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  1. It would be nice to know where it is and how much. You would probably get more response in the Franklin section of the AACA site.
  2. That is the stamping for the Whitlock Coil Pipe Co. of Hartford, Ct. They made radiators for several car companies and hood fronts for air cooled Knox automobiles.
  3. A little competition for the AACA library. I believe the HCCA has a relatively complete run of the Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal magazine from the late 1800s and is an excellent reference for early vehicles and their pieces.
  4. If the boy is interested in really early pre WWII cars, contact me later in the spring when it is warmer and I will treat him to rides in a brass era car and maybe a horseless carriage.
  5. PM sent on Cozy-Wings bracket.
  6. Hook, that car could be a 1905 or '06 Premier. Very similar to cross engine Franklin in appearance, but with a wider hood (engine cover) and grillwork. That cylinder in front is a Presto-Lite gas tank.
  7. Where is this located and why not post this on the Franklin area of the AACA Forum?
  8. Further dimensions such as center to center of stud or bolt holes, the ID's of the hub hole and hub cap hole certainly would be helpful. These are always different from one marque to another.
  9. Can a specific make and year(s) of vehicle be taken from the book?
  10. 1937hd45 PM sent. give me a call
  11. 3makes


    Contact Vinnie Cassidy at 978-758-0834 or vincentcassidy1@gmail.com
  12. Herb was one of the True Gentlemen of the hobby! Rest in peace old friend.
  13. In the late 1960's or early 1970's there was one in Chicopee, MA, at Ed Midura's Garage. It remained there after his death for a few years with his heirs. All of his other cars were sold. It may be still in the family, or somewhere in the area.
  14. Bob, Perhaps you were thinking of Miro-Tilt headlights which had a tilting mirror in the reflector behind the bulb. It was a magnetically actuated small mirror moved from a switch on the floorboards at the driver's feet. Early 1920's Franklin's used them and perhaps other cars.
  15. Walt's comment is spot-on with everything, including steaks.
  16. Look at Franklin factory drawing 32538. Glass size 6" x 24"
  17. If you are talented enough and know how to use all the tools of early automotive repair/restoration, look at the 1903 Dyke's book "Diseases of a Gasoline Automobile and How to Cure Them", the 1904 Dyke's book "The Anatomy of the Automobile, "the 1908 Dyke's book "Troubles, Remedies and Repairs of the Automobile and Gasoline Engine", the 1911 Dyke's book "Dyke's Automobile Encyclopedia" and then followed by the various annual publications of the Dyke's Automobile and Gasoline Engine Encyclopedia from 1911 on to the 1950s. In addition to these, A.L. Dyke produced working models of the major comp
  18. Bob, Great picture of you and the grandchildren. Dick
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