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  1. Flivverking, it could be a milled head, but I don't know how since I got zero paperwork. The only things I know are from deduction. I guess I pull the head and the oil pan, someone thinks I have a possible balanced crank, or maybe a Model A. Only way to find out is if I pull it apart, but I am having a blast driving it! It has a lot of power, getting bored with my other Model Ts as it is much faster and accelerates strong. I may install the Rocky Mountain Brakes. And the straight through exhaust has an incredible sound. Yup, I am in love! I am on HAMB and will check out Sec
  2. Possibly the problem was diagnosed by an OCD good mechanic. I was not clear in my post. One of the Solex carbs was missing the pilot jet. I installed two new ones at .55 (stock). Running well. After installing the new pilot jets. It is running very well. But I think these pilot jets have something to do with idle. Have not yet checked the plugs. Will be back. Don't think it has a high compression head. It is iron, piston tops through the spark plug hole are flat top. I am not a great mechanic. Don't seem to have the automotive mechanical intuition. Don't have the patience! Too often I just
  3. WTB Wire Wheel for 1926-27 Model T Ford, 4.00/4.50 x 21"
  4. 1926-27 Model T Wire Wheel just need one as a spare on my speedster. 4.00/4.50 X 21.
  5. Need enclosed transport from Bouckville NY 13310 to Stone Mountain Georgia 30083. 958 miles by Google. Must be enclosed. The car is 1910 Thomas Flyer with no windshield. about 5 feet high, 6 feet wide and 15 feet long. Weighs about 3500lbs. Will be ready for pickup August 24. Would like to have it within two-three weeks.
  6. Drained the oil. Then pulled the filter (There is a bolt on top that drops the filter housing). It was seriously clogged with crud. Cleaned the housing inside and out. Filled the housing with fresh oil, then added fresh oil Non-Detergent. Pulled one of the oil lines that feed the engine mains. Used a hand pump (handy to add 600w to the diff) and pumped in fresh oil to prime the pump. Took the oil line going to the gauge and blew through it with my air hose. Gauge worked fine. Put everything back together, fired it up and HAVE OIL PRESSURE! It was so sweet
  7. motoringicons, I allowed some few oil drip out and it did not have only about an ounce from the upper petcock, and it looked relatively clean. I think it is appropriate to the oil level. The Ruckstell was slightly overfilled and the viscosity was about like thin honey. Also clean. The car was well maintained. Somebody really loved it. It even has a tandem trailer (of course not needed with a Model T), and it is also very well done. Custom for the car. It has matching hubcaps, from a 1950s car. I can see the driver/owner taking it to meets/races. I wonder how it competed. I canno
  8. Just recently acquired 1927 Speedster. It has a pressurized oil system and filter. When I get a "new" car, I like to go fluids. When I check the oil level with the upper petcock (on the hogshead) a quantity of oil comes out. Usually this is an overabundance of oil, and I open the petcock and let it run until level, but the oil filter and system is higher than the petcock. Does the oil pressure system use the same level of oil, ie, open the higher petcock?
  9. I am carefully going over the car. The rear end lube looks very thick, like honey and overfilled by removing the square head plug on the higher side of the rear housing. I wonder if the previous, previous owner did not know the Ruckstell should have had the 140 wt you suggested. Probably drain the rear and replace it with 140. Will followup up when I get it sorted out, first. And will relate our adventure(s)! Thanks, Bill
  10. Motoringicons. Thanks for the tips. Looks like I usually leave the Ruckstell in forward (High) and drive like usual. All the way back for parades and very slow. Does the Ruckstell have any effect with high gear? Or just the same as Ford high gear? you mentioned that the "600W will leave some of the Ruckstell parts dry. SAE140 is the best and fill it like you would a standard T rear end". I seem to have a good amount of lubricant in the rear end. I normally use the 600w from Restoration Supply. I would "assume" that "modern oils" would be a no-no(?) Some of these attack bronze. Where an
  11. I have just acquired a 1927 Model T Speedster. It has a Ruckstell axle. I am familiar with Model Ts and can drive them. When do I use the Ruckstell? How does it integrate into the standard Model T "shifting arrangement?
  12. Just bought this 1927 Model T Speedster. Has a wonderful list of options. Trying to find any history. Apparently it was redone in 1990s in California. Would like to know its history. Not for sale Here is the list, Canadian engine,Ruckstell two speed axle,Double Solex Carburetors and custom header,Custom headers and free-flow exhaustleather bucket seats, drop front axle Z’ed frame. Original Edmunds & Jones headlights. Rootlieb fenders and running boards. Atwater Kent distributor. Monocle windscreen. Nice detailed pin striped. Oil Pressure system with filter. Foot fe
  13. Looks like no way to get it here until the Corona Virus gets defeated or under control.
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