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  1. Just " for fun " Poll. I racked up close to 20 miles in the GS. What about you?
  2. JohnD1956

    When Did BCA Fees go to $50 per year?

    The membership does not have to do anything to get this done. No one on the board advocates for NOT doing this. It is in the By Laws. However it wasn't done, and we have acknowledged this. The reason was for circumstances outside our control. The fact is that the Club's long term accountant passed unexpectedly just when the next installment of the reports were due. This set off series of events leading to replacement with a new accounting firm and CPA and time to get everyone on the same page with the details. It was just an unfortunate set of circumstance that took a long time to be worked out. I understand the next installment will be published at the end of the Club's fiscal year. The fiscal year ends June 30th, then the reports can be developed and sent for publishing. As everybody knows if you make a deadline of the 24th of any given month, the information will be published two months later.
  3. JohnD1956

    When Did BCA Fees go to $50 per year?

    I am leaving for Denver shortly so I will just answer your last question for now. The financial statements should be published in the Bugle once annually. The detailed minutes, however, would take up an entire Bugle. I do not think that is the best use of space in the Bugle. They are on the Clubs web site, without need of a password to see. They are also available from the office for members in good standing. All a member needs to do is ask for them.
  4. JohnD1956

    72 Electra, aka "The Queen"

    It's hardly news that we acquired the 72 this summer. I have been doing some cleaning since we've been home and finding it is much better than I thought. Tonight I wanted to tighten the power steering belt and discovered I needed a new one. Naturally it is the first belt on next to the engine and the AC , Alt and air pump belts needed to be removed to get at it. Well, actually I could have left the air pump belt on since it only goes around the water pump and the PS belt does not. But I wanted to make sure that belt was tight too since I was hearing some chirping at idle. The only reason I mention any of this is cause every bolt came loose exactly like a new car bolt. With 4 belts off the engine I had the job done in a half hour. It is so nice to work on a vehicle and not break anything taking it apart. Yesterday we had the Chrome Rallys installed so here's a few pics. Gotta get some new centers and may just buy a set for my birthday. Found a garage in town for up to one year. But working on a storage solution right here at home. More on that as it progresses.
  5. JohnD1956

    72 Electra, aka "The Queen"

    The Queen gets a cousin: So, on Father's Day my son shows up driving this! And, naturally it drops dead right as he pulls in the driveway. It needs some work this week which meant he had to leave it here and will come back for it, but when we got it running again I just had to have some fun.
  6. JohnD1956

    When Did BCA Fees go to $50 per year?

    The italicized line above is a twist of words. The exact conversation is found in the March 18 minutes, Addendum #1. When: On 3/18/18 Mr. Weigand asked:" All, I have a question or two concerning the cash reserve that this club is setting on. Mr. President, are you going to instruct the Bugle editor to publish the financial details that has been hashed over for the last week or so?" And on 3/19 Mr. Oldfield responds: " NO. I will not instruct the Bugle editor to publish the financial details that have been hashed over the for the last week or so. The reason is that it will all be in the minutes that will be published to the website. Those minutes are available to the entire membership. Also, our secretary writes a summary of BOD action for the Bugle, as we directed previously. Our discussions would be in that summary. " I would also note that the details of the subject "discussion" did not comprise a complete financial report.
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    In Lane #1 starting with the Ford wagon as #1 I think I see one 14 cars back. In Lane two starting with the Plymouth 4 dr, Look at car #11. In Lane 3 starting with the 51 Chevy I did not see any. But lane four has one at #8 and 11 starting with the Pontiac. Figures they would be in the fast lane. As a bonus it looks like two on the hillside in the background. Smart! Very smart!
  8. JohnD1956

    1956 Roadnmaster Radio Light Staying On

    Besides opening either front door, there are three ways to turn that light on and off. One is by the switch next to the light on the dash. That just turns on that one light. The next two turn on the dome light and that dash light. Those are rotating the headlight switch and the other is using the switch on the Dome light. Your car has two dome lights. Do they work? If not you may find you have the switch at the dome light on. But if they work then that probably is not it. That switch in the dash must be broken if you can push on it.
  9. JohnD1956

    1964 Skylark Oil Pan Removal

    You could always send it to a trusted mechanic to do the job. While doing things yourself is gratifying, sometimes it just makes sense to have someone do an item or two. I call my preferred shop for some underside things now, and always ask if I can bring my own parts. I figure with what it would cost for a lift (and the building to put it in so it could be used) I can get the work done faster, for less, and spend more time driving down the road. I see no harm in that.
  10. JohnD1956

    1964 Skylark Oil Pan Removal

    +1 to Ol" yeller's method. Have also done that and no problems. Note, keep the weight on the balancer, and not the lower pulley.
  11. JohnD1956

    56 Super

    Had the annual inspection today. Looks like I put 1,800 miles on the Super this past year. Have not done that in quite some time.
  12. JohnD1956

    56 Super

    Finally buckled down and polished my 56 today. I haven't done this completely for about two years now. Anyway, just wanted to add it to our library. The car has been running very well lately. I still have a slight hesitation off the line, but it is intermittent. I know I need new plug wires and that will be the next step. Anyway, the more I drive it, the more I like it. Sorry to see summer end so soon.
  13. The Board voted to change the starting time of the membership meeting to 8 PM, although the official programs will still have the 7:30time, to try and accommodate those going to the Rambler Ranch. From what we can tell, the Rambler Ranch starts at 4:30 but is about 45 minute drive away. There's a dinner buffet style and a private collection to see. Hopefully the new start time to the meeting is enough time for those wanting to do both activities.
  14. JohnD1956

    New Classic Buick Owner

    I apologize if I offended you. I was trying to be light hearted about it, but appear to have failed. I understand your reasoning, and it make sense. I wish you good luck with your beautiful Buick.
  15. JohnD1956

    Neil's '41 Super Model 51

    That's the best kind of report!
  16. JohnD1956

    New Classic Buick Owner

    Well, some (myself included) think Buicks were built to be driven. So I was surprised to think one would be trailered to Hot August nights.
  17. JohnD1956

    New Classic Buick Owner

    Trailer it to hot august nights?
  18. JohnD1956

    Recent BOD Minutes on the Forum

    The May 2018 BOD meeting minutes have been approved and posted to the BCA website.
  19. JohnD1956

    Disk Brake Conversion

    This is the area you have to look at. This is a Wheels Vintique wire rim. Notice how the back is flat and then there is a sharp curve towards the center? That flat surface is there to clear a disc brake caliper. I don't have a Kelsey Hayes rim to compare this to, but on the older steel rims this area is angled from the outside to the center and there won't be a clear step in the center. Hope that makes sense.
  20. JohnD1956

    My long build of a 1940 56S

    You are probably correct. I see your car has two lift supports for the trunk while the vehicle in the other picture has only one. Your's being a model 56S it may have had a higher trim level, but I am not an expert on the various models of this vintage.
  21. JohnD1956

    1953 Convertibles project

    Did you use the paper gasket for the oil filter housing? Or did you find a stamped steel one? If the paper, does it seem to be holding well?
  22. JohnD1956

    My long build of a 1940 56S

    It looks like the picture from Ken does not show side panels, but just fabric covering the inner wheel wells. Considering the cu ft space of this model, you stand to lose some valuable trunk space with the side panels. But if you are going to go ahead, I would recommend the panels that they use for inside door upholstery. I do not know what the product is called, but I thought it was available from specialty suppliers.
  23. Our chapter's 10th annual cruise in was a pleasing success, and the 56 was the poster child ( and T shirt captain) this year. Of course, no good deed goes unpunished. Friday I worked some fingerprints out of the trunk with some Meguliar's cleaner /polish. But then that patch made the rest of the trunk lid look bad. So I wound up spreading out the polish and eventually did the whole lower body. I keep forgetting how much paint surface there is. Then Saturday before the event I did the roof. I thought it was looking rather spiffy! Then, at the event the poster child car parks right up in front of the Pavillion at the park. When I got back in the car to leave at first I thought it had rained, then realized the tree had dropped sap all over the damn thing. Since the event was a PM cruise in I didn't get home till 10 PM and then I had to break out the wash bucket and clean her up again, before the sap had a chance to set up. But it looked pretty good again today, and drove so nice as well, so I think I'll keep it a while longer.
  24. JohnD1956

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    Filled her up today. 924 towards goal...whew! )