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  1. Are you going to eBay them? I might be interested in a spare.
  2. Maybe Dodge is different? Here's one on my 40 Plymouth
  3. They're 1940s steering column shift linkage mounts. They go at the top of the column right behind the steering wheel.
  4. I've been starting my 1955 230 engine in my 1940 Plymouth with it's original starter for 5 or 6 years without an issue.
  5. I'd be interested in some pictures of the rust, there's a couple of these in a yard out here that always capture my attention.
  6. I exercise the hitchs on my trucks fairly regularly.
  7. I'm 5' 17" and 300 lbs and fit fine in my 30 Plymouth 4 door sedan, granted you have to know how to get in. I put the right leg in to the gas pedal, sit down on the seat, and pull the left leg in. Had a road ragier once that quickly changed his mind once I got out.
  8. I've got a couple luggage racks from a 1928-30 Plymouths that I'm not going to use, they might fit something else. Two are for the demountable spares.
  9. Change of trailer and truck, now a 30 foot open car trailer and an un-enclosed 8 pickup box, might have some room to haul stuff back to Des Moines.
  10. I bought my 40 plymouth in 2006, almost 75k miles since. I drove it every where I went in CA, hides in storage now during the salted seasons. I guess since my 86 k30 (my newest) is considered a "classic" I only drive old cars.
  11. My wife finally told me to shut up and enjoy the cars or she'd switch to a cooking show.......
  12. I sold him several overdrives over a year ago, the next day he had my ad up, copied everything, and I mean EVERYTHING except the price. He didn't even read my write up as I included a delivery option with a trip west I was taking in the near future. Still has my ad up today. I wouldn't have minded except people that know me and my overdrives now associate me with him.......
  13. Where are you located? I've got a 29 radiator in the attic. Not sure on it"s condition though. I'm in Des Moines Iowa.
  14. Oakland had the same idea.
  15. Looking at heading out towards the end of September, planning on taking I-80. Open 20ft flatbed trailer, and enclosed 8ft pickup bed.
  16. On a 1940 it's behind/under the spark plug wire holder on the side of the block.
  17. I've bought several without their title, takes about $150 and you get a bonded title, 3 years later and nobody comes forward with proof it's their's and you can get a regular title and it's yours.
  18. I agree! I like talking with people I meet at shows, but I haven't been to a show in several years. I didn't spend seven of my childhood years restoring a car with my father just so I could sit around in the sun and look at it. If I get to spend a day with a car I'd much rather be out driving it. I also drive at least one of mine just about daily depending on the weather. I've found that also tends to lessen my interest in going to shows on the weekends when I should be wrenching on the others so I'll have something to get me to work the next week. I've got several friends my age that feel the same about their older cars. We're young and have a lot to get done during the short weekends. I love sitting around and shooting the manure with older car enthusiasts but with property maintenance, vehicle maintenance, a kid, a honey-do list, and being on call my car club time is nearing extinction. I discovered the P15-D24 forum several years ago and really enjoy being able to connect with the vast knowledge base when it fits into my schedule. Since then I've joined several other forums as well. I keep setting my sights on retiring in 35-50 years and finally being able to play with my cars all day. I'd be interested to hear how many of y'all with more life experience than us made it to car shows, and club events regulary when you were in your 20s and 30s? Just because we don't make the potluck every other Thursday evening doesn't mean there's no younger people with interest in the classics. To quote Vermontboy again, "just my two cents"
  19. They are for tapered rear axles. you unthread the axle nut, thread on whichever one fits and then proceed to beat the end of the tool with a hammer till the vibrations pop the drum off the axle shaft.
  20. There was one for sale on the Omaha Craigslist awhile ago, back flopped down and the sides flopped down and made a huge open trunk. It was called a handy (something), I don't remember the make. I passed on it, still regretting it.
  21. Maybe someone was listening? Or forgot the 1 in front
  22. Almost to the bottom of the pile where my spare front axles are, hopefully I'll have one to compare this weekend.
  23. Bought it from a guy that pulled it out if his running 39 Chrysler several years ago. Engine turns over but I've never tried starting it. Located in Des Moines Iowa, $250. Can load
  24. AC out of a 1955 Plymouth, I don't have the dash controls, spare Chrysler trunk unit included, it's not in as great of shape as the plymouth unit. Have the compressor just haven't found it yet. Located in Des Moines Iowa, $250