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    Favorite Pictures of My Post War Buick

    A real sweetheart! Those are so nicely styled! Especially the dashboards, which IMHO are nothing loess than works of art!
  2. JohnD1956

    Hydraulic Brakes on a ‘35’ Buick.

    I would like to read that account. How about posting it here? But I still think that in 1935 the thought of a car driving on a highway at 60-75 MPH for 3 hours was close to 15 years away. If that thought even occurred to someone they probably thought it would be a lonely trip. More likely, maybe, would be a Rt 66 style, with lots of room to stop and ways to avoid collisions. Hardly the conditions we live with today. With all my cars I try to maintain a car length per 10 MPH speed distance. However that only encourages todays drivers to cut in front of you and/or to get pissed off and to pass (even in unsafe or illegal situations) with the obligatory cut in front of you with inches to spare. Regularly I witness people who never brake when someone tries to pull out of a side road in front of them, and some of those even appear to hit the throttle, as if to challenge the errant driver who dared to pull out on their section of road. This is not to mention the current seemingly acceptable habit of moving out from a side road immediately before or during your vehicle's participation in the intersection. Hence my question about how the OP intends to use his car.
  3. JohnD1956

    Favorite Pictures of My Post War Buick

    May I ask: What's it gonna take to put Buttercup back together? There's a lot of ladies out there waiting to be seen with her!
  4. JohnD1956

    Hydraulic Brakes on a ‘35’ Buick.

    How far have you engineered this change over? I have never done this myself and I am not an engineering student , but if I recall correctly, you have to consider brake pedal mount, angle, and swing to ensure you have enough movement to push enough fluid in the MC to operate the brakes. Also, will you need a portioning valve, and a check valve to maintain enough static pressure in the lines while the brake is off? Also I would just check to envision a route for the brake lines themselves. Protection from road hazards and remote from potential exhaust heat, that type of thing. I would also consider what you intend to use the car for. I'm pretty certain no one who manufactured that car ever thought it would be on the highway for 1-3 hours at a time. And even local use was probably not that extensive or intensive, except probably in the Rockies out west. If your plan is for round town type driving, or back road use, then that might help engineer the system regarding how extensive the modification needs to be.
  5. JohnD1956

    1956 Convertible oil-liquide?

    I do not have the answer you are looking for but I would suggest test mixing the fluids to see if they blend or separate over the period of a few days or weeks. I say this only because the advice I have heard with the silicone brake fluid is to only use it with all new parts, and I wonder how you'll clean out all the old fluids before installing a third type of fluid. I would suggest a brake fluid/ dexron mix, a dexron/silicone mix, and a mix with all three. Small glass jars on a shelf for a week ought to give you some idea how the fluids will, and have. blended inside your system already. I also assume you have looked for a kinked line in your hydraulics just to rule that out as the culprit in the extra time needed since the prior fluid change. But maybe some new flex lines are called for here?
  6. JohnD1956

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    HOW SWEET IT IS!!!!! Looks like there is only one independent thinker in that crowd! Interesting that in this frame, the color looks like the grey color my former 56 Roadmaster!
  7. Just " for fun " Poll. I racked up close to 20 miles in the GS. What about you?
  8. A little more putzing around with the '56 tonight. 19 miles. I kept hearing a periodic clunk from the pass side front area. And after restarting the car at a convenience store I noticed that again, the amp meter was in a discharge mode. So I got out and checked the kill switch but it was tight. And then I figured I better get home. So I put it in gear, and as I passed over the RR tracks I heard that clunk again. That's when I realized my clock was working! It had been working for the prior 4 hours too. WTH, That hasn't worked, as far as I know, for 43 years! And as soon as I heard the clunk and realized the clock was working I saw that the discharge situation was gone. So apparently the points in the clock are sticking. I'm pulling the fuse out tomorrow till I can get the clock serviced. I don't want that thing sticking and overheating under the dash. Meanwhile , somewhere on one of the roads less traveled.
  9. JohnD1956

    1951 Buick Special - History

    I think some of this information is incorrect. Just speaking for the Buick side of this, the 1950 Special kinda looks a lot like the 1950 Super and Roadmaster, but the bodies have significant differences. I do not think the Special as part of "all the Buicks" used the B/C body. But I am just guessing. Also the 1951 Buick Le Sabre was a concept car , a two seater. I do not know the body designation for that car. I do not know if that body was shared with other Divisions, but I am not aware of any production built two seater Buicks in 1951 or at any point till the Reatta in 1988. But I do know there was not a production LeSabre till 1959.
  10. JohnD1956

    The Wide Variety of Buick Dashboard Designs

    Those 59's are so cool, in so many ways! Love that photo Brian!
  11. JohnD1956

    1953 Super Heat Riser

    Look at the other side of the manifold. The shaft attached to the counter weights may have a slot. By 56 at least, the slot corresponds to the orientation of the valve. The counter weights do not appear to be in conjunction with that on my car, but I am referring to the 56, not the 53. That could be different. Look at the service manual for the 53. There should be a drawing in there to help you determine the position. If you do not have a service manual look up the excellent "Hometown Buick" site. There is a manual there that you can see online. The 56 manual has this picture in section 3-5, page 65
  12. JohnD1956

    Engine Stalls when hard stop or turn on headlights.

    Jim, it's a long shot but check that the wire from the coil to the distributor is tight at the distributor. Same on the points and condenser, assuming you still have those.
  13. JohnD1956

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    In the interest of some friendly competition, everyone is invited to join the 2018 - 2500 Challenge. A simple game, with no winners or losers. Pick a vehicle, and post as you progress. Here’s the proposed rules: * Pick one of your collector Buicks for the contest. (I’m using my 56 this year.) * The eligible period is January thru December, 2018. * Drive the subject car, and record your mileage, with a sub total in each post. Frequency of posting is up to you. Since I record my mileage when I gas up I’m thinking that would be a convenient time for me to post. But I may post for some extraordinary trips if I take any. * Keep track of yourself. And announce when you’ve hit 2500 driven miles for the year! No prizes awarded, except the personal satisfaction of using your Buick for what it was intended. Join at your own risk. I realize this is not for everyone.
  14. JohnD1956

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    Congrats Ben! and I like the temp gauge location too! How did the engine perform on the long haul?
  15. JohnD1956

    53 Skylarks

    So... the other day I was called upon to look at a pair of 53 Skylarks for sale locally. And considering their location, and asking price I was somewhat skeptical of their advertised condition. But I was intrigued so I went to look. What a pleasant surprise! One was red with a black top , the other green with a black top. And even though I questioned the authencitiy of the colors, and numerous other problems, such as a non functioning electrical system, tops stuck in the up position and a few missing chrome pieces, the black walled tires on the shiney wire wheels just were too much for me, and...I bought em! I am out of space in my garage for any other cars but that did not look like it was going to be insurmountable, after all, this was two 53 Skylarks! 53 Skylarks that would not break my bank!!! Who could turn that down? And ultimately I thought these would be good for my grandsons in the future. So, without much more ado, here are a few pictures, Just so as Mr. Earl can't say it didn't happen... Oops... files too big. Will post some pics soon.
  16. JohnD1956

    '55 Dynaflow Cooler

    Arturo, sadly, Bill has passed away a few years ago.
  17. Since the Queen was due for her annual State Inspection, I took it Friday, and realized that since I flew to Denver, I had hardly any seat time in it this whole summer. So, regardless of the forecast I had it out a few times today. It's such a Buick! This car is my favorite! And even though these pictures aren't the best ones I ever took, they are all I took today.
  18. JohnD1956

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Thanks, That's where mine used to sit when I used the 160 T stat too. I do believe that 160 resulted in many a fouled plug when using the car just around my small town in Wayne County, NY. Also noticed I never got decent heat out of the heater too. Would hardly warm up the chilled air by the dashboard. Haven't had a problem since I went to the 180 full time but I was so used to seeing that needle below the N, after decades like that , that a decade later I still have trouble adjusting mentally to the needle being just at or over the N on the gauge now. But the last 1200 miles have helped with that. I agree on the Power-Gen. And am considering the same for the eventual day.
  19. JohnD1956

    The Wide Variety of Buick Dashboard Designs

    TTT- for a 72 Electra - I should have removed that steering wheel cover, but that is for driving and this is mostly a driver!
  20. JohnD1956

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    +1 on the Dynaflow! When the engine is right the Dynaflow is great! How goes the engine temp? Where dpes the needle sit with the 160 t-stat. Bring a 180 with you to school. The 160 will never warm up enough for heat in around town driving. And good luck!
  21. JohnD1956

    1956 buick roadmaster pump

    There should not be any fuel leaking around the fuel pump. There should be a small vent hole in the fuel pump. Is that where the gas is leaking? If not, the follow below. First thing to do is make sure your fuel line is intact. There is a piece of flexible hose from the fuel pump to the fuel line attached to the car's frame. Is that piece cracked or leaking? Then under the back of the car there may be a piece of flexible hose between the tank and the fuel line. I say "may be" because that would not be there from the factory. But if a new fuel pickup and sender unit is used in the gas tank, some mechanics will use a piece of flexible hose at that location. Check to see if that is broken or cracked. Replace each as needed, because if they are broken or cracked the fuel pump will be unable to pull the gas from the tank. If there is no flexible hose back by the gas tank then chances are the tank has never been removed from the car, and it may need to be removed now, to be cleaned out. First thing to do is remove the flexible line from the fuel pump and then use 40 pounds of compressed air to blow through the fuel line back to the gas tank, and push any debris back into the gas tank. Be careful. You do not want to cause damage with too much pressure. Then check your fuel line along the length of the car. If you smell gas anywhere between the gas tank and the engine then you have to inspect and fix any leaks there my be in the length of the fuel line. Any cracks anywhere along the line will stop the fuel pump from sucking the gas out of the tank. If you find no leaks in the fuel line and you have a new pickup unit in the gas tank, then I would look at the fuel pump.
  22. Short driving op tonite, just 25 miles. But it's supposed to rain for the next 5 days so off I went. Had another pretty good sunset.
  23. JohnD1956

    1956 buick roadmaster pump

    Abraham, it is very difficult to figure what's wrong from this limited information. Is this the first time you drove it? How old is your battery? Have you cleaned the battery terminals? I would not touch the distributor yet. I think what you describe is low voltage from a uncharged battery or poor battery terminal connections. Any chance you can take a video and post a link to it here?