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  2. The wiper switch is behind the knob just below the radio, to the right of the headlight switch knob. Before tearing into that, I suspect the wiper motor. Run this quick test: Start the engine. turn on the wiper switch. Get out of the car and "help" the wiper arms up from their parked position. If the wipers start to run, the motor has a bad switch contact inside it.
  3. I have the ROA roster from 2017, when Dave was an ROA member, it does have his email address on it. IM me if you want it, and I will give it to you.
  4. Interesting chart. I guess I should create the same chart for the 17 inch tires. I know that I can't fit my metal spare tire cover on my current (or two previous) sets of 525/550-17 tires if the tire is inflated. My solution is to inflate the tire after the cover has been installed which is a bit of a hassle. Maybe there is a tire slightly smaller in diameter that would fit in the cover better than what I have now.
  5. Model A with standard 4 cyl will never do freeway speeds, the non modified cars have mechanical brakes too. Most all autos after 1940 have hydraulic brakes that are much better at stopping.
  6. Thanks Frank.... yeah, no power brakes, but it does have power steering... you figure for such a big auto, they would of added power brakes. To be honest, I didn't noticed the weeping, I guess the flash on my phone camera really highlights it ! Steve
  7. Thank you all for your input, of course the ultimate example of this tax avoidance were the small SIX cylinder British cars in the early 1930s.. Most of the British manufacturers built one. In 1930-36 Austin had the 12-Six with a 61.25mm Bore. Hillman in 1928-32 went one better with their 8 cylinder Vortic 63mm Bore. In 1929 for just one year Humber had their Six-50, 65mm Bore. Lanchester had a Light Six, in 1933-37 with a 57mm Bore. MG worked their way through the Alphabet starting with their L type, then K and N, Magnettes all with the same 57mm Bore. Morris followed suit with their 10-Six also 57mm Bore. Riley produced their version with the 14-Six and Stelvio 1929-34, 60.3mm Bore and the MPH 1934-5 with a 57mm Bore. In 1932 Rover had their 6 cylinder Pilot 12, 59mm Bore. Singer also joined in with their 1933, 14hp, 60mm Bore. In 1933 Standard introduced their "Little 12" with a 57mm Bore. Talbot not wanting to be left out had a 12/30 as early as 1922-24 again with a 57mm Bore. In 1932, Triumph produced their 12/16 with a 56.5mm Bore. Even Vauxhall by 1934 under General Motors rule produced their "Light Six" with a 57mm Bore. Not wanting to left out, in 1931 Wolseley produced the Hornet Six, 57mm Bore. I am sure that their must be one or two I have overlooked and I do hope I have not bored you with all this. Now back to my current project, the 1935 Singer 11hp with just Four Cylinders and 66.5mm Bore. I am about to order the steel tube for my body frame. I find it is better to construct this onto the chassis BEFORE I clean and paint it. This way I avoid the risk of damaging the new paint. I build the body frame straight onto the frame and then remove it to paint the chassis later. The first step is to fit the radiator, so I know the height to build the scuttle to. BUT wait I am reminded that I must look at lowering the rear springs before I do anything else. Even before I do that I must have a clean and tidy in the garage so I can start work without the need to be constantly moving "stuff" to create some "elbow room". It is now just after 10.oo AM and I have yet to open the garage door! Bernie j.
  8. I am gong to replace the 525/550-18 tires on my 1933 Chevrolet in the next year and did some research on tire size after reading a posting on the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (VCCA) forum a year or so ago. Some were complaining that some new tires marked as the same size as their old tires would not fit under their metal tire covers. I believe the dimension that was creating the issue was the diameter of some of the tires. My 33 originally came with 525-18 tires which have not been available since before I bought the car in 1971 and have had 525/550-18 tires since I bought it. I did some research on 525/550-18 and 550-18 tires that are currently available and discovered in almost every published dimension to include Section width, Tread width, and Diameter the 550-18 tires were smaller than the 525/550-18 tires, which surprised me. I would have thought the 525/550 s would have been smaller. Since there are still no 525-18 tires made I took the dimensions of several 525-21 tires and only reduced the diameter by 3 inches to compare all 3 dimensions to the other two sizes and found the 550-18 tires were very close to those of the 21 inch tires reduced in diameter by 3 inches. I also posted my question on the VCCA forum and those who answered were using either BFG or Firestone 550-18 tires.
  9. 1929 used 125S for early in the year and 136S for latter part of year. 1930 and 1031 used 150S. I have a NOS unused 150S Carter carburetor with original ID tag on it.
  10. Steven, That is the taller style, but it might the correct original unit, if your car is late 1969 unit. Anyway, in the attached cropped piece of your photo, I have marked a flat-machined spot with the word "HERE" to show you where you may be able to clean away rust and find production date codes.
  11. Great pictures.....would like to have been there. Nice to have members like you to take the time to show pics for others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. That is true!! The auto manufacturers also stated to save their cat converters, they did not need the anti wear (zinc/phosphorus) in the oil because they were already using roller cams/lifters since 86/87. I was just on the Mobil 1 website. I had thought their higher zinc level oil was 20W-50 (it may have been), but now I see their high zinc level is Mobil 1 Racing 0W-50 with 1850ppm of zinc. When I read though all of the questions and answers on which oil I should use, I come away scratching my head. This is part of the reason why I sometimes agree with the idea of adding my own additive to the oil. Unless I'm really missing something and I very well could be they really don't answer the questions. (Edit) I know we discuss oils in the past. I know oil is also continuously changing, so addressing it again may not be a bad thing. Please correct me! Art
  13. Don’t let the Wife read your thread ( which is very funny by the way ). You should be doing stand up comedy ( although I don’t think your Jeep should let you ) .... Jim
  14. Somebody has to complain, so let me start. First: I had so many customers and made so many sales, I couldn’t get away from my spaces to walk the fields until Saturday at noon. Second: The Sun was so bright I came home with a wonderful sunburn. Third: Between the Hershey Chocolate and the new food choices, I gained a few pounds. Yeah, not going back there for at least 377 days!
  15. Thanks - this won't be the car I buy but I love the style and this gives me a target to shoot for in terms of year / make / model / look. That said, is this make/model (1946 Ford Super Deluxe) a potential for daily driving and occasional highway speeds? I'm also up for trying the Model A too but I don't like the version with the spare tire on the side personally.
  16. "Spend less time on the internet car forums" HERESY! not Hershey 😁 FYI: this is has been my mantra for years... "get off the damn internet".
  17. I hope you had a nice talk with it before you broke up with it...............Bob
  18. I feel your pain, brother. All this tech is exactly what will keep me from buying new cars. I'm troubled by the fact that modern car buyers are apparently unable to master the vagaries of processes such as "turning on the headlights when it gets dark" and "turn the key to start the engine." And feeling a car go dead at a red light is a car guy's biggest nightmare, is it not? It's only going to get worse. I'm not a Luddite but I sure like my cars analog.
  19. I've kind of sworn off ebay because of some negative experiences, but obviously many transactions turn out good or else there wouldn't be thousands of old cars for sale on the site. The very good news about this car is the seller has a very good rating as a seller including other vehicles, one or two in this price range. (Very important...some people buy twenty $5 items on ebay to get a good rating, just to scam someone on the sale of a big ticket item.) From everything I can see, this vehicle looks like something worth owning, in part because it hasn't been drastically modified. Some old car sellers will put lipstick on a pig. You can see this hasn't been dolled up in the last year to cover body related problems. The body's not perfect though. If I were interested in this car, I'd first have the seller email me a pic of the valid title in his name, with whatever other info he wants redacted blacked out. I've had ebay sellers tell me they have a title only to find out after the deposit was made that they don't. The other thing I'd do is invest in a plane ticket to TX. Or, like you said, maybe you could pay a local mechanic from a nearby town (by the seller) to check it out for you instead. I can't say if the price is correct or not. There used to be a commonly available publication at newstands that had market prices for most old cars at different condition levels. Can't remember the name of it, but they were never too far off on my cars, but that changes from region to region.
  20. My son HAD a 2017 Jeep. Just barely out of warranty, it’s sway-bar end links failed and the front brakes had frozen calipers and one pad worn out. My mechanic said it was apparent the sway bar links and the caliper pins were assembled without lubrication. It’s gone now.
  21. A rough unrestored SD near me recently was sold for scrap after it failed to fetch any bids at auction. Someone cut the front nose off of it with a Sawzall to make a piece of furniture.
  22. I have a friend who did a frame off in a one stall garage. He built some sturdy saw horses and put 4x4's across them. The body sat on the sawhorses and he could roll the chassis in and out of the garage. Work on it in the driveway during the day and roll it back under the body at night.
  23. Really great news Pete. I believe my mate Jeff has contacted you already. Thanks again.
  24. Thanks for the info Jeff. I did get the water based wax and grease remover. I've got to get a new primer gun anyway, so will look for a 1.3 tip.
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