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  1. Thanks Larry, I will talk to Hugh about this as I would need his help as far as restoring any carb I get. Hugh suggested the possibility of acquiring the unseen carb or one you might be willing to sell me.
  2. Hi Larry, I spoke with Hugh today about this. I need a marvel carburetor for my 25 standard and Hugh said this one or possibly one you have will do. Your thoughts please. Thanks, Frank
  3. I need to remove drivers door panel to repair locking mechanism; I don't seem to know how. Can anyone please advise/direct me to information that will assist me in this project. Thanks
  4. I am looking for a driver quality 1969 Toyota Corona Sedan
  5. My son and I will be in Green Field by the food vendors, GBB11 selling my accumulated extra Buick and Cadillac parts; Looks like good weather!
  6. I have a fender from a 40 series in good condition, driver side.
  7. The transmission has the torque ball and shift lever attached
  8. I will be selling 1941Cadillac parts atHershey space GBB11. See you there.
  9. I have, amongst other parts, a gas tank for a series 40 and a transmission for same. If interested contact me here as I wont otherwise bring these two to Hershey due to size.
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