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  1. Roger, For a 30's car, the pictures of the real transmission and hardware is...........boggling to say the least ! Very complex. I wonder how much of that you can duplicate in 1:6 scale? Oh wait, I forgot who I was talking to. Roger, if anybody can master this, it is you. It will be VERY BUSY at that site. The levers, linkages, hoses, booster etc.. etc. The GM engineers went overboard to complicate matters, didn't they? I am sure that it was all necessary but................very complex. I am sure that you will have a solution for all that hardware, th
  2. Ah yes, The old dillema of instant gratification. One thing about the new generation, they have NO PATIENCE ! ! ! I tried to explain to a young man (18 years old) that to get a quality job, you have to take the time to put in the effort to get good results. He just looked at me like a deer in the headlights. I have no faith in this "I Phone" generation. If it isin't in an ap or on Google, they are lost. I am sure there are exceptions to this but they are so far removed from the rest of the "herd". There is a guy, David Engles of Engles Coach Shop i
  3. Roger, As they would say in Germany......... Wunderbar! Really Roger, Getting the components in this minute size is beyond the scope of 99.9% of the modlers out here. And to get the finite details built into every component just leaves me in awe of your skills. You may not be a watchmaker but you certainly have that Swiss ethic for attention to precision and detail. I am sure that others will come along in the future, but for now, you are in the rare either of those that have that "gift" for duplication in minature. Phenomenal, Roger. Randy
  4. Roger, That cannot be a minature starter? It looks so authentic. Great work in shrinking it to that size. With the bands coververing the brush vents, it will be as authentic as the 1:1 starter. This one is more complex with the offset. Amazing.
  5. Roger, Nice job on the starter offset. Owning two 1930's cars, the starter is the same on all this era cars. Depressing the starter button on the floor engages the starter gear into the flywheel and the switch is pushed in, energizing the starter motor. It was this way until Bendix Corp. devised the "starter solenoid" This did away with the foot switch and used the wonderous "new technology" of the electromagnet to thrust the bendix (a sliding gear on the motor shaft) into the flywheel. When the engine caught, you released the button and it would return to the neutral position
  6. Stunning work Roger. And to do this without blueprints........just photos. Years of automotive engineering have given you the experience and skills to "compute" how the part is made and assembled. Not for the faint of heart. As we all look on in awe, it is really amazing to see these minute parts come to "life". From the raw brass to finished component, it is always amazement to see the part in it's finished state. Can't wait to see the next installment............
  7. Roger, Gerald Wingrove made 1:20 scale models that were beautiful and authentic, sans the power seats, power windows. operable lights, etc, etc. He was contracted to build these models and I am sure that his selling prices were expensive as he worked with museums, foundations and private individuals. It would be nice to be able to contact him to see what his cars sold for for a value that you can put on your masterpieces. There has to be someone who could evaluate the Avanti, Toronado and the Mark II for a real value. All the insurance company has to do is follow
  8. Gary, Matthew is right. A NOS carb that has been sitting on the shelf for so many years has gaskets that are dry and the rubber/neoprene parts have also dried out. With this new "Gasahol" that they are selling today, this is one of the downsides of this fuel. It is designed to burn with less emissions and they have beefed it up with elements to keep fuel injection systems clean. BUT it plays hell with carburetors. If you have a good carburetor contact in your area, consult with him (or her) regarding having the carb rebuilt with modern gaskets and parts. There should be
  9. Gary, Great Job. Just when we think that that is the last story on the 37, you surprise us with a new tidbit. I just wish that it is not over yet. Not till the door panel issue is sorted out and that you have a chance (in clear, dry weather) to take it out and video the drive. That would be great to see and hear it running and cruising down the road. Do you have a Go Pro or your Nikon that can film the event? If so, we would love to watch it. I was fortunate on my 36 Plymouth P 2 that the dash throttle cable works and I use it to warm up the car before I take it o
  10. Roger, Regarding your faulting the model and yourself........................BUNK ! Never have I seen such a creation as what you have done here. We know it is perfect as you would not skip or let a little "flaw" pass. You would think on it then come back with the answer showing us how you accomplished the solution to the problem. Now it is a MASTERPIECE. What is left to do on the Continental now? Are the windows in? Plus, did you get the license plates made yet? And the battery box. Just a few items that I was thinking about. We all come to this site like "
  11. Gentlemen, I have been remiss in not getting back to you all regarding my P2. First of all, thank you for your kind words. I had my local auto electric specialty shop do the wiring harness install. It went in with not issues and all is working great. The head lights, tail lights, break lights, running lights, interior light, dash lights, horn, and heater. All is working great. Recently, I ordered the remote turn signal kit from Little Egypt Garage and I must say, it was one of the easiest installs that I have ever done. NO WIRING ! ! Wireless control. The P2 had factory break
  12. Now it truly is a HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ! ! What a saga that we all have been watching. Professional shops could not have done a better job. Your attention to the most minute details really inspire me to do a better job. I learned from you one major lesson. Plan, plan, plan. Some times, I just take the item apart only to be stymied by some glitch like misplacing a small component and wondering where the H--- I placed it. From now on, my workshop will be like a Swiss watch factory.................CLEAN and organized. You inspired and impressed us all with your cleanliness and m
  13. Roger, The lettering for the license plate look absolutely perfect for such a small size. Tres Bien. Again, a master at work. It cooled down here to the 50's and much colder at night. Nothing like a Swiss winter though. We are WIMP's here in Southern California. The rest of the nation is in a very cold snap and I am sure that Winter is setting in in your city. But with the snow, it makes for a very cheery Holiday. So........May you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy New year. Randy
  14. Gary, It is hard to feature that the handle rubs the fabric on one side. There is a Gnome hiding in your door waiting for you to let him out. This next year, will be you taking the family out in your spectacular Buick for a weekend drive. Such a beautiful car only to be hung up with these last little issues. But we all know that you will prevail. Now if LB would just deliver the items for you to finish the interior. Anyway, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Randy
  15. Gents, I have been away for a while and I want to thank you for all your responses. I was trying to keep my valve "authentic" with the look. I never thought that the local auto parts stores would have the valve as they were not used after the 50's. Most of the items in the auto parts stores these days are Chinese junk. The metal is far inferior to what we had available to us just a few short years ago. I will check with Restoration Parts as it is 20 minutes from my location and a few others. I, like Don M, want to keep the authentic look. Plus the valve body of his looks to be bron
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