He got slightly confused and back in the shed it went till I pulled it out two years ago. Re-rewired it, pulled the engine apart for fresh gaskets and fresh assembly lube and I've been driving it since.
  20. Leaving in just over a week, only have a couple axles and a ton of sailboat fuel to haul out at the moment. I'd bring Mike back some blondes but I can't tolerate all complaining about certain female anatomies hurting from the "rough" ride. Dont understand women, The guy that sold it to me said at stoplights it rides like a Cadillac ......
  21. I probably could have made that a little clearer, I was wondering what the original poster's overdrive was out of, I've got a stack of them and don't really want to dig into it if his out of something I know I don't have.