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  1. Thanks Hidden Hunter I was wondering why Australia was so much sensitive to asbestos. Certainly a serious health issue. Calcoupe
  2. Thanks very much for your comments. We will be making sure that all precaution is done. Best Regards Calcoupe
  3. Model A Ford is required to verify that there is no asbestos in brakes and clutch to ship to Australia. How can this be done without dismantling ? Any advice?
  4. Hi Coyote There is a company in Arizona that sells LED bulbs, flashers and other LED related parts such as load equalizer if needed. They will help you over the phone for problems making them work. Very different from the incandescent bulbs and bimetal flashers that your car came with.
  5. Too bad about the cancellation but it is the right thing to do. I was registered and spent a lot of time getting my car ready to go but the spreading of Covid is apparently too risky. I have been skeptical about people keeping distance and wearing masks. Too many people are careless. Looking forward to next year.
  6. Hi Classic Mike Got your message about the 600x16 whitewalls. I have 8 of them. You can have all of them. You will have to arrange shipping. I tried calling you but couldn't get a connection. Maybe you can call me and we can figure it out. 908-884-6665
  7. Classic Mike, I have not looked at this for awhile. Do you still want some 600x16 white walls? I still have 8 and I'm going to dispose of them soon. If you want them and can decide on shipping method from Zip 07830, I'll hold off longer. Jim L/Calcoupe
  8. Send me a ZIP code and I will try to find how to ship and how much. Calcoupe
  9. I think I can ship. Don't know about the details with the restrictions because of Carona20. These are Coker Classics, whitewall with Ford Insignia molded in sidewall. They are probably 25% left on tread depth. I will give them away. Probably need to see what shipping costs.
  10. I have 8 - 600x16 Coker Classics with some tread left. These are giveaways. Pick them up or pay shipping from New Jersey, 07830 Calccoupe
  11. Thanks Tim, I will plan to be there to look and learn. I'm new to the AACA as a member. Hope it doesn't get cancelled. Jim
  12. Thanks John 348 I'll probably go as a spectator anyway. Thanks for responding to my question.
  13. I'm not practiced at using the forums so I may be in the wrong forum and, I see that I didn't make a very understandable question.I'll try again. I live fairly close to Allentown and would like to enter my car if appropriate. My car was awarded a First Junior at Hershey in 2019 and would like to know if the Allentown Grand National will have competition that I could enter . That is, if it is held.
  14. calcoupe


    My car was awarded a First Junior in 2019. Is there judging at this event and can I register ?
  15. Thanks I'll try again. I tried to copy the picture of a display of Ford tools but I guess it didn't work. I'm not very adept at copy and paste. I'll ask someone to help me.
  16. The picture is from another post. These tools are what I am looking for. I have a few but if you have any like in the picture here, please let me know. Thanks Calcoupe
  17. I don't have pics but there is one in another forum. Ill see if I can get it to be included here.
  18. Hi lump, Thanks for replying to my post. I'm looking for the tools that were provided with the purchase of a 1937 Ford . The tools that I know of are several open ended wrenches. screw driver, pliers, jack and handle, lug nut wrench ,maybe a hammer etc. They have the Ford logo stamped on each. The small tools came in a pouch, which I have. These tools were mostly intended to make repairs by the owner. If you have tools that have the Ford insignia and part number, I can verify if they are for my car. Thanks Calcoupe
  19. calcoupe


    I'm looking for authentic Ford tools that came with 1937 Ford passenger cars, including correct jack and handle. I need most so I am interested in any correct tools. Calcoupe
  20. Looking for a right side tail light assembly for a 33 Chevrolet Coupe. Also a recommendation for adding turn signals.
  21. Hi, I'm looking for a right side tail light assembly for a 1933 Chevrolet. Thanks
  22. You probably posted this to me by mistake. I really can’t help out with any suggestions Hope someone can help you out.
  23. Richard Patterson, I am looking for original Ford tools that came with a 1937 Ford. Are you interested in selling these tools? Thanks
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