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  1. There are a constant barrage of threads like this on every forum I am on & there is NO right or wrong answer! Every man has to make those decisions for themselves. A few relevant facts...I transport 100+ cars per year all over the country, many are six figure cars. 90% of these buyers NEVER see the car or have it inspected. They see pictures ask the pertinent questions of the seller & decide from there. Me personally, I have purchased lots of cars. Probably more than 50 just from ebay since it started. I can honestly say I have never driven or flown anywhere specifically to look at one before I bought it. Now having said all that, If you have been saving for years for that "ONE" car you are going to keep for ever & the money you have saved represents a major part of your life, you may want to go see the car. Everyone sees things differently. I do custom paint, restorations, fabrications, build my own engines, etc. If something is not quite as described I just fix it. I have bought many that I thought I might just put an engine in or a quick paint job & ended up restoring completely! God Bless Bill
  2. Yes, I heard that as well! Just like everything else the good stuff was removed from it! God Bless Bill
  3. Accidents happen Greg, Everybody is human, we all make mistakes. The fact you apologized in a public forum show much about your character! God Bless Bill
  4. Great to see you again Bob! Glad I could help with the Corvair, see you soon for the other Chevy! God Bless Bill
  5. It was a pleasure to meet you & bring your new baby to you Steve. Here is one from in front of Lynns' place! God Bless Bill
  6. Hello Everyone,Over the last 2 weeks I have cleared 9 of the 13 car backlog on my schedule that was due to my decision to shut down for 5 weeks because of the Chinese Virus. I did not take that decision lightly, because I take customer service very seriously & I did not want to delay any of my fellow car guys from getting their new toys.I am so very proud & honored that EVERY one of those 13 customers waited for me to start back up transporting again instead of cancelling & taking a chance on one of the bottom feeders with the junk equipment, bad attitudes & terrible reputations. Over the next 2 weeks, I will clear the backlog completely!In order to accomplish this, I am opening up several spots in the ENCLOSED trailer during this time (5/17- 6/1) from Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, etc down to Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia or the Carolinas'. Make no mistake, these folks that were so loyal to my business will be taken care of quickly even if I have to deadhead to each one!Please see this link for hundreds of all positive feedback posted by the actual folks that used my service in the past, not by me! do EVERY transport I post for & I have too much respect for the forum & my fellow car guys to continuously "Spam" the forums with ads to keep myself relevant. I would rather post once in a while & let my satisfied customers speak for me! I recently witnessed the "Homeless Guy" with the terrible reputation throw a temper tantrum & post no fewer than 6 times in a 30 hour period, just to keep his ad at the top...If that is not "Spamming The Forum" I don't know what is!Give me a call, Email of P.M. for a cash on delivery price quote. I don't take deposits, as I believe a mans word is his bond.Thank You & God BlessBill Squires (owner)Bill's Auto Works(216)832-8697 No Here are a couple of beauties I transported over the last two weeks! The 41 Buick Conv came from Harwood Motors & went to a fellow member in R.I.
  7. Thank you Cliff! It was great to meet you, I am glad this one worked out so easily for all involved. God Bless Bill
  8. Very sorry to hear this Sir, I will be transporting through New York starting late today. I will certainly keep my eyes open for them. Hope they are found soon. It is common practice these days for "Meth-Heads" to steal enclosed trailers to make mobile meth labs out of. Many times the cars are just dumped out in secluded areas. God Bless Bill
  9. Send me a message with the location in Ct. as I will be transporting a fellow members vehicle from here in Ohio up to R.I. & then reloading in Mass. next week. Is it possible you meant Ravenna? God Bless Bill Squires(owner) Bill's Auto Works
  10. Check with Galvins as well! God bless Bill
  11. Hello Everyone,My business will again be open for transport starting the first full week of May!As much as I enjoyed working on my cars, shop & yard, I hated not being able to bring my customers their new toys! I very much appreciate all of those folks who were patient during this Chinese Virus Crap.I currently have a backlog of 13 cars, so the first two weeks of May are completely booked & should clear about 7 off the schedule. After that I will have a couple of spots to fill in openings in between others to clear up the rest.Please feel free to call, email or P.M. for cash on delivery price quotes.As of now ALL transport for May are using the Ameri-Lite aluminum single car ENCLOSED Trailer.Please see this link for hundreds of all positive feedback posted by the actual customer not by me! you & God BlessBill Squires(owner)Bill's Auto No texts
  12. Hello Everyone, I haven't posted many pictures lately, so here are just a handful of the beautiful rides folks recently entrusted me to deliver to them Safely & Professionally! Even though I am shut down till the beginning of May due to the Chinese Corona Virus, I am always available to quote prices or discuss transport options! God Bless Bill Squires(owner) Bill's Auto Works (216)832-8697 No Texts
  13. These 3110 Featherlite Trailers are Great & you don't see many for sale used as most people that have them love them & keep them! Mine is a few years older & they did some nice upgrades since I bought mine...Mine was the last year for non-LED lights, so I did that myself right after I bought it. This one has about 1.4 million miles on it transporting customers cars all over the country. It came with the 5 lug 3500 lb axles, the Tor-flex suspension was still working at a million miles, but I upgraded to the 6 lug 5200 lb axles, not that I would haul anything heavier, but now the wheels & tires are the same as my enclosed trailer & the brakes are a bit bigger as well! If you want one of the best, I can honestly recommend one of these! God Bless Bill
  14. I live way out in farm country & our road is not really even wide enough for two pickups to pass comfortably at speed. We maybe get 5-10 cars per hour during the busy hours. When one or more of mine are outside, they are close to 300 ft from the road, so the only folks that notice them are ones like us! God Bless Bill
  15. You will get a million different opinions, some very credible & of course others......! It sounds like you have done your research & have a plan, so just go with it. If you are painting outside with a respirator on, you will have NO problem with breathing it in. Especially with an HVLP gun (very little goes in the air) If you have the availability of two engine stands, you could fabricate a couple of brackets to hole the frame on each end, giving you the ability to rotate it 360 degrees easily. Kind of a poor mans rotisserie. Here is what I do & what I use (keeping in mind I tend to over restore on some things) 😄 Sand blast & blow off very well, 3 coats Tamco HP 770 2 part, extremely high build Epoxy. From there decide if you want it like glass or just looking good. If you want it like glass, fill heavy pits with a filler product, sand & apply a couple of thinned coats HP770 as a sealer over the repairs, wet.sand smooth, if not just go right to Tamco black basecoat & a high impact clear like Tamco 9500 or high solids 2104 By the way, the reason most folks don't get good results with POR-15 is that it is made to go over rust & not clean or sandblaster metal surfaces. I prefer another Tamco product called Monocoat. God Bless Bill