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  1. Some paint scraping, I'm not a big fan of chemical stripping. Some poor body work discovered,
  2. Removed passenger side rear fender. Metal is in a bit better condition then driver's side.
  3. Carburetor kit came in, very complete with instructions, and service manual.
  4. Made some progress in last couple weeks, trying to move forward at least one step per day. Lot's of sandblasting. A a lot more ahead!
  5. Now is time for right rear fender, same patch as on the left one
  6. I swear to god, there was at least 1 lb of undercoat on 2 lb part😊
  7. Pleasant surprise, looks like brake work was done not too long ago. I hope the other 3 are the same.
  8. And this will require some metal forming work, those compound curves, and I'm not a cheese lover,
  9. This is a bit tricky, was all covered in bondo.
  10. Of course some holes, but looks like nothing serious.
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