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  1. Don't be cute Dick. You know the Midget I was talking about. Certainly not a King Midget with a Wisconsin engine!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I think I'd like to have the midget in the picture
  3. Good Idea, https://www.snydersantiqueauto.com/ has them.
  4. This is an unrestored 1930, 145 sedan. As you can see it is the same as the 1931, 151 sedan except for the seat upholstery design.
  5. Maybe this can help. This is a 1931 151 (same as 1930 145)
  6. Nice photo Paul. Here is the one on Ebay for $185.00. As I said, this is not for a 1930+ Franklin. I think it might be a design for a much, much earlier Franklin. .
  7. oops I goofed! That is not the correct Franklin script for 1930-1933 Franklins that is on Ebay. It is not designed or made to fit the 1930+ Franklin grill shell. Check it out with the picture of my car that I previously posted. If you find one like that one that is correct, you'd be lucky to get it for $185.00.
  8. The crankhole cover has the Franklin name on it. And, an optional accessory is the Franklin script on the grille. See pictures.
  9. Got to this website, they might have what you need. http://www.mykmlifestyle.com
  10. hook

    REO to Olympic

    Why would anyone wish to destroy a good REO, take a Franklin engine and body parts out of circulation, spend a lot of money on bodywork and frame conversion to create a worthless bastard that's neither Franklin or REO.
  11. hook

    1924 Air Cleaner Paint

    Although I don't have a nickle in this conversation, here's my 2 cents worth. Maybe you could try looking for "pewter" color spray paint. It might be what you need in color.
  12. Gee, I never heard so many Franklin people try to talk someone out of a Franklin. I agree with Mike West's price suggestion, but the rest of you seem to be talking it too far down into the ground. It depends a lot on ones own ability and how far one wants to go. Not all Franklin's need a $10,000 engine rebuild nor should they have one. Wiring on a Franklin is simple and can be done in stages with the available wiring harnesses on the market. The car itself looks good as is and would probably get more positive attention then the same one restored to 100 points. Just because Lahti35 said he was unfamiliar with Franklns doesn't mean he knows nothing about old cars. The big question is why doesn't it run. Is it free? Maybe just sitting and it could be electrical or fuel and just in need of a complete overall inspection inside and out to insure the engines integrity. Gee guys, give the car a break!
  13. hook

    Lifting the car

    I doubt if my tire will fit any of your cars, especially with the paper clips involved, but this is an early "LEE Conshohocken" advertising ash tray from the thirties. It clearly shows their sidewall and tread design. just my 2 cents bill
  14. yeah, after 3 Healey's, 2 Triumph's and one Jaguar I went through the whole gambit. The Healey 100 was Whitworth, the Healey sixes and TR's were USA SAE and the Jaguar, being in the 90's was both SAE and Metric. Bill