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  1. Hello & Thank You to all that have been calling concerning my openings for the spots coming back from the West Coast states! The spot from the Southwest booked & I delivered it ahead of schedule in Southern Ohio late yesterday! Great to get home for a short break! The 1st spot from Northern Cal/Oregon for the last week of September has been filled to South Carolina. so I will now have an ENCLOSED transport spot available around the 1st of October from South Carolina or North Carolina & can be delivered to Ohio, Mich, Indiana or Western Pennsylvania The 2nd trip from Northe
  2. Hello Everyone,I again have an Enclosed Transport spot available from Arizona, New Mexico or Possibly Southern California back to the east as the gentleman who booked that spot had some paperwork/VIN issues & had to cancel. I will take something all the way back to the East Coast or something that only comes back part of the way as I have several waiting in the central part of the country.This spot can load around the 12th of September.I also still have one Enclosed Spot available from Northern California or Oregon back to the East late in September & also one from Northern Nevada (alo
  3. Time to add a bunch more pictures of the beauties that my fellow car addicts have entrusted me to transport for them. I am anal about my equipment, my appearance & my service. The type of people who use my service are also the same way about their cars & don't want just "some guy with a truck & trailer" to be entrusted with their babies! ENJOY! God bless Bill https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/nationwide-single-car-transport-hauling-open-or-enclosed.614419/
  4. Hello Everyone, The spot from Ohio to North Carolina was filled & already run! The spot from Ohio to Wisconsin has been filled! The spot coming out of Florida up to the North has also been filled! I have an ENCLOSED Transport spot available on or about Sept 11th from Arizona back to the east. I can transport to Texas, Florida, Ohio or several other locations as I always have customers waiting to get on my schedule. I also have TWO different Enclosed Transports coming from Northern California/Oregon back to the east. One of these trips will be late September & the other e
  5. Copied & pasted directly from the "Rules of the Forum" Please do not SPAM this thread, the occasional post is fine, but if post daily/weekly that is SPAM. Bill Squires (owner) Bill's Auto Works https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/nationwide-single-car-transport-hauling-open-or-enclosed.614419/
  6. Hello Everyone, The spot up to New Hampshire has been filled. One of the trips coming out of Florida going up north has also been filled! The spots now available are : Open or Enclosed from Ohio, Ind, Mich to North Carolina or Virginia on or about Aug 16th Enclosed from Ohio, Ind, Mich to Wisconsin, Minnesota or possibly Iowa on or about Aug 20th Enclosed coming out of Florida Georgia or South Carolina up to Ohio & surrounding states OR Wisconsin/ Illinois. on or about Aug 28th. If this spot books up to Wisconsin/Illinois, there will be a stop in Ohio for a couple of days to
  7. Hello Everyone,I have several Transport spots available between mid August & mid September. Funny how things go in cycles, I haven't used the open Featherlite Trailerexcept for one time in the last 4 months(everything has been Enclosed) & now I have 6 transports booked using it!These spots are in no particular order as to the dates!The 1st spot will be from Ohio & surrounding states up to the New England states. (I have one waiting in New Hampshire) I would prefer this trip be with the Featherlitealuminum Open Trailer with large air dam on the front to prevent stone chipsThe 2nd sp
  8. I would NOT own a trailer without one! Another advantage besides the fact that it is easier to load a low car is that most manufacturers raise the trailer height if it has a beaver/dove tail, so that the inner fender wells are very short allowing for it to be much easier to open the car door inside the trailer without hitting the well. I believe my inner wells are only about 4 inches high. Quality manufacturers weld the cut & then plate both sides of the area making that spot probably the Strongest part of the frame! Well over a million miles on my aluminum Ameri-Lite 24
  9. Copied & pasted directly from the "Rules of the Forum" Please do not SPAM this thread, the occasional post is fine, but if post daily/weekly that is SPAM. Bill Squires (owner) Bill's Auto Works https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/nationwide-single-car-transport-hauling-open-or-enclosed.614419/
  10. Happy 4th of July Everyone!Hopefully everyone is have a great day with family & friends or getting out to a car show like I did!!!I will have two transport spots coming out of Florida or possibly Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama up north to New England or the Great Lakes states!These two trips will be mid/late August & I can use either the Featherlite aluminum single car open trailer with a large air dam on the front to prevent stone chips OR the Ameri-Lite aluminum single car Enclosed trailerPlease see this link for hundreds of all positive feedback posted by the actual customers who
  11. May & June were "Balls to the Wall" to get caught up! Transported some amazing vehicles & met some GREAT fellow hobbyists! Here are just some of their cars!! God Bless Bill https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/nationwide-single-car-transport-hauling-open-or-enclosed.614419/
  12. Thank You Everyone! ALL 3 spots from the Central part of the country have been filled! I am now booked 100% until at least the 2nd full week of August, maybe longer if I want to catch my breath at home for a bit. As always I am still available to quote cash on delivery prices, offer advise on different types of transports or recommend a few other QUALITY Transporters & who to stay away from. God Bless Bill Squires(owner) Bill's Auto Works billsautoworks1@aol.com (216)832-8697 No Texts. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/nationwide-single-c
  13. Hello Everyone, Thank you to everyone who inquired, the spot to California has been booked, the spot coming out of New England has also been filled. I also agreed to take 2 other transports from the East Coast to the Central part of the country & will squeeze them in somewhere over the next 3-4 weeks. This gives me 3 transport spots from the Central part of the country (think St Louis, Tulsa, Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville) The first one will be with the Ameri-Lite aluminum single car Enclosed Trailer from a couple of hundred miles of St Louis, Mo to Ohio, Michigan, Indiana or We
  14. I have no interest in owning a Tesla or any electric car, but I will always cheer better battery technology as it will also trickle down (pardon the pun) to the batteries we use! God Bless Bill https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/nationwide-single-car-transport-hauling-open-or-enclosed.614419/
  15. Copied & pasted DIRECTLY from the Forum Rules for someone whos' history of NOT following the rules has gotten him suspended & or banned from a dozen forums over the years. Including removal of his years long ad from another forum just a couple of days ago! Posting twice in the same day or 6 times in a 30 hour period to stay at the top is SPAM! Please state the following in ALL posts in this thread: Commercial* or private From/to locations Dates available type of trailer Pricing Full contact info including
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