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  1. Cast iron Mike can fix it. Cast Iron Repair Specialists 16129 Smokey Point Blvd, Ste A, Marysville, WA 98271 360-657-7660
  2. I am sorry to say it was Ron Carey, a great loss to his family, friends and the car hobby.
  3. This right hand drive chassis was just found. Engine has cast iron crankcase. Sorry for poor quality photos. I do not know any more about it. Thanks for looking.
  4. "Cruise a comfortable 65mph" You are going to need something bigger than 40hp.
  5. They are actually a Vega with a different engine.
  6. I am looking for one or more of these early shocks. Thanks Dave
  7. Layden, First year or two Cadillac was American Ball Bearing, I believe; same as early Mercer. I know Fred buys every one he can find.
  8. It has been identified as a Standard Roller Bearing axle of about 1911. I belongs to a friend and I think he wants $750.00 for it.
  9. This axle has 25" Goodyear quick detachable wheels. What is it? Thanks.
  10. Lozierman, your gear shift levers are from a 1914 Overland.
  11. I am looking for either of these two axles. They are both right hand drive for 2" springs. They are 30" center to center on spring pads and the top of the axle yoke where the thrust bearing goes is 2 1/4" in diameter. Thanks, Dave.
  12. The muffler is the key. This car has the 1907-08 muffler. Has step plate, no running board so it is a 1907.
  13. Any idea what this came from?