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  1. All of the above are great choices. Here's two that I enjoyed, Duel and Used Cars. Late model cars in both movies (when they were filmed), but Duel is a great suspense movie, and Used Cars was a good comedy.
  2. I don't know where prices are going in the future, but based on recent perusals of various web sites with cars for sale ads, people are asking what I consider crazy money for beat up project cars. I've seen some ads where people are asking "convertible" money for four-door sedans. I saw an ad with a $10,000 asking price for a 1964 Impala four-door sedan that needs body work and a paint job. Maybe I'm out of touch, but that seems awful high for that body style in that condition. I have no idea if these cars are selling, or if the sellers are getting anywhere near their asking price.
  3. Desert Valley Auto Parts has a 1962 Special convertible parts car listed on their web site.
  4. Congratulations on your purchase. Good luck with the car. First thing, join the Buick Club of America. There's a good classified ad section in their monthly magazine. You can place parts wanted ads in the classifieds. 13-inch wheels were standard on your car. 15-inch wheels were optional for Specials, I'm unsure they were available for all the body styles. It may be difficult to find a set of 4-lug 15-inch wheels after all these years. Kanter, cars.com, and Original Parts Group may have some parts you're seeking. There's a facebook page for 1961-1963 Special and Skylark owners. Team Buick is a forum site for Buick issues. I have a 1962 Skylark convertible with the V8. It's a fun car, and one you don't see that often, even at Buick meets.
  5. I'm listing this for a local friend. Please contact Ken at the phone number listed below if you're interested in learning about the car. The car is located in Suffolk County, Long Island. 1962 Chevy Impala station wagon 283 P/G power steering, Rare factory padded dash Everything works and the car drives beautifully interior is not perfect but very presentable 38,000 original miles Barn find unfortunately the wrong cowboy found it and left it outside so body work and paint are needed asking $12,500 631-880-8489
  6. Old Cars cut their frequency to twice monthly, issue dates are the 1st and the 15th. They've said subscribers will still get the number of issues they paid for. I've occasionally received issues of Old Cars out of order. This month my copy of Hemmings Classic Car is late.
  7. You are correct. 1962 Skylarks had the four-barrel carb and 190 horsepower. There was no Special or Skylark convertible in 1961. The cars were restyled for 1963.
  8. Wow. Great looking car. Here's a shot of my '62 Skylark.
  9. Posting for a friend who is working on a 1962 Impala wagon. Biggest need is inner rocker panels. Interested in other parts you may have. Contact Ken at 631-880-8489 or dashindan139@yahoo.com
  10. Posting for a friend who is working on a 1962 Impala wagon. Biggest need is inner rocker panels. Interested in other parts you may have. Contact Ken at 631-880-8489 or dashindan139@yahoo.com
  11. Trim code 140 is gold. Please see the attached photos from the 1962 Buick Color-Trim Book.
  12. The last time I went, around 2003, it was mostly tools and hot rod parts. Like John348, I only live about 60-70 miles away and haven't gone to Englishtown since that last visit.
  13. Not unusual, but I've found old road maps in at least two antique cars that I bought. I sold the cars, but still have the maps.
  14. Watching it on ebay. Thinking seriously of bidding.
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