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  1. In one of my first years at Hershey, not camping on the grounds under a tarp, sleeping in my car or truck, I was fortunate enough to have found a room in a "guest house". It had been a recently cleaned chicken coop. Cleaned - sort of and not fumigated. The stay was very short, less than a minute and with a complete refund. This was in the town of Hershey in the 1960's. Locals trying to make a quick buck.
  2. The name of N. M. Taylor appeared first in the S-D register of 1982, showing engine #210, frame #1106 and a limousine body and living in New Port Richey, Florida. In the 1991 S-D register N. M. Dyke Taylor was listed as the owner and in the 1993 the car was shown as a roadster owned by N. M. Dyke Taylor. This name continued in the 1995, 1998 and 2002-2003 roster with names of A. J. Howard and J. M. Redinger added to the entry in the 2002-2003 and 2004 roster. No addresses were given for Howard or Redinger in the 2002-2003 or 2004 rosters. I do not believe there has a roster been published since 2004. Hope this has been helpful.
  3. In the 2004 Stevens Duryea listing of known cars, the 1920 roadster, engine #210 is listed as having belonged to: N.M. Dyke Taylor, A.J. Howard and J.M. Redinger, and with no other information given. To my knowledge the 2004 register/roster was the last one published.
  4. Cured: Your location, contact information, Franklin engine number, additional engine pictures and pictures of the rear axle would be helpful.
  5. It was also rumored that HERCO raised the rent for some food and other vendors to $600.00 per space per day. If so, no doubt that was a contributing factor to the absence of some previous vendors.
  6. PM sent. Please respond. Thank you. Dick
  7. When you say "early 20th century books" how early and what topics, vehicles, accessories or other? How about a list? Thanks for your answer.
  8. With the top down, YES. With top up, you will learn to fit.
  9. I don't know where you are located, but if you want a "Wish-Bone" type hitch mount, I have one. PM me for further information.
  10. The clue as to what car this trunk might fit is the curvature of the back of it, not the front. It more than likely fits a large quality higher priced sedan. The curvature of the front is merely for style.
  11. Horse hair used in many early cars and fine furniture was not the chopped hair of today, but long strand tail and mane which packs with more stability and is less likely to shift or "ball up". Yes, some of it was sewn to a fabric backing and not always burlap, some times a light weight duck. For many years long strand hair was available in old horse hair mattresses.
  12. I know of brass era car owners that had to have the windshields, tops and bows replaced as a result of not putting the top down before driving into their low roofed trailer during a rain storm. Measure your requirements, don't just guess!
  13. For what vehicle? Common ones are usually available at your local parts stores.
  14. I'd like to see these badges eliminated. The person that came up with this idea is over overpaid and underworked. They are not needed.
  15. True and I had to build a barn, and now that is half filled with junk!
  16. Somewhere here, in my files, I have a Manley Garage and Wrecker supplies catalog and may be able to find it. It has all kinds of garage and wrecker items used to operate a business in the pre WWII era. If interested, PM me.
  17. Please email me at rkjsburn@webtv.net or phone me at 860-868-7296. Thank you.
  18. Typical of an early accessory outlet house windshield. I've seen others, but not this particular one. I'm interested if for sale. Size and location would be helpful.
  19. It would be nice to know where it is and how much. You would probably get more response in the Franklin section of the AACA site.
  20. That is the stamping for the Whitlock Coil Pipe Co. of Hartford, Ct. They made radiators for several car companies and hood fronts for air cooled Knox automobiles.
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