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  1. Ok Sir, I guess I did that "Assuming" thing again! LOL The fixtures I bought were from home depot, I believe $36.95 each 8ft dual bulb & they fit the standard t-12 with the single pin. Unfortunately you are paying mostly for the ballast which you remove anyway. I never researched LED fixtures as I wanted the ones I added on to match the ones that were already in my building. God Bless Bill
  2. You do NOT have to replace the fixtures Sir! Just remove the ballast & hook the wires back together, then install the LED bulbs. If you are not electrically savy, most bulb companies have a diagram on their websites. No need to waste that extra money unless there is something physically wrong with the fixtures or you want to add more! I also agree with Janousek about the 4-5k being yellow, hence my 6500 bulbs, however since I do custom paint & restorations, I chose the clear lens instead of the frosted for the most brightness. I have been told that I need to wear sunglasses in the building! LOL God bless Bill
  3. Congratulations on the new shop, there is no better feeling than to be able to keep everything inside & have a place to work on them. Especially for the folks like us that are addicted to this hobby & just can't stop adding more to the collection! LOL Beware....You always fill to the dimensions of the building! Mine started out at 88x40 & after being here for 10 years, I added on 16x88, because you can never have enough room! If you have not already purchased your LED bulbs, here is a link to the company on Ebay that I bought at least 80 bulbs for my shop from I see that he is out of stock at this time for a bulk order (which saves some money) but I am sure he will restock. these are clear lens & 6500k nice & bright. It dropped my electric bill down quite a bit! These are also the type that require removal of the ballast, but the rewire is very easy! Takes about 5 minutes God Bless Bill
  4. I am currently running the Maxxis M8008s myself & got 95,000 on the enclosed trailer with the last set. I was very disappointed in the Goodyear Endurance tires, got only half that mileage on a set of those. I loved the Marathons, never had an issue with them. However since I run 120-155k per year, they didn't sit around dry rotting. Before those I ran more than a decade with Yokahama LT tires & never had any problems with them either. I have been blessed to not have had any issues with tires over my 36+ year career of being a transporter. Part of that is because I don't buy cheapo trailers & my stuff always stays inside my heated building when not in use ( I am not homeless) & I am anal about maintenance & doing all my work myself I know what I am doing.
  5. I am still looking for this quarter panel for my 66 Ambassador or Marlin & NO I don't want to hear again from the SCAMMER in Nevada who has a deaf wife & a dead Father-In Law that has a whole garage full of NOS AMC parts, but won't give me an exact town & wants me to send him money right away because the stuff has to be gone right away! LOL Also an NOS or extremely nice left tail light for the 2 dr HT Ambassador & the same on a deck lid. This car is 100% rust-free, so not looking for junk. God Bless Bill
  6. That is what is so great about our hobby, we can like different things but still appreciate the other way. Honestly I would never have bought mine had it not had the Barritz package / vinyl top. I'll bet we can both agree they don't look so good with a fake conv top! LOL God bless Bill
  7. Thank you John, The Eldo was purchased new in West Palm Beach, Fl & was a one owner trade in. I was lucky enough to get the original window sticker & all the paperwork showing everything including how much extra the Barritz package was (can't remember now) The wheels & tires were dealer installed, they were still on there when I bought it! I was also shocked to see that the original sticker price was just under $50k in 1997. I bought the XLR-V because I loved it but also in hopes that maybe the value will be much higher in 15 years or so! I am addicted to the hobby, so that is NEVER my sole reason for buying any of my cars. God Bless Bill
  8. For this thread, I will consider modern cars 2000 & up. There is pretty much only one car since 2000 that I absolutely love (not counting $3-400K Super cars) & I finally purchased it almost 2 years ago. In 2004 when the 1st Cadillac XLR came out, I immediately fell in love with the body style & the retractable hardtop.It was built in Bowling Green at the Corvette Plant & is on a Corvette Chassis with all the Cadillac toys. At the time I was driving a 97 El Dorado ETC with the Barritz package as my summer, out to dinner, date , dry road car & was very happy with it, The XLR was using the same Northstar engine which ran really good in the ETC (310HP). Unfortunately I had just purchased this house land & shop, so another toy was not in the cards as I was also pouring money into the shop to make it the way I wanted. Fast forward a couple of years & Cadillac came out with a limited production XLR-V with a different Supercharged engine...I was drooling but didn't want to be the one to spend the 100k+ & take the depreciation hit, so I waited. I sold the ETC in 2017 & started looking for the best available XLR-V. About a year & a half later this one finally came up, never damaged, original paint, never in snow or salt, etc. I jumped on it & will probably keep it for many years! 2007 Cadillac XLR_V Roadster with retractable hardtop & an all aluminum Supercharged V-8 443 HP stock 30,000 miles. Production of this year "V" optioned cars is a little over 400 God Bless Bill
  9. Here are mine! The Trucks... GMC 2500 HD & Chevy 3500. Duramax diesels with my many modifications for fuel mileage. Except for tires & wheels they are interchangeable in every way, so if there is an issue with one, I can jump in the other. The Trailers...Featherlite aluminum open trailer & Ameri-lite aluminum 24ft enclosed trailer. Wheels, tires, brakes, winches, etc all the same, so if there is a problem I can snitch something off one to use on the other to still make a trip. God bless Bill
  10. Hello & Happy New Year Everyone! Here are a few of the beauties I have recently been asked to deliver safely! I am always available to give cash on delivery price quotes for Enclosed or Open Transport! God Bless Bill Squires (owner) Bill's Auto Works (216)832-8697 No texts
  11. Hello Everyone, Hope you all had Great Thanksgiving! I was able to schedule some time at home to be with my family as well. Here are a few of the beauties I transported for my customers in November. The 67 Marlin is my most recent purchase making an even 10. Yes the addiction is real! God Bless Bill Squires(owner) Bill's Auto Works (216)832-8697 No texts
  12. Exactly! It is nobodies business why the O.P wants the cars inspected, just that he wants them inspected. If you don't want to help him...just scroll on by. Which is so damn hard for people to do these days. God Bess Bill
  13. Both will cost you a TON of money, but also give much pleasure! LOL As far as the competition bashing goes...I don't believe I have any. I freely recommend a handful of other QUALITY guys in my industry when I cannot do the job & the jealous bottom feeders will always be an insignificant "non-factor" God Bless Bill
  14. Hello Everyone, Here are just a few of the ones from October entrusted to me by the owners to get them delivered safely. This is a good time for me to thank God for all that he has blessed me with when it comes to business. I get 5-6 calls, emails, P.Ms per day & obviously providing single car personalized service, I could never help all of them. I always feel bad since those folks felt good enough about me to trust me to transport their new babies. Trust me folks, I try my best to take care of as many as humanly possible. To the point that I don't get to work on mine or see my family very much. Just part of the business I guess. If I was NOT a car guy or did not have a home, big shop or acreage, it would not matter. Make no mistake though I will always treat folks with respect & try my best to squeeze you in between a couple of others if humanly possible!!I would also like to take this time to thank ALL the folks who support me on all my forums I am so blessed to have you all as customers/friends & please believe this as gospel that if there was not so many of you, I would love to spend a few hours "chewing the rag" about cars with each & every one of you! I also appreciate all the emails, P.Ms & phone calls when the homeless guy with the terrible reputation goes off his meds & posts some of his lies about me. Thank you to the Mods who delete his garbage almost immediately. I try to take the high road (even though I am human) because I know the mods of the forums I am on do NOT like drama.I am ALWAYS available to quote prices, give advise about different types of transports, recommend other transporters & tell you who to stay away from. As well as give advise on trailers & trucks, if you want to get a rig to do your own. I will ALWAYS do this while treating you with respect & never act like you are a bother!ALL of the positive feedback/references posted about me are posted by the actual customers (probably over a thousand if you looked hard enough on dozens of forums & FaceBook Groups). Many I did not even know about until I get a call saying someone from such & such a forum recommended me! This is just another reason why I don't have my own website...There are so many out there that have NO credibility, because they do NOT allow the customers to post ACTUAL & TRUE feedback on the service provider & I NEVER want anyone to think I would EVER do anything like that.I have well over 3.5 million accident-free transport miles over the last 36+ years. This equates to somewhere close to 2500 vehicles transported.Please see this link for hundreds of all positive feedback/references posted by the actual customers who have used my service in the past. I do not post my own feedback. That would be Unethical! you are going to pay someone to transport your vehicle, you should be able to trust that person is a car guy that knows your vehicle & not someone whos' only experience in our hobby is reading about what the rest of us do with our cars!Give me a call, email or P.M. for a cash on delivery price quote. I do not take deposits as I believe a mans word is his bond.Thank You & God BlessBill Squires(owner)Bill's Auto Works(216)832-8697 No
  15. Nice to see you bought a Featherlite! My Featherlite is an '06 with well over 1.5 million miles on it, you can't go wrong with one! God Bless Bill