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  1. Beautiful Rig Sir! Mine is substantially smaller, but the Blue Beacon gets plenty of my money. On my coast to coast trips, it is not uncommon for me to visit them a couple of times a week. Just the classic wash (truck & trailer) runs me between $36.00-$44.00. West coast is always higher, they state right on their listing of locations 8% higher in California A few of the locations know me by my rig & charge me the smaller trailer (under 16ft) price which saves me a few buck, VS the actual 24ft that it is Most locations do a very good job, we have one about 30 miles from me Lodi/Seville, Oh. Not sure why but Barstow, Ca is my favorite. God bless Bill
  2. As part of my personalized single car service, I sleep in the trucks during transports. I never stay in a hotel with a customers car on or in my trailers. At the bigger events where I am bringing a high end vehicle to be displayed the sponsors provide a parking area with a 24 hour security guard for the trucks & trailers (IE SEMA, HAN, Invitational, Etc) this allows me to enjoy the show without worrying about the truck & trailer. I still disable the trucks though. I also use the hitch lock & receiver lock. My next enclosed trailer will be an ATC & I am looking into a complete security system with motion sensors, cameras & GPS tracking. I do not believe I can ever do enough for my customers piece of mind. One last thing...Paint your trailer something that stands out! The vast majority of enclosed trailers stolen are plain black or white. They are being stolen to be used as "mobile meth labs" As you can see in the picture, mine stands out in the sea of plain trailers! LOL God Bless Bill Squires(owner) Bill's Auto Works
  3. Hello Everyone, Here are a few of my transports for September, I am just home from a very long (11,222 mile) lap of the country I have well over 3.5 million accident free transport miles over the last 36+ years, please see this link for hundreds of all positive feedback posted by the actual customers who have used my service in the past. I do NOT post my own feedback, that would be unethical! If I cannot help you because I am booked so far in advance all year round, I can recommend other Quality Transporters & who to stay away from! I chose/build my trucks for excellent fuel mileage, so deadheading a bit is not an issue & I NEVER charge for unloaded miles! When in doubt always ask, I will always respond in a friendly respectful way. Also I return EVERY inquiry in a timely fashion (most within 24 hours) so if you don't get a response I didn't receive it!Since I am an actual car guy who builds/buy/restores & drives them myself, part of my personalized service is the fact that I can & will "Drive Them All" if needed. If you are going to pay someone to transport your vehicle, you should be able to trust that person is a car guy that knows your vehicle & not someone whos' only experience in our hobby is reading about what the rest of us do with our cars!Give me a call, email or P.M. for a cash on delivery price quote. I do not take deposits as I believe a mans word is his bond. God Bless Bill Squires(owner) Bill's Auto Works
  4. Hello Everyone, Here are a few more beauties recently transported from coast to coast & everywhere in between! Please see this link for hundreds of all positive references/feedback posted by the actual customers who have used my service in the past, not by me! Well over 3.5 million accident -free transport miles using quality equipment, honest, friendly & professional business practices for over 36 years! God Bless Bill Squires(owner) Bill's Auto Works (216)832-8697 No Texts
  5. It is too bad Ebay doesn't have a "HaHa" emoji! LOL
  6. I will be following along Randy! I also get frustrated with the marketplace search on FB, however I have found some really good stuff listed if I have a bit of patience. I just missed a 58 Star Chief a couple of days ago. The guy was making the deal with another gentleman as I was messaging with him. It was a great deal, most of the "bull" work was done & the price he was asking was less than he had invested in chroming, plating & polishing of all the brightwork! God Bless Bill
  7. Here are a few more beauties I have recently been entrusted to care for during their ride coast to coast & everywhere in between! The 30 Cadillac I took from Harwood Motors here in Ohio to Los Angeles where it was loaded in a plane headed for Russia! Others shown.. A Yenko Corvair going to be restored after the National Corvair meet in Illinois. A Model T Speedster delivered to the Model T Museum in Richmond, Indiana. A 35 Plymouth- original paint & interior. A 17 Yenko Corvette # 2 of 25 & 300 miles on it. 1913 Model T & just to show they are not all high end cars... an early 30's Chrysler Imperial that will hopefully one day get its restoration! Both the new owners of the Yenko Corvette & the 1913 Model T showed a reluctance to initially drive their new toys into their garages. Since I am an actual car guy who buys/builds/restores them myself...Part of my personalized service is the fact that I can & will "Drive Them All" if needed. If you are going to pay someone to transport your vehicle, you should be able to trust that person is a car guy that knows your vehicle & not someone whos' only experience in our hobby is reading about what others are doing with their cars. God bless Bill
  8. Hi Matt, I was going to try to make it, but unfortunately did not return back from a transport in time! I will try harder next year! Thank you for posting the pictures! God bless Bill
  9. I will add one more to the multiple, knowledgeable comments about pedestal buffing wheels already posted! The thinner the metal the Hotter it gets! I have left finger skin attached to the underside of thin pieces a time or two over the years. I am not big on gloves around spinning objects. I always figured I could recover from some lost skin quicker than getting pulled into a spinning machine! God bless Bill
  10. I have had a lot of luck using "Flitz" & a small buffing wheel on an angle die grinder to take out many things I thought would not come out without using jewelers rouge. I use it for all kinds of stuff I am sure it was not meant for as well. Just used it a couple of days ago on the lenses of my womans' car headlights, brought them back to clear! God Bless Bill
  11. AN update about this criminal, A local friend of mine was taken for $700.00 by him. The money was sent Western Union, so hopefully security cameras show who picked up the money & they can be caught! This hobby has some of the BEST folks in it & there is not a place for Scumbags that try to scam folks out of their hard earned money! God Bless Bill
  12. The same clown called me after reading my ad here looking for a quarter for my 66 Ambassador. He said his Father in Law just passed & he had bought two NOS quarters along with some other parts, had died & they just wanted to sell the stuff quickly. When I told him I could probably have one of my good transport customers come over & pick them up....His story changed & he has not called back! God bless Bill
  13. I also love the "Dog & Cat" posts as I have two dogs & now only one cat as I lost my other one @ age 14 more than a year ago. They are my children! My "Handle" is just my company name & I take pride in the fact that it is my handle on EVERY one of the dozen or so car forums I am a member of & or advertise on. I don't have anything to hide with my business, so I don't use any aliases! God Bless Bill
  14. After the first Ollies I went to did not have it, I finally got mine today! I bought one for me & one for a buddy. The 1933 American Austin Bantam Roadster on page 120 was the car I transported many years ago from a good friend/customer in South Carolina out to Clives' Museum. It was his Dads car & had sat in his collection for a dozen years or so. He passed & my friend sold it to Clive.God BlessBill
  15. Check with Steve Hammatt..member here. He is one of only 4 other transporters that I will recommend, because I don't want the actions of another to soil my great reputation! He is one of the good ones & is based in Washington State! The other 3 Ben @ T&A, Rick @ Show Time & Doc Schwarz don't do much up & down the west coast. God Bless Bill