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  1. Steve, I think you misread my comment or I should have been clearer! It was not mean towards You, John or the Judging Committee, it was mean towards the UL specifically. I did not take either of your comments to be derogatory, quite the opposite. I may be a bit jaded though as a decade or so ago I had an issue with them, causing an insurance issue for me! God Bless Bill https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/nationwide-single-car-transport-hauling-open-or-enclosed.614419/
  2. That is a shame John & Steve! I understand there have to be some standards, but as always there comes a time when the folks who make the standards get too high & mighty for their britches! Good enough for an aircraft that has much higher standards, but not ok for a car???? I did double check one of mine & the only thing it had was an ISO certification, but no UL. I am very confident in them, will continue to use & recommend them. (Statement not aimed at anyone here & I appreciate being notified of it) I believe the size & versatility of it wi
  3. I have no comment on the club rules, but wanted to show folks this new style extinguisher that lots of guys are buying for their cars. It is a one time use extinguisher, lasts 50 seconds & is good for ALL types of fires. Also a major improvement is it leaves NO residue that hurts your engine. It comes with a little clamp, so you can mount it anywhere or may fit in the glove box or console. You can see the you tube videos on how they work & also Jay Leno did a piece on them. About $80-90 each. I bought a couple for myself & one for Mom & Dad. I am sure if a problem arose, being
  4. Hello Everyone, Had a great 6800 mile lap of the country on the last trip & this next one will be a few hundred miles more! It consist of 5 spots, 4 are already filled. This leaves me ONE spot available & it is a relatively short one, but if I can help out someone get their new toy sooner, I will squeeze it in! I have an enclosed transport spot from anywhere Tampa, Miami, Orlando or further north in Florida Up to Atlanta, Knoxville, Greenville, etc. My reload is close to Greenville, S.C. so as long as I can deliver yours & still have time to get there the same day, I will be
  5. I believe it is called Asphaltene & it is a common problem in diesel truck fuel tanks as well as well drilling rigs & storage containers. They make several different brands of treatment to get rid of it & keep it away. It is also commonly in stock at marine stores. Now obviously your case is way past the point of being fixed by an additive & a complete cleaning of the fuel system is the only cure God Bless Bill https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/nationwide-single-car-transport-hauling-open-or-enclosed.614419/
  6. Hey Padgett....Why is it I think of Yoda every time I read one of your posts?😄 God Bless Bill https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/nationwide-single-car-transport-hauling-open-or-enclosed.614419/
  7. Kerry, I could have copied & paste your post & put my name one it! You are completely correct on all points about peoples tendencies! I just would have had to replace 77 TA with 07 XLR-V & 82 Firebird with 73 Nova! I love my California Car Covers fitted cover on the XLR-V & in the picture is the Beverly Hills Motoring Co. car cover that I bought for my 73 Nova (bought cover in 1978) stretched over my 56 Chieftan! It has a few mice holes, but it works for this car that is not worth a lot, but keeps the stuff off during winter storage. Still have the Nova (Mom & Dad
  8. As a transporter of collector/hot rod/exotics I am privy to some really cool stuff that are in shops, storage buildings, folks garages, etc that never get viewed by the public & once in a while before or after I load the car I am there for, I will ask if it is ok to take a couple of pictures. My main reason for this is just to show my 82 year old Father who is a life long car guy & still loves to see them. I can't ever remember anyone saying no, but a couple of times I have been asked to NOT post them on line. I have always respected their wishes! Now for the cars I tran
  9. Awesome Bill! The Caddy looks great & extra points for the Pup in the back seat! I can't remember if that was one I was petting when you were showing me around or not. It was a great day here in Northern Ohio as well & I thought about a cruise, but am finishing up some things before I head to the west coast Wednesday! As soon as I get back, I am going to hit the first car cruise I can find! This is going to be a great year for me because of cutting back on transports! Hope to see you again in the near future. God Bless Bill https://www.
  10. I know I am a day late to the "Green Beer Party", but here is another tune for C Carl. Doesn't get much more Irish than Van Morrison & the Chieftains! Thanks Steve Pollard for the surprise picture of the back of my trailer! Sorry no green on it.☺️ God Bless Bill https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/nationwide-single-car-transport-hauling-open-or-enclosed.614419/
  11. As we all know there are plenty of examples of candidates for the Darwin Award every day, but I believe this picture was staged for shock value! Look closely & you will see the truck is sitting on its tire on the other side, is level & is probably also sitting on its wheel on this side as well! God Bless Bill https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/nationwide-single-car-transport-hauling-open-or-enclosed.614419/
  12. As always thank you gentlemen for the support, it means a lot! There are literally thousands of running parts cars transported every day, that is a very common route & you will have NO problem finding a transporter to do this. I personally cannot help you anytime soon. Except for one from Northern Cal. to Southern Cal late next week, I am booked until late April. You may try David Phelps (724)815-6266 He is one of the small handful of Quality guys that I send my overflow to as they must have a reputation at least close to mine. He has single car enclosed only,
  13. Hello Everyone, I have one going out to Northern California & one back to the East Coast from Southern California, this leaves me a spot on my schedule available from the Sacramento/San Francisco area down to the Los Angeles/San Diego area. The date would be around March 27th This trip will be with the Ameri-Lite aluminum single car enclosed trailer. This is an actual vehicle trailer with a beaver-tail rear & a Drive In Rear Door so the vehicle (no matter how low) can be either winched in or driven in depending on the situation. Since I am a car guy, know h
  14. I loved the Northstar that was in my 97 ETC, but probably because I never had to do any major work to it other than a radiator! The starter under the intake manifold was one that I have actually never done. By the way the Supercharged XLR-V does not have the Northstar engine. It is a completely different 4.4 liter. The plain XLR still kept the Northstar. God bless Bill https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/nationwide-single-car-transport-hauling-open-or-enclosed.614419/
  15. Retractable Hardtop Kerry, but if there is not enough juice for it to start, there will never be enough to run all the different things needed to get it open! LOL Believe me ...the Irony was not lost on me.
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