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  1. My '40 had the same issue, finally traced it to the butterfly shaft being so worn that I was sucking air around it.
  2. I think I used an old Motor's manual or flat rate book when I reassembled my first one. I'll dig it out and take some pictures.
  3. My father made several sets of running boards for 28-30 Plymouths. I can get some pictures and measurements this afternoon. He copied the originals from my 30 sedan but upsized the gauge.
  4. I have a spare clum 9150, but I paid pretty good for it a couple years ago.
  5. Location? I have a mostly complete 1939 c22 engine in Des Moines Iowa.
  6. I’m heading to Oxford KS in the next month if that’s closer for you?
  7. Might depend on where you live, back in CA I couldn’t pick one up if I offered a free dinner and a garage parking spot. Out here in the Midwest they get all excited and want to know if you can fix their car or household items, I’d be more inclined but I married the first one I met with a broken down car.....
  8. I'm getting several, especially after last Thursday. I turned right into my driveway and got hit by a guy passing me on my right. No citation issued because he said I hit him... my word against his. The officer didn't even care that passing on the right on a two lane is illegal.
  9. How much I tell my wife I paid for it.
  10. There should also be a date stamped on one of the machined surfaces. Either in front or behind the side cover.
  11. Fluid drive was more a dodge thing, but with some work one could be put in a Plymouth, to my knowledge it was never a factory option. The best upgrade that can be done to improve top end speeds is an overdrive transmission. 1940 was the first year for a true column shifted transmission and they stuck with that design for years. Shifter arms on the transmissions changed but your 1940 arms will bolt on and work up to 1955-56 ish when they switched to a much longer tailshaft on the transmissions.
  12. Providing it hasn't been swapped it should just be a standard 3 speed transmission. They are pretty much the same from 1940 to 1955 and most everything will interchange. 1940 has a "fast" 2nd gear that some people like to swap into their later transmissions. I've been through many of them and there's nothing very critical or intense about them. Motor's auto repair manuals have a procedure for going through one. They're available on eBay usually cheap. I wouldn't go new then early 50s.
  13. Heading out from Des Moines to Northern CA in mid to late April. Taking I-80 and willing to detour a little. 30 foot open car trailer with a winch.
  14. My father claims he had tools before he had three sons, hasnt seen them since. I keep finding tools with his initials on them in my box. I think he's planting them there to make a point....