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  1. So many contributing factors. Poor or no air cleaners on the carb. brought in a lot of dirt, poor no-detergent oil, dusty and poor roads and of course looser tolerances contributed to cars not making it to 30, 50 or 100 grand. Also poor valve adjustment caused early valve jobs. And, if your talking about pre-war, most warranties were 30/30. 30 feet or 30 seconds which ever occurs first. Some people were very diligent in writing down everything on blank pages in their owners manual and that's a great tool for knowledge of some. I may be wrong but, I don't think that there was a lot of rolling b
  2. Hey Carl, When you think your safe from fire, just think how many cases of beer you can sufficiently chill with those 38 pounders!!!!! haha. Sorry the devil made me say it. By the way, don't ever use those CO2 extinguishers around any gas environment (I don't mean gasoline). They can shoot a hot static spark 10 feet. Never use them to purge a tank.
  3. Been there, done that. I can't think of a more sick feeling than the one I had, when I had, left over fire and no more extinguisher. What burns never returns! Don't skimp just to save a few bucks.
  4. So, You think you want a car phone. Just wait a few decades and you can slip one in your pocket and carry luggage in your trunk 1961 Cherry blossom parade in Washington, DC.
  5. Your under arrest!! don't know where I got this one.
  6. I guess the owner liked the Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy.
  7. From what I see on the diagram of the track, there are several bridges. Also, if you look at the construction photo you will see men on the bridge showing that it's more than just a foot bridge. The square end foot bridge must be somewhere else on the track. Maybe in the paddock area. Please forgive my previous post with quote, I hit the button before I added my comment. Bill
  8. Hey guys, While we're on the Derham subject. I saw this Caddy in Hemmings back in 2019. They said the present top was vinyl, but the original was leather. Just like the top on your former 1931 Franklin Derham Walt. It was listed as a 1948. Bill
  9. Just think how many trees that your little flash drives have saved. This is 4.5 mega bites in 1955. Then for those who thought Chevrolet was the only division that toyed with coming out with a sports car. Then, like the Borg said: "resistance is futile" 1918 flu
  10. By the way Walt. A big welcome from me to you back in the Club. Look forward to the next Trek..........when it ever happens. Bill
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