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  1. Mike, I need the left hood sill for a 1931 153 like in the picture. Do you have one?
  2. hook

    Air Cooled News

    ACN’s, Complete set of original Air Cooled News from #1 to the present issue. Belonged to the late Frank Hantak. $1,500.00 negotiable plus shipping. Contact Greg Hantak at 214-354-7346 or Email at gdhantak@gmail.com
  3. ACN’s, Complete set of original Air Cooled News from #1 to the present issue. Belonged to the late Frank Hantak. $1,500.00 negotiable plus shipping. Contact Greg Hantak at 214-354-7346 or Email at gdhantak@gmail.com
  4. hook

    duel wipers

    Dick The wipers and pin are the same as the Ford, but the cross bar rod is shorter on the Ford than the rod on the Franklin. Also I found that the threads where the rod screws onto the wiper is a little different. If you get the Ford units, which are very nice, all you need to do is make a longer bar rod. If you are adding this to a 153 that doesn't have it already, let me know and I'll send you the measurements of how far the pin should be from the original drivers wiper and the length of the the cross bar on my 153. Bill
  5. Brooklyn Beer, Just in case you don't know it, Paul is our faithful chaser with the tools and know how to help those that are unlucky enough to break down.
  6. OK,OK But.........You've followed more Franklins than anyone I know! Maybe someday you'll catch one. haha
  7. I understand that. But we have people coming to the Trek in NY on a regular basis from California, Minnesota, Oregon, Alaska, Etc. from all over the USA and on several occasions from Australia. Join the fun, you don't have to bring your car, or even have a car. Not everybody brings a car, but everybody there rides in a Franklin!!! Bill
  8. Amen to all that Walt said with one addition. If by chance you make it to the Hershey fall flea market be sure to visit the Franklin group in the Red Field. Of course there are other Franklin members all over Hershey as well. Bill
  9. Calm down, I know you can't wait to get your hands on your new acquisition but there's time. The most important items you need are an owners manual and a parts manual. Even if it has an original owners manual with it you don't want to bugger it all up. Get a new one from Amazon. As far as the felt pads and other stuff, go to the club website and click on "for sale" and then click "parts". You will find the pads there produced by Jeff Hasslen. When you get it, check it out, drive it, enjoy it before you go and try to redesign it with different wheels, and mounts and parts it doesn't need. We've all gone through this with our own acquisitions. And! No car will have everything you dreamed about. So enjoy what you got the way it is and then.............................buy another one! haha Bill
  10. Are you talking about a two post in ground hydraulic lift or a two post above ground lift?
  11. Yes! We have a vast amount of available information now. Including readily available service bulletins, Drawings, service charts, manuals and old question & answer data done before the AACA forum. All on the Franklin website to members.
  12. Yes, I know the dilemma. I got my first Franklin July 4, 1973. You should have tried to get info then. I didn't even belong to the club till later that year. At least I had several Model A Fords under my belt but that just gave me limited 1930's knowledge. It's been a great ride though and a straight path to grease, busted knuckles, and empty wallets. Aura Vincit Bill
  13. Yes! The brake drum comes off with the wood wheel. And, yes you can remove the assembly of the wood wheel/brake drum with tire and rim still attached to it. Bill
  14. I picked it up at my PO box today May 29th. I didn't visit the post office yesterday, so it could have come in then. I live in southern Delaware.
  15. hook

    Franklin Models

    Gentlemen, among my many vices is "0" scale railroading. As a result I have come across many interesting automobiles in 1/43 scale. Although I haven't found a Franklin, I have found a car very similar in looks and style. If you go to Ebay and type in 1934 renault solido you will find a car that looks like a Franklin town sedan with a series 19 front end. Also on page 297 of "The Franklin Story" by Thomas Hubbard there's a one page clip about models. Then of course if your just interested in the last car that Franklin had anything to do with, at least the power plant part, there are many Tucker models out there.