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  1. The last time I went, around 2003, it was mostly tools and hot rod parts. Like John348, I only live about 60-70 miles away and haven't gone to Englishtown since that last visit.
  2. Not unusual, but I've found old road maps in at least two antique cars that I bought. I sold the cars, but still have the maps.
  3. Watching it on ebay. Thinking seriously of bidding.
  4. Is that a factory installed or aftermarket tree?
  5. A few years ago, I was looking for a 1961 Skylark coupe and posted on this forum asking what to look for when inspecting one. I received very helpful and accurate responses. I bought a 1962 Skylark convertible instead, but the responses I received were still valid, especially the part about the Dual-Path transmission. I'm enjoying owning that car and am thinking about getting another '60s Buick Special/Skylark. I spotted a 1966 Special four-door sedan for sale and am curious about what to watch out for when inspecting and buying one of these cars. The pictures on facebook mark
  6. My sympathy for having to deal with a knucklehead like that. Manual brakes means no power assist, exactly as 58L-Y8 said in the above post. Your ad is correct.
  7. As previously mentioned, you should post a "car wanted" ad in the Buick Forums on this site. Of the two cars you posted, the "Hot Cars" ad has the much nicer car. It appears to be in better all-around condition and has the correct interior. Also the engine compartment has the correct color on the air cleaner and valve covers. I've owned a 1962 Skylark convertible for two years. It's a fun car and a pleasure to drive. The weak link on these cars is the dual-path automatic transmission. I had mine rebuilt last fall, it was expensive, but now the car drives great. The car had 1
  8. I'm posting this for a local friend. Please contact him at the phone number provided below. The item is located in Suffolk County Long Island. 1970 Pontiac Lemans /tempest/GTO front clip very minor body work needed but over all a good clean nose includes 2 fenders 2 inner fenders 1 hood 1 header panel/bumper 1 radiator support 2 hood hinges. asking $500.00 call Hank 631-507-5044
  9. This is a 1962 model. GM's B-O-P Y-body, or "senior compact" cars didn't offer convertibles in 1961. The seller should put the hoses, bottle, and air cleaner cover on the passenger seat and floor away before photographing the car. It makes potential buyers wonder what's wrong with the car.
  10. I think the GM yellows from the '60s are great colors. I had a 1964 Corvair convertible that was yellow with a black top and interior. It was a nice looking car with a great color combination (I think they called it "Goldwood Yellow" in 1964). I'm guilty of a color change on a car I used to own. I had an Ermine White 1965 Impala sport sedan with the optional all vinyl black interior. It needed a paint job and body work when I bought it. I thought a white car with a black interior looked dull, so I had the shop paint the car Crocus Yellow.
  11. I'm sorry you had to become the owner under such sad circumstances, but I'm glad to see the car staying in our Hershey family. Looking forward to a ride in the Bel Air when the world isn't contagious.
  12. Mine arrived yesterday. I thought the note about the 2021 AACA ID cards was interesting; if you haven't received them by January 15 write in the number instead of taping a copy of the card to the form. I guess due to moving to the new building and the post office delays, the cards will be late arriving.
  13. I took Driver's Ed as a Junior in high school in 1978. The school's driver's ed cars were a 1978 Buick Skylark and a 1978 Pontiac LeMans. The LeMans was more popular because it had a V8, the Skylark had a V6. I took my road test in one of the school's cars, I don't remember which one. We had simulators in the classroom. We sat in a chair in front of a Dodge Dart instrument panel, complete with steering wheel, shifter and pedals. There was a screen behind the instrument panel on which the teacher projected driving scenes that we had to follow and react to. The simulators were connected t
  14. If you're up for what looks like a very involved project, buy it. I think four-door hardtops (sport sedan in Chevy-speak) are stylish. I've owned three, 1967 Sedan DeVille (daily driver during college in the early '80s), a 1961 Bel Air and a 1965 Impala (owned between 2011 and 2018). My favorite thing about this body style is driving with all the windows rolled down and the ventipanes (Chevy-speak for vent windows) open. It took a little while to sell them when I wanted something else, but they all sold. I've never owned a "Tri-Five" Chevy, but the I like the 1956 styling th
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