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  1. Where is this located?
  2. I picked this up several years ago, don't know much about it. Model A-143. $1200.00 Dave 480 three one six 0065
  3. I gave French Lake a try but no luck, Thanks anyway.
  4. I am looking for a complete roof rack for a 1964 Buick Le Sabre wagon.
  5. Cast iron Mike can fix it. Cast Iron Repair Specialists 16129 Smokey Point Blvd, Ste A, Marysville, WA 98271 360-657-7660
  6. I am sorry to say it was Ron Carey, a great loss to his family, friends and the car hobby.
  7. This right hand drive chassis was just found. Engine has cast iron crankcase. Sorry for poor quality photos. I do not know any more about it. Thanks for looking.
  8. "Cruise a comfortable 65mph" You are going to need something bigger than 40hp.
  9. I am looking for one or more of these early shocks. Thanks Dave
  10. Layden, First year or two Cadillac was American Ball Bearing, I believe; same as early Mercer. I know Fred buys every one he can find.
  11. It has been identified as a Standard Roller Bearing axle of about 1911. I belongs to a friend and I think he wants $750.00 for it.
  12. This axle has 25" Goodyear quick detachable wheels. What is it? Thanks.
  13. Lozierman, your gear shift levers are from a 1914 Overland.
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