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  1. hook

    Lifting the car

    I doubt if my tire will fit any of your cars, especially with the paper clips involved, but this is an early "LEE Conshohocken" advertising ash tray from the thirties. It clearly shows their sidewall and tread design. just my 2 cents bill
  2. yeah, after 3 Healey's, 2 Triumph's and one Jaguar I went through the whole gambit. The Healey 100 was Whitworth, the Healey sixes and TR's were USA SAE and the Jaguar, being in the 90's was both SAE and Metric. Bill
  3. It's true that 19/32 is .081 inches larger than 15 mm but most 15 mm sockets will fit 19/32 nuts/bolts, especially 12 point sockets. Spanners/wrenches are tighter tolerance than sockets except for box end spanners/wrenches which are a little more like 12 point sockets. Nothing, however, replaces doing the job with the proper tools. The three sockets you mentioned are the old time odd balls that keep rearing their heads with us individuals that insist on living in the past and working on ancient iron. Now, does anyone want to talk about Whitworth wrenches? haha Bill
  4. I never had any problems finding 19/32 sockets or wrenches. My problem was 21/32. Back in 1961 when I needed a 21/32 I found they didn't come with any sets of sockets and had to be ordered. Why would I need one you might ask? Well that's simple. That's the size of the nuts on Model A Ford connecting rods. Real fun trying to remove them with a Cresent wrench. Almost six decades and it's still burned in my mind!!! Bill
  5. That might be OK on the salt flats, but you might need some rain caps for ordinary service. Real neat though! Bill
  6. Paul, what I'm about to say is sacrilege and I apologize for saying it in advance. But, 15mm is a perfect fit for 19/32 whether socket or wrench. A lot of folks out there may have metric wrenches that may be quicker and easier to obtain than 19/32. Bill
  7. If you run a straight pipe straight out the back with out going over the rear end properly your going to have some not so good problems. The club makes and sells new stainless exhaust pipes and mufflers. Bill
  8. Just so you don't make any mistakes, here is a headlight bucket off of my 1930, 145 sedan that uses 11-1/2" Twilite lenses. Hope this helps. Bill
  9. !930 145 & 147 had 11-1/2" lenses and the 1930 trans continent had something like 10+" size. The 1931 had 12" lenses. If your lenses are 12 inch they are 1931-32.
  10. These are to big to use for brake/turn signal lamps. However, if you look on E Bay you can find suitable led substitutes for those applications. Bill
  11. If you want the brightness of a halogen that uses less power than the original Franklin bulbs. Try these LED units. They were made for the Model A Ford market, which by the way used the same headlight bulbs as our Franklin's. They work on 6, 8, or 12 volt pos. or neg. ground. They are a direct replacement for the existing bulbs and don't need any adapters. And, if you get the reflectors re-silvered like Paul suggested, WOW what lights! Bill
  12. I think I'd have to go along with the Model A Ford with exceptions. Get an overdrive and cast iron brake drums for it and maintain the brakes in perfect condition. But if you want riding comfort, speed, good brakes, no problems with radiators, water or antifreeze and a good support group for parts information and help without conditions GET A 1930 OR LATER FRANKLIN! Bill
  13. In addition to Paul's suggestion, these handles (newly made) show up in the Trek's parts department from time to time so there are some out there. You should definitely go on the clubs website with a wanted add begging for one. Who knows, you might be lucky. Bill
  14. The pictures I have included came from a November 13, 2016 posting by DonWebb, I hope he doesn't mind me using his pictures. The clip you found in the clutch housing is one of two used as shown in Don's pictures. The bolt you replaced is supposed to be a special 5/16" bolt with an extra 1/4" end on it that protrudes into a recess in the starter shaft and it also requires a woodruff key. I doubt you have the key or the right bolt since you say the starter is just going around. All of these parts can be seen and/or ordered from "Snyder's Antique Auto Parts" www.snydersantiqueauto.com Starter Drive Bolts/washers set T-5026 Starter Drive Key T-5050 Spring Clips A-11384 (this is what you found in the clutch housing) Starter Spring A-11375 (Bendix spring) Hope this helps Bill
  15. Mike, I need the left hood sill for a 1931 153 like in the picture. Do you have one?