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  1. I started as a PPG guy from '83 to '95 when our supplier went out of business & had no other reasonably close. I bit the bullet & switched to Dupont, had to relearn the numbers & what I liked & didn't. Recently I have seen a bunch of good stories about Tamco Products on the HAMB (very large traditional hot rod site) I decided to try their products on one of my own toys. The color covered very well & the high solids clear (which has a higher percentage of solids than the Dupont high solids clear I was using) laid down very nice & flowed out perfectly. Add me to the list of very satisfied customers. I highly recommend folks give Tammy a call or check out their site or FB page. Also their prices are much better than the big name guys. Now when doing a high end car, price should not be the determining factor, but after reading recommendations from others, talking to her on the phone & trying it on one of my own, I feel comfortable using them. A picture just after being wet sanded with 2000 & buffed! God Bless Bill
  2. Randy, I am still working on getting something up in that area to help you out! I have ads on about 6 other forums for a vehicle from my area (Ohio) up to where your literature is located! I will let you know right away if someone confirms the spot. God Bless Bill
  3. I get a flyer from a local "Ollies" but have never been in it. I will have to stop in the next time I am in town. I delivered an early 30's Bantaam Austin I believe it was to his museum in Colorado many years ago. I met his daughter & Tony the guy who takes care of the cars. I spoke with Clive several times during the trip & he seemed to be a very nice car guy! God Bless' Bill
  4. Interesting Topic! I have 8, recently sold the 9th. 2 are done & a 3rd should be done around the 4th of July. The way I look at it is....As long as all my bills are paid I am much better off spending my money on cars than women, drugs, or booze. (a few drinks now & then) I am a stickler for things being inside out of the weather, so at 8 I can still have room to work on them as well as fit both trailers & both transport trucks inside as well. Last year I added onto the building. My other problem is...Since I am a transporter, if I buy one of my own from out west, I lose somewhere around $3500.00, because I am not transporting a customers car back to this area! I did this twice in the last 4 months (one from California & one from Arizona) I am definitely done buying until I at least get two more done! God Bless Bill
  5. I am told that since I want to seam under the stainless at the peak, a Marlin quarter will also work! God Bless Bill
  6. Welcome & absolutely love the car!
  7. I do the same thing on both fronts! I use about 4 different 5 gal cans, 3 for diesel for the trucks & one for gas. After seeing how ridiculous they were to use, I installed a vent in each one & removed the spring & the rest of their idiotic crap. They are now just normal fuel cans. Same with everything in the bathroom & also everything in the paint mixing room. A razor blade works nicely on the thinner, hardener, catalyst caps. As for the original topic... I used to love Aircraft stripper before they "pussified" it as well. Most of the time these days I will mechanically strip a car or have the water blast company come here & do it for me. God bless Bill
  8. Hello Everyone, I purchased this rust-free original paint '66 Ambasador from a place in Arizona a few weeks ago the rest of the car is very straight & was very pleased about the stainless trim being as close to perfect as imaginable! The problem is : it was hit it the drivers rear quarter twice & also the deck lid has a large dent from another hit! I am looking for a very clean, straight quarter that ideally I could seam under the stainless trim at the top of the panel. There is a guy in Canada who is basically a middleman selling new lower quarters that do look nice, but are way too low for what I need! I would also be interested in a deck lid, but it must be pretty close to perfect as I can fix this one if necessary. I would really rather not fix this quarter. This car is just too clean & if one is available somewhere, would prefer to replace it. Any leads would be appreciated! God bless Bill Squires (owner) Bill's Auto Works
  9. Hello Everyone, Dozens of members have used me to transport their vehicles & most of the rest know me & my reputation as one of the best in the business from other forums, Facebook groups, etc. If you are unfamiliar with my QUALITY Transport Service please read below. I am a single car transporter out of Northern Ohio. I offer both Open & Enclosed Personalized Single Car Service. I have over 3.5 million accident-free transport miles & this is my 36th year of business. Please see this link for hundreds of all positive feedback/references posted by the actual customers who have used my service in the past. I do NOT post my own feedback, that would not be ethical! resume includes :SEMABarrett-JacksonHot August Nights InvitationalNumerous MuseumsMany Autorama/World of Wheels Shows International Corporate ExposSeveral Celebrities & Professional AthletesThe trailers are :Featherlite aluminum single car open trailer with a large air dam on the front to prevent stone chips & of course a solid floor.Ameri-Lite aluminum single car enclosed trailer. This is an actual vehicle trailer with a dove tail rear & a drive in rear door for loading of the lowest of vehicles. This is not a cargo trailer with mickey mouse ramps setting on the back edge with boards under them for support, praying they don't fall off with a car on them. This trailer is fully finished inside with RaceDeck flooring, insulation, poly walls, compressed air & electricity. Also I will never pile a bunch of greasy parts around your vehicle & there is no equipment hanging from the walls to fall on your vehicle (I.E. ladders, etc)Both trailers have electric winches on them, so the vehicle need not run. It MUST however roll on inflated tires & the brakes cannot be locked up. This is very important as I do not want to tear up my equipment. I transport many six figure vehicles, so I want to keep my stuff in top notch shape. If you are willing to pay more for enclosed transport, it should be Quality Enclosed Transport...There is a difference!!NEVER is there a charge for unloaded miles, logistics is part of a transporters job! I build my trucks to get excellent fuel mileage, so deadheading a bit is not a problem.The price I quote is the price you pay! I will never try to extort more money from you after I quote you a price or during the transport.I am strictly CASH on delivery. I also do NOT take deposits, I believe a mans word is his bond. All that is required to lock a spot on my schedule is a phone call, email or P.M.As part of my personalized service, I do NOT stay in hotels. I sleep in my truck at a travel plaza or rest area, so nobody bothers the customers vehicle or my equipmentI NEVER hide behind aliases, I am proud of my reputation, my name & equipment, so they will always be shown prominently. My company name is my "handle" on EVERY forum! I also do EVERY transport I post for, as I don't just post to keep myself relevant. I would much rather be out in the shop working on any one of my cars than playing on the computer. I am booked well in advance all year round, but can sometimes squeeze one in between & I am ALWAYS available to quote prices, recommend other QUALITY Transporters or warn against those who are not. I can also offer advise about the industry or offer qualified opinions on trucks & trailers as I have actually been building & modifying them for decades. I will NEVER make you feel like you are a bother when you call!Please feel free to give me a call/email or P.M. for a price quote.Thank You & God BlessBill Squires (owner)Bill's Auto Works(216)832-8697 cell NO
  10. California Car Covers makes the best available cover, however their outside cover is just shy of $500.00 & I would agree with the rest of the folks. If you are going to spend the money, a temp shelter, pod or storage unit would be better. This is a picture of a California Cover (inside version) on my XLR-V. Nice fit & a flannel inner liner. The one on the 56 Pontiac is over 30 years old & from my Nova! LOL God Bless Bill
  11. Steve is one of only FOUR other transporters I would risk my reputation recommending! I wish he would run more often, as I could keep him busy! There are too many bottom feeders out there that "toot their own horn" (because not many others will) & not enough QUALITY transporters out there like Steve! God Bless Bill
  12. This is directly from their blog I have the what I believe is the same one on the XLR-V & I am very happy with it. Since it has the flannel inner, I believe this is not the outside cover. God Bless Bill
  13. Common Sense would dictate that if a gentleman posts on a forum looking for a recommendation for a car transporter, that he does not want to. "drive it himself". I am sorry sir but I cannot help you on this one as I am scheduled to be on the West Coast around that time. I recommend very few other transporters as they must have a reputation at least close to mine. Here are two that you may try: Doc Schwarz. 734 341 0507 He likes to run out of Florida as he is down there often. I have sent many of my overflow to him and my customers have always been pleased. Rick Powell 864 324 1571 He is based in South Carolina but his schedule is always well packed like mine is. Always worth the try though! Best of luck and God bless Bill Squires owner Bill's Auto Works
  14. The old adage about the trailer not weighing more than the truck probably came from back in the days when the trailer did not have brakes. If you think about an 18wheeler... the loaded trailer always weighs more that the tractor. Your ball, hitch & receiver all have a weight rating, so those are simple. The only issue with using an older vehicle would be the strength of the frame where you attach the hitch. Some extra strengthening in that area might be needed. Also the beefiness of th erear suspension should be taken into consideration. Those are things you will have to assess yourself. These days a quality trailer with a "Tor-Flex" suspension & electric brakes on both axles are a breeze to pull. God bless Bill
  15. Very insightful comments Ed, I quoted the last point as the Quality of the transporter should always be the most important question. There are some real hacks out there, junk equipment, NOT car guys, don't speak English, treat the customers like they are a bother, don't keep a schedule, etc, etc. However a Quality Transporter who is Honest & has a Great Reputation/ Rapport with their customers can do very well, especially if he knows how to run his business. Trust me, as much as I enjoy the folks I deal with, love the cars & being at all the big shows... If it was NOT highly profitable, I would stay home & do Customer Paint & or Restorations in the shop like i used to do many years back before the transports took over everything God Bless Bill Squires (owner) Bill's Auto Works