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  2. My turn signals have sealed beam bulbs like photo, my original stop / tailight has straight pins, but I do see a larger filament....I guess I just test what contact / wire goes to larger filament. Any ideas on the sealed beam?...maybe just test also....
  3. I would be interested to know what you guys did to improve the handleing. Thanks
  4. When I take my '21 Chevy to shows,I'll occasionally fire it up and let it idle. You can almost count the strokes and watching the open rockers and push rods in motion is mesmerizing . That's music to my ears ! I once had a guy with a long ponytail and the smell of "grass" on his clothes remark " Whoa dude ! The original Chevy small block "!.
  5. Here's the latest, revised schedule and site map/photo.
  6. I hope that’s not the case. I just finally got it to seat against the tank and not leak
  7. I like the way of rounding the ends of the aluminium bar. It certainly beats shaping the ends by eye, on the grinder and linisher! I must 'dig out' my rotary table and attempt to use it. I look forward every morning to reading your posts.
  8. PM sent .... Looking for Buick and Mustang radios. Thanks Corey
  9. They do look similar in overall styling, I wouldn't go as far as to say they had no relationship, it could have been a matter of simply copying off of one another, or trading employees, both manufacturers were in Birmingham which was the manufacturing capital of the world at one time along with Sheffield. Those are really good well made lamps.
  10. Those of us who can recognize a Model A Ford from a block away just by its sound are becoming fewer and fewer.
  11. just as a follow-up I replaced the main module &everything is working as it should! I also programed a new key fob , and it works ( I never had one with this car!
  12. If I couldn't drive it I would sit and look at it ............. i CAN DRIVE THEM, BUT GET IMMENSE SATISFACTION FROM JUST LOOKING AT THEM DAILY. so many variations in this "hobby".
  13. Nothing compares to the AWSOME sound of a split exhaust of those old sixes.
  14. So not all the 1958 Buicks have gone to Scandinavia! Thanks, Auburn Seeker, for posting this one. For use after the ad expires: The phone number listed in the ad is (321) 752-3950.
  15. found this early 88 on Facebook. 77k and $2500. From the pictures there’s one small rip in the drivers seat but looks pretty nice. I’m about half an hour away from it if anyone wants me to take a look. I’m sort of considering it myself. But don’t have storage 😐
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  17. Before I complain about the music, I must learn to tolerate the guy who fires up his straight pipe exhausted car every 2O minutes just to announce he's still there. This in exchange for the right to hear a Model A or T idle when the music is off. Being considerate of others is not on everybody's short list of things to do at shows.
  18. As for the brake light switch, Your diagram shows the lead to the sig switch is on the same side as the power supply. Hence the turn signal device is not switched, but on all of the time. Two posts on the BL switch, one in and one out. So you are turning on the power with the clum switch (in) the other would be out and would supply the signal device. This is usually called a canceling device. You are trying to power the stop lights directly, They need to be supplied their power thru the canceling device. The canceling device will tell which brake light needs to become a turn signal. It would appear that you have that right but are over riding at the BL switch.
  19. i know this is a long shot but do you still have this?
  20. Is the vacuum port on the intake manifold for the vacuum tank plugged or a leak somewhere ?
  21. Sorry Bernie; I misunderstood the "money is not hard to get" part, I thought you were making a more generalized statement about money. You actually meant if you have a reasonably valuable; ready to drive, car it is not hard to sell and turn into money. I thought you were talking about new money, not the conversion of an existing asset into liquid cash. It's that new money part that gives many of us a challenge. Yes , as long as one has a few desirable assets liquidating them should be reasonably straightforward. Greg
  22. Got my original license plate frames on today. I did not know about this original item until reading about it on the forum. My thanks to the members of the forum that discussed this and brought it to my attention. I bought 2 as I switch out plates at shows. I did not want to have to keep switching back and forth and stress or break the tabs on the back. I was able to find two frames in good condition. My thanks to Gene G. and Tim S. for that. I was able to really get them looking good using the information that I got on the excellent article in the Riview on stainless steel polishing. My thanks to Jason Z. for his great article and some help along the way. This was a fun little project. It is always a great feeling to find and add one more little piece of the puzzle that is the Buick Riviera. Bill
  23. GM factory service manuals from the 1960s tell you exactly how to replace the spindle. I suggest you read the one for your car. Bottom line is that if you support the lower control arm under the spring, the weight of the car keeps the spring compressed. The shock absorber on the inside of the spring will prevent the spring from moving. Once you loosen and separate the ball joint studs, the upper control arm can be pivoted up out of the way, allowing the spindle to be removed.
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