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  2. We just celebrated our 40th anniversary and returned last night from a 2 + week vacation. Great time but no car museums this time. My wife doesn't go into the shop very often, but if I ever need a hand she's 'right there'. On more than one occasion she's had to help bleed brakes, install a car part, or assist with a woodworking project. She doesn't like riding in the old cars or going to the car shows, but she supports my hobby 100%. We've traveled to many states to get car parts and we always add something on her list when on the trip. Latest car trip was to the Gilmore Car Museum in Michigan. A few years ago it was to the Louwman Museum in The Hague. The adventure continues......... My wife said the same thing Ron: "Don't leave me with all this stuff".
  3. We are somehow married to the same woman. Never goes into the shop, but I have leveraged her as the pedal operator when bleeding brakes. And have 3 hobby cars. So no complaints here. Mark
  4. I've got noises coming from it and a vibration right in the middle of the car that I cannot pin down, 34 years in the auto repair an painting industry an I have never had this problem , an the thought of having a more modern rear suspension is very appealing.
  5. I may have found a period answer to my magneto issues... except I don't know enough about electricity to sort it out. Here are two pages from a 1914 issue of Motor Age showing the wiring for a Bosch NU4 mag. The manual that came with the ZR4 - which is what I have - shows the same wiring diagram and specifically states that it can be wired with the "vibrating coil" for cars that do not have an electric starter. Everything is quite straight forward except I don't understand the coil. All the cols I'm familiar with have a third connection for the distributor so what is this one doing? Is it a big condenser? The magneto manual also says it works with either 6 or 12 volt systems.
  6. Y-JobFan


    How do you think these wheels would look on a Reatta - they are 16" "
  7. I guess it’s nice to be quoted, but isn’t the Riview copyrighted?
  8. I believe I have one for a car. Has a metal panel attached to the rear of the clamshell for mounting. I can probably cut this panel out as it's not needed for a truck side mount but hate to destroy it because it is so nice and someone may need it. Would prefer the truck specific mount for preservation sake. Figuring out how to use the forum so not sure if you've posted a picture or not? If can't find one for truck believe I could adapt.
  9. One of the links says they agreed to the sale to avoid having to pay storage fees for the cars as the investigation continues. The money from the sale of the autos will be placed into a trust to pay any possible fines. Seems to say they know they have been doing shady business practices.
  10. City: Wellington State: Ohio Price: $80shipped 6 volt , working bulb. 5" light , 4" bulb Gears good , switch is free Has a few pits and scars but it still shines. See photos for condition. Send a Private message with zip and questions Fair price at $67 plus $20 flat rate shipping in USA-NEW price -$80 shipped in USA USPMO or PayPal , buyer handles fees Thanks Roy
  11. Mars

    1930 cf fuse size

    How would I know if the clum is bad? Still trying to bypass the fuse. No lights or horn. Lost.
  12. I wonder with things changing in the market if your 50 is the exception or going to become the rule? Lots of neat old cars with no following coming on the market. Hell your 50 was on ebay and ran through more than once. It wasn't like you bought it from an obscure auction like that Auburn I'm interested in. Either way to a degree the 50 is a bit of an exception in it being a survivor and not just a family sedan like most. Still glad you bought it. I was agonizing over it, but would have cursed myself if i bought it as I would have found the perfect car for exactly 10G more than I now had at Hershey.
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  14. Like a dog's smile as well!! 🙂
  15. Only drove 1076 miles this year in the Reatta...local car shows and cruise-ins. I put it in storage on October 3rd. Hope to do significant mileage next year as I intend to drive it to the BCA Nationals in Ohio along with local stuff.
  16. My wife helped in the past , did wood graning on my 32 chevy that was 40 plus years ago , 52 years of marriage , supports the hobby . we do Gliddens this was our 15 th plus other tours . Kings32
  17. Great collage Mike! You even caught a shot of me in the background ...
  18. Both cars are kind of rough when you look beyond the shiny paint. Don't get a '65 without the clamshell headlights. Keep looking. Don't be in a rush. How difficult would it be for you to import one from the USA? There are a lot of nice 1st gen. cars available here.
  19. I finally got the generator back from the rebuilder . Had to have pot metal end made . Was cut from billet . looks like orginal works great . had to have a few extras made to keep the cost down .The generator is a 917 , sure other cars used the same generator . Let me know if anyone needs one . King32
  20. Married 31 years and have done countless car related activities to the point that they blur together as she says. She is always there to help when I need an extra set of hands to hold something. Though she did say the other day while in the shop “please don’t leave me with all this stuff”.
  21. My wife doesn't help but she is very supportive of the hobby which is a great help in itself. She always urges me onward when I hit a roadblock in the restoration. She also likes to ride in the cars and meet new people in the hobby. I think she would be willing to help but she's not at all mechanical and she never complains about the costs!!!
  22. One can also get a matching bathtub: Craig
  23. They are trying to say Brunn Coachwork. From the looks of it, I would not be so sure........
  24. Welcome to the ROA and the forum. Very nice looking Riv! Congrats on the purchase.
  25. Year, Make, and model please......thanks.
  26. The condenser goes from ground to the one side of the points. I am fairly sure that it goes from ground which is under the square condenser to the broken wire on your distributor. The condenser is shown on your schematic as the part with the two "U" interfacing with one side going to ground.
  27. Gentlemen.........when it comes to pistons, there are and have been problems very recently with SEVERAL. companies that have been listed here, some have had lots of issues over the years, and recently a company with a good reputation has most definitely having issues. I would recommend doing your homework and reaching out to others before you install any pistons. I can tell you I have installed pistons from every company mentioned above..........and would NOT use most of them. One company I use to use exclusively has gone down hill............lots of changes in the car world when it comes to new reproduction parts, you can never be too careful. Ed
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