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Model A Ford-Asbestos shipping to Australia?

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11 hours ago, calcoupe said:

 Model A Ford is required to verify that there is no asbestos in brakes and clutch to ship to Australia. How can this be done without dismantling ? 

Any advice? 


This is know major issue when importing cars into Australia. Google "notice No. 2017/21 "

Australian Border force will check and have been know to have cars "disassembled" to prove one way or other if suspicious

Your buyer (or you) need to be in contact with a company/person/shipper who experience with importing old cars into Australia


Sample from  Google (links may/may not work)



Read this (a few years old now)

--> https://ferraris-online.com/australia-asbestos-and-collector-cars/









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About 15 or more years ago I hired an asbestos abatement consultant to examine a material sample that I provided him from one of my old cars. At that time I was just learning which materials to be wary of and which were likely to be OK. The consultant worked out of his house, and - as I recall - charged me like 40 bucks to put the sample (which turned out to be negative for asbestos) under a microscope and test it. I would imagine there's something similar to this person in your area, though I should say that the guy I hired told me that he'd never done such a small job before. His specialty, of course, was testing remodel construction sites, and such. But I would guess that a document from someone like that would be sufficient.

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