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  1. Fastenal will ship your parts on their trucks when they have room.
  2. Found four big logo stromberg 97s in a racoon infested attic of an old repair shop a year ago, they were afraid I'd be offended at $7.50 each. Took the best parts and rebuilt two of them for my 41 buick. I had my eye on a set of original 1950's Plymouth wire wheels and caps, saw them several years in a row at the same swap meet, each wheel and cap was labled $100. $800 for the set was too much for me. Two years ago I walked up to him and joked, "$100 for the set?" I almost tore my pocket off trying to get to my wallet faster when he said, "yup" he said he'd hold them for me till I came back, I decided to lug them out to my truck in case he changed his mind. They're still in storage waiting till I get to my 55 belvedere. Walking through a wrecking yard several years ago I tripped over a transmission, didn't know what it was but it was cast DPCD. The input shaft looked like my 1940 Plymouth's and it had a parking brake band. The owner asked if I knew what it was and I honestly didn't at the time. He didn't know either and said he'd need $20 for it. Got it home and showed it to my grandfather and he said it was a 1955 Plymouth transmission with the Borg Warner overdrive. Still have it in the car today!
  3. There are quite a few of those kind of posts on fb, "drill holes in radiators to improve air flow, add antifreeze to engine oil to keep it from freezing, screw screws into your tires for better ice traction, etc..... I figure if you're dumb enough to get car advice from fb and don't double check it somewhere else you probably shouldn't have a vehicle in the first place.
  4. An old Case 530 construction king! My grandparents have one that I spent many hours on during my childhood. I used it occasionally exactly like that! Had to watch it though as the hydraulics would settle.
  5. I know the feeling, although I assume they aren't as hard to come by as cord parts I have amassed a pile of parts, I try and justify it by telling myself I'm only 30 years old and might someday need 3 sets of whatever....
  6. What's up with the radiator? It looks like there is a radiator behind the original radiator?
  7. I don't know much about them either, but they had a quality product. I'd install it on my car except that I can't bring myself to cut the whole in the firewall, plus I don't drive the car in the winter.
  8. Lots of good parts here..
  9. That seems very reasonable, last year I paid close to that for 1 non-heated storage parking spot in Des Moines. This winter we put two in storage at a different location 25 miles from Des Moines, we had to sign a release of liability and show proof of insurance. I'm not sure how rock-solid the release of liability is for the building owner but hopefully it protects him if something were to happen.
  10. Bought a pair of these several years ago, I think theyre late 20s early 30s mopar but im not sure on the specific year or make. they are not 28, 29, or 30 plymouth, anybody recognize them?
  11. My car is so old it's insured for: fire, theft, and Indian raids!
  12. Reminds me of a story an elderly friend Mario used to tell, he and his father were fishing on the delta when his dad hooked something big, he fought for an hour to land the fish but just couldn't get it to come up. Finally his dad said to swim down and see what was going on. He did and when he came back his dad asked what was on the hook. He said it was a 6 foot sturgeon and it was inside an old plymouth someone dumped years ago, his dad said to go back and try to get it out of the car, Mario said he did try but every time he got close to the car it would roll the windows up.......
  13. "Sir, your car is smoking!" It's ok, it's old enough to.
  14. Cleaning out some boxes and found this carb, any ideas what dodge it goes to? It's a series D-27550
  15. I just about fell out of my highchair when I found out about it too! I moved here from CA and had CA yom plates on one of my cars that was registered to that car. In Iowa they register the plate to the owner and nothe the car so you keep and turn in your plates when you sell a car, maybe that has something to do with it? I like the look of YOM plates on my vehicles and would register them to the vehicles if it were possible here. Although it is nice when you're sliding sideways through an intersection in the winter and the red light camera people can't figure out who to send the ticket to.... I drove my 40 out to CA several years ago, was out there all summer driving around and had several officers notice the plates and they only asked if I had driven the car out or hauled it. I've been pulled over several times out of state with my iowa Yom plates (not because of the plates) and once the read my code handout they usually move on to the purpose of the stop.
  16. In iowa you just slap on a set, technically you're supposed to take them in and have them "approved" all they look for is if the letters and numbers are easily visible. I don't know why as they are in no way "registered" to you.
  17. Iowa has a similar code, I keep multiple copies of the code in the glove boxes. Sometimes they hand them back, sometimes they crumple them up and throw them back, had one tear it up. One even went as far to say that they'd stop harassing me if I put the state issued plates back on. Local pd in Ames is starting a "voluntary" list of people's pseudo plates, had it out with them one time and ended up taking the YOM plates off the truck and giving them to them. They didn't know what to do then, I told them I was just going to go home and bolt on another set. I should also mention that this only occurs in my 1983 and 1986 trucks, only been pulled over once in the 1940 because of them and never in the 1930.
  18. I've put 2 pertronix units on my 41 in 5 months and it's been laid up the garage for the last 6 weeks waiting for a "custom" built Ignitor module from pertronix. The car has new wiring and everything meets or exceeds their recommendations for it to work. It's 12v negative ground, Ignitor #1183 and their epoxy filled coil. The second time it happened I called them up and they wanted me to send in the dead module. Two weeks after I sent it in I called and asked what was going on. Apparently the sensor that picks up the magnets spinning by it gave out. Their solution is to build a module with a "better quality" sensor just for my car. While I'm happy that they're trying to solve the issue it is annoying as I assumed I was buying a quality product to start with. Currently I'm still waiting for the replacement module, it was supposed to be here over a week ago.
  19. Do you happen to have any dash air-conditioning knobs or levers?
  20. I've got a couple 36-38ish? Plymouth trannys out in the shed that might still have a drive gear, is there a certain number of teeth that you're looking for?