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  1. I know its not correct for the car, but the guy that gave me my '41 had always wanted to swap on a later style bombsight hood ornament. Being there are not many 40's Buicks in wrecking yards around here I was wondering if anyone happened to know if there was a specific year that'd fit the curvature of the hood?
  2. There are several ih groups on Facebook. One of them i like is International "binder" trucks. What parts are you looking for? I've got a '57 A120 that I'm working on but bought a '60 dump truck for a parts source.
  3. This is the set I found somewhere.
  4. Replacement kingpin sets are available? I believe I have the "do it yourself" reamer and drivers to replace the kingpin bushings.
  5. You don't use the bottom two holes. I helped install one in a '36. I was surprised the first time I removed one from a Chrysler and saw they used the 5th and 6th hole. The later R10s are the same way.
  6. That is a 30u engine, 31 had a different water pump. I've been collecting spare engines for my 30u with a water pump and fuel pump. I'd be loading up for a drive to Ohio but I already have 3 spares.
  7. https://hagensautoparts.com/plymouth/28-engine-gaskets/6164
  8. My '40 had the same issue, finally traced it to the butterfly shaft being so worn that I was sucking air around it.
  9. I think I used an old Motor's manual or flat rate book when I reassembled my first one. I'll dig it out and take some pictures.
  10. My father made several sets of running boards for 28-30 Plymouths. I can get some pictures and measurements this afternoon. He copied the originals from my 30 sedan but upsized the gauge.
  11. I have a spare clum 9150, but I paid pretty good for it a couple years ago.
  12. Location? I have a mostly complete 1939 c22 engine in Des Moines Iowa.
  13. Might depend on where you live, back in CA I couldn’t pick one up if I offered a free dinner and a garage parking spot. Out here in the Midwest they get all excited and want to know if you can fix their car or household items, I’d be more inclined but I married the first one I met with a broken down car.....
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