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  1. The amount of space you have and the desire to store stuff "just in case" determines your attitude to parts cars. I'm fortunate to have tons of storage space (and shedding) so can grab one or more parts cars for a project if need be. It is true, as someone pointed out above, that the same parts wear out just as fast on all your parts cars, so you still need to know parts suppliers for your particular car (and you will soon find yourself helping out others with parts). You have to beware, though, of crossing into hoarder territory, trying to "save them from the scrapman" and spending too much t
  2. You didn't mention your chastity vow, or did the Head Monk ask you not to talk about that either?
  3. We all have tales of how we rescued a car from some difficult, hard to get to spot, but these guys put us in the shade.
  4. A friend and I have dragged a 1922 Dodge 4 out of a shipping container, where it has sat for about 15 years. We will go through everything before trying to fire it up, but have some initial questions: 1) best source for owner's manual and service manual? (preferably online to print ourselves) 2) after we have taken the sump off and cleaned/inspected it, how much oil does it take? I believe it is 5-6 quarts. 3) any Dodge 4 peculiarities we need to watch for? We are familiar with Oliver tractors and 1920s Hudsons/Essexes, but are keen to benefit from the wisdom of those who have
  5. Precisely. The last half dozen times I have bought or sold a Hudson over the last 20 years, the other party has become a personal friend.
  6. I just looked at my 1928 Essex and it does not have the trim you described, probably because it is Australian bodied and would have been done differently by the coach builder.
  7. I'm pretty sure 1948-55 Hudson door handles are the same, so there should be plenty around not too far from you.
  8. You can assume quarantine will check the brake shoes. I know a bloke who imported his own car from South Africa and, evidently, the car (1940s Hudson) had had asbestos sprayed under it as a deadener. They quoted some ridiculous amount to remove it, so he cut the floor out and gave it to them and took his now clean car home. I had a parts car with an OK floor which we cut out and put in his. True story.
  9. I don't think my local tyre shop has one of these, so lucky Santa found room for one on his sleigh:)
  10. You were plain old unlucky. I have generally had very helpful and considerate sellers; ringing you if the weather is bad and the car will be too hard to access that day, or a farmer having his tractor ready to tow the car out of a muddy paddock for you, or one bloke who chopped down a tree to get the car out of a shed and had it ready in his driveway to roll on to the trailer, or bobcats/excavators on hand to help load non-rollers etc. Sometimes you get a vendor unable to assist and need to make a planning visit, which is obviously a problem if you're 600 miles away. We once travelled 250 mil
  11. Totally agree on the pulling over when there's a problem, but the old plane and old train guys are like us (though members of a different sect) in our religion of worshipping and studying old machines.
  12. It bears some load as it helps keep it straight, so yes. Can't answer your sump question as I have never seen a 202 engine. And sorry I can't answer your heater question, as Australian Hashes don't have heaters; mine just has a heat vent box with a cable to open and shut it.
  13. About five years I pulled up at my brother's and he said "Your back wheels are moving" so that is when we replaced what you accurately called the rather large moulded grommet. I can't remember who I bought it from, but probably this mob: https://www.nashramblerrubber.com/trunnion-info-instructions As for oil, I reckon all old engines leak oil, rebuilt or not. Mine was rebuilt 20000 miles ago and has some seepage. I use synthetic.
  14. You could get "Twin-H" carbs for your Hornet but mine is single carb. It already has enough power for any sane person, so I figure it isn't worth the trouble and expense to get a new manifold, extra carb, linkages et etc etc.
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