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  2. Larry, I notice your vintage Buick line up. Impressive.. Me and my father mostly leaned toward Buick's. The oldest I had was a 1909 Roadster. The rarest was a 1935 96C .. That is now all in the past but we had fun. Buick's was always a dependable vehicle.
  3. Ed, Do you remember what it was originally for??? Or even better yet a part #??? Tom T.
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  5. Your mice will be back in the spring. I.e. soon. If you have caught all those around your shed, others will move in soon. Don't worry, they'll be back. Next autumn they will be back inside looking for a warm nest site so expect to catch as many again!
  6. We had 49 people at our April meet Saturday April 20th. Excellent turnout. Excellent picnic in the Franklin mountains. Thanks TW Terry.
  7. We had 49 people at our April meet Saturday April 20th. Excellent turnout. Excellent picnic in the Franklin mountains. Thanks TW Terry.
  8. I did not get a picture, but the wife and I drove almost 60 miles on the 1913 car on Sunday after church. Trying to get all of the bugs out and know the car better. We are getting ready to go touring this summer with this car and the '15 truck.
  9. Importantly, the support points need to be the same as the distance of the rod centre points each time you measure.
  10. Back when Jimmy Carter ran against Gerald Ford on of the AACA regions had a race between a Carter and a Ford. A picture was published in The Antique Automobile the AACA magazine.
  11. Yes, I imagine it is very hard to keep up with it all. I cannot even get ahead with just the few here. But that is a nice garage to keep em all in. Too bad we didn't live closer together. I'd be happy to help you put some miles on some of the more obscure ones. 🙄
  12. Keep a hand on the shifter or it most likely will pop out of gear when engine braking. We just got our 1927 running. Plugs needed cleaning by sandblasting. Contacts in distributed needed filed. Rubber gas lines replaced. Distributer was loose. Needed new oil and everything greased. Other then radiator holding water everything needed attention. But nothing special needed. Just oil gas grease coolant. The older ones are often the easiest to bring back. Best wishes.
  13. Two sets of scales, one for each end.
  14. I, for one, hope the moderators leave the thread running. I respect your opinion, but I think you miss an important point. Being critical of Musk and Tesla is often conflated with not caring about the environment. Many people, like me, are critical of them for reason that have nothing to do with the environment. Giving Musk and Tesla a pass on their very bad actions, because of their stated mission, will ultimately set the cause back you care so much about. Have a discussion about their current status is healthy.
  15. ^^^^^I used that oil in the past and my motor didnt like it. one tappet would have a hard time pumping up during winter morning start ups.
  16. ...and then the whole class said in unison..."THANK YOU MR WILLIE".
  17. It probably wasn't a bad car when it was disassembled. In a couple of weeks one could reassemble what you have and be close to where the other guy started. Then set your own priorities. I am a big proponent of what my little circle calls component restoration. Here is the bestest tip of the day. Don't work on your car unless you are spending money on the job. Those Cord pictures show the cheapest thing you can do in the hobby. If the guy who took the car apart was fined $17,000 for screwing it up a $6,000 sale would get some progress underway in a short time. Bernie
  18. What is the difference between a forum and a website? Tell me what you think?
  19. I'll call today's ride my "Shame Ride". After reading about everyone else's additional mileage I HAD to go out for a drive this evening. I worked around the yard all day but at 5:00 p.m. I heard the whistle blow and put the top down. Other than stopping for picking up some refreshments for this evening at the IGA, I didn't go anywhere special. Got some highway time in and some back road driving. After all it's 4 miles for me to go around the block where I live. I'm up to 109. Next drive I'll probably turn the odometer to 50K. And all of today's drive was with the top down. Great driving for sure. Thanks all
  20. That's kind of funny, it was originally posted as the BOD minutes on the forum, it was on the BCA Website not the forum, LOL!
  21. Your owners manual has some of the answers on bearing clearance and normal oil pressure. see below:
  22. Peter, I saw the map in the June Bugle, how far a walk is it to the showfield? it looks like a hike will there be shuttles or how will the slow people get there? I suppose if there is a parking area for spectators they could park there, but let us know so we can tell friends Thanks for everything!
  23. Hello, I am interested in purchasing a 1914/15 Studebaker hood and radiator shell, Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284
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