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  1. On Craigslist you can type 192* and it will bring up everything from 1920 through 1929. A little faster than 1920, 1921 1922.......
  2. Picked up an almost complete 1955 plymouth air conditioning system and the trunk portion of a 1955 Dodge system, but the controls are missing. Does anyone have pictures of what the controls look like? the dodge unit has fender scoops and plymouth unit does not, I assume there were a basic and deluxe model and the controls would be different?
  3. Pulled from a running car 8 months ago. Complete from fan to flywheel minus the air cleaner. Number C22-33761 located in Des Moines Iowa, driving to California in a month and can drop it off along interstate 80. $300 obo
  4. I'm not seeing the model number or more than likely I don't know what I'm looking at
  5. Pete, I Just found the body tag, style 41-4409. I think that makes it a special?
  6. Bought this as a potential parts car for a 41 sedanette I'm aquiring in a month. I don't know much about Buicks yet, I'd like to keep whatever is interchangeable between the 4 and 2 door providing that their even the same series. This 4 door has lot of body rust but the doors are solid.
  7. Well thank you! I got to thinking about today and realized that since the 230 has a longer stroke it travels farther down the cylinder, which means it also travels farther up the cylinder too. Kind of a problem with the head being in the way. Now I guess I will try putting the 218 cam and lifters in the 230 block. I would be very appreciative if you had any information about the cams being different. Thanks!!!
  8. I have a '55 230 cu. in. currently in my '40 Plymouth. It has a lot of lifter noise and I'm considering driving it on a 2,000 mile cross country trip this summer. I have a very low mileage 218 motor with a couple bad pistons, I have heard that the only difference between the 218's and 230's is the length of the stroke and the early distrubuter shafts are not notched to clear the longer stroke of the crank, learned that one the hard way..... anyway I'm thinking about dropping my 230 crank, rods, and pistons into the 218 block. I'm wondering if I can run the 218 cam with the 230 Crank, the timing chain drive gears are the same size but will I mess with the duration of the valve timing by having the longer stroke?
  9. Did you find the piece? I think that I have one back at home, I will be heading home in a week and can look for it if you still need it.