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Model A Ford-Asbestos shipping to Australia?


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11 hours ago, calcoupe said:

 Model A Ford is required to verify that there is no asbestos in brakes and clutch to ship to Australia. How can this be done without dismantling ? 

Any advice? 


This is know major issue when importing cars into Australia. Google "notice No. 2017/21 "

Australian Border force will check and have been know to have cars "disassembled" to prove one way or other if suspicious

Your buyer (or you) need to be in contact with a company/person/shipper who experience with importing old cars into Australia


Sample from  Google (links may/may not work)



Read this (a few years old now)

--> https://ferraris-online.com/australia-asbestos-and-collector-cars/









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About 15 or more years ago I hired an asbestos abatement consultant to examine a material sample that I provided him from one of my old cars. At that time I was just learning which materials to be wary of and which were likely to be OK. The consultant worked out of his house, and - as I recall - charged me like 40 bucks to put the sample (which turned out to be negative for asbestos) under a microscope and test it. I would imagine there's something similar to this person in your area, though I should say that the guy I hired told me that he'd never done such a small job before. His specialty, of course, was testing remodel construction sites, and such. But I would guess that a document from someone like that would be sufficient.

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U.S. Customs can inspect or disassemble anything they find suspicious... for good reasons or no reason. I assume other countries are similar. Your best bet is to use a Customs Broker who can tell you what papers are necessary. Otherwise, get all the requirements from the Customs agency in your country. The correct papers will greatly reduce the hassles. 

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On 1/19/2021 at 10:04 AM, 1939_Buick said:

Australia is extremely hard on asbestos in imported cars. 

They will know a Model A probably had asbestos when new or over the ~90 years

You can assume quarantine will check the brake shoes. I know a bloke who imported his own car from South Africa and, evidently, the car (1940s Hudson) had had asbestos sprayed under it as a deadener. They quoted some ridiculous amount to remove it, so he cut the floor out and gave it to them and took his now clean car home. I had a parts car with an OK floor which we cut out and put in his. True story.

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I know a gentleman who imported a late 40's Buick in Australia. They tore it down completely, found asbestos in the brakes, clutch and head gasket. Made a total mess of the car and then had it sent back to Canada. He was fined as well. He also had a 1968 Buick Electra 225 convertible slated to be shipped also.

 He put it up for sale here in Canada instead of having the same problem again. My friend in Sweden bought it and sent it to Europe with no such problems.

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8 hours ago, calcoupe said:

I was wondering why Australia was so much sensitive to asbestos. Certainly a serious health issue. 



There is a town that has literally been removed from maps in WA due to asbestos contamination and James Hardie who were total scumbags

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38 minutes ago, JFranklin said:

Expand please, I couldn't find info online.

This is the town 



this gives a bit of an overview




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Buyer's problem, not yours. If he wants the car, he can figure out a solution. No way would I sign an affidavit guaranteeing no asbestos in an old car and I would not do any extraordinary repairs or parts replacement unless he was paying for parts and labor--and I still wouldn't guarantee no asbestos.


Buyer wants the car, buyer can solve the problem. Or you can just sell it to someone who isn't in Australia. This isn't your problem to solve, much as the buyer would like it to be.

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The importation of cars down under is a big issue for enthusiasts. From what I have gleaned.


Apparently the issue came about due to asbestos being found in a product (possibly Chineseum) that was supposed to be asbestos free. The Australia Border Protection Forces then decided to look at all imported products including classic cars. There was a article or video showing an original desirable early Mustang that was almost torn apart in the quest to search and destroy. Guys in white suits with breathing apparatus in a sealed environment ripping into upholstery, engine, transmission on an original low mileage classic that had never been apart 😢😢😢😢😢

Currently the buyer has to ensure all asbestos is removed, which can be brake and clutch linings, gaskets, undercoating and the list goes on. Understand that there are companies set up in the US to do just that so vehicles can be imported. So what arrives is a car that needs immediate repairs to make it roadworthy. As stated the buyer can face significant fines and penalties if it is deemed they imported a vehicle that still contains asbestos.


It literally stopped me from pursuing another Buick import this year and choose to buy a local car that was imported years ago. I understand it can still be done today, but not as straightforward and adds a significant cost.

When importing items from overseas we have always had to sign a customs declaration about the items not containing asbestos. However, the current climate makes for a difficult road for the future imports.


I understand some states have got their act together and have a proper process, whereas am told my state is still sorting it out. Interesting times we live in here

just my two bobs worth.

Rodney 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

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