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Period images to relieve some of the stress

Walt G

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1928, at 417 Ferry Rd, Christchurch, New Zealand. From the city engineer's report at the time - "The City Engineer’s report describes the station at 417 Ferry Road as having no service building. It only includes a pump placed next to a wooden building, which is a bicycle repair shop. The petrol pumps and the shop are both owned by C H Robinson."


Petrol station, Woolston | canterburystories.nz


Unfortunately, the front of the car is hard to see.


The price of one shilling and eleven pence for an imperial gallon represents about one to two hours' wages for a working man.



28 417 Ferry Rd.jpg


There is still a gas station on that site, though much larger than 95 years ago.


Nowadays, even though people complain about the price of petrol, it is relatively less expensive than in 1928 at less than half the average hourly wage for an imperial gallon equivalent.


Web capture_30-10-2023_123424_www.google.com.jpeg

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The barely visible text on the photo says - "Koondrook, Departure for the War, 17th Light Horse, 1914."


Koondrook is a small town in inland Victoria, Australia. 


It is likely that the men took their own horses with them. 


I think the car is a 1912 Buick Model 34.





Light Horse 14.jpg

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I can't tell the make of car, but it was registered to Charles Gilbert of Stepney Depot or Easton, Ct. from 1906 through 1909.

On 11/4/2023 at 8:46 AM, twin6 said:

No idea what this is, but it looks like a rear entrance tonneau with CT plate. 


I can't tell the make of car, but it was registered to Charles Gilbert of Stepney Depot or Easton, Ct. from 1906 through 1909.

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An evocative period workshop shot borrowed from a French Facebook page. Not a lot of clues as to where it was taken. I am guessing the cars are being rebuilt rather than being new builds.


There is a box with Gasoline written on it but that could be a WW1 leftover.


The closer chassis has a maker's plate but the photo is not clear enough to read it.


Maybe a brass era expert can pick up clues from the numbers of hub bolts etc.


One possible clue is that the wheels have oval spokes. I have an ITALA front axle with oval spokes, although I have no idea what model it is from. ITALA redesigned their cars every year in that era and made a large range of models from quite small to quite large.



shop crop big.jpg

shop crop.jpg

shop rear wheel.jpg


EDIT - I found the pics I took a few years ago of the ITALA wheels. They are quite different. I reckon these wheels would have taken 820 x 120 metric tyres.



IMG_0516 resize.jpg

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17 minutes ago, nzcarnerd said:

A nice clear photo taken in Vallejo, California. The car on the right is, I think, a 1913 Abbott-Detroit - the last year of the flat front radiator and the first year of both head and cowl lamps being electric. The 'poppy' tag on the registration plates dates the photo to 1917.   Vehicle registration plates of California - Wikipedia



Looks to be an Abbott or Abbott-Detroit on the right.

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