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  1. Not mine, but for sale by a friend and club member. These are powerful, comfortable road cars with all the amenities, perfect for touring. $4,995
  2. I photograph a lot of cars at shows and often use this online link to ID them or to see which award they received. Knowing the class they're shown in also helps. The HPOF, DPC and Competition Judged Classes begin on page 96 of Judging Guidelines pdf, which is also Section 4, page 3. You have your answer, but this is just another way to see what's happened at shows since 2010. TG
  3. 1909 Thomas-Flyer 6-70K 7-Passenger Touring Car, found on a Mansions of the Gilded Age Facebook post featuring the former home of Grace Goodyear Depew. The Goodyears (Lumber & Railroads - not Tires & Rubber) were from Buffalo... " 'El Pomar' in Colorado Springs was originally designed as a one story pavilion with classical entrance, by Horace Trumbauer in 1909 for Grace Goodyear Depew, a lumber heiress from Buffalo, New York." There is no telling if this is the same Thomas-Flyer 6-70, but what a magnificent, impressive automobile, then and now! TG
  4. Not mine, but worth passing on - listed on Bring A Trailer, car is in San Francisco Bay area...
  5. Not mine, but worth passing on - listed on Bring A Trailer, car is in San Francisco Bay area...
  6. Another by Deutsch of Cologne, very similar to the Alamy car, also I would suggest Deutsch but just enough different... The trafficators in the windshield frame, its rounded top (rather than squared off) slightly different beltline beading with pointed molding lead me to believe these are two examples of similar Deutsch coachwork on the Ford V-8 chassis. TG
  7. It's a great Ford custom, perhaps Matford or Ford Eifel, but I question the Alexis Kellner build... Given the crispness at the cowl, the square up frame at top and the beltline beading, I don't think it's this one, either. With the exception of the grille, the resemblance to this '37 Ford by Deutsch is much closer. The tapering of the rear, trunk shape, and beltline treatment lead me to Deutsch... It will be a wonderful project for the right person who wants a coachbuilt Ford! TG
  8. Immediately thrust to the front rank of my favorite prewar European coachworks on American chassis. I hope the Cadillac survived, stashed away somewhere waiting to be discovered! TG
  9. Yes, I found that curious, too! Even then, everyone was a critic! Lol TG
  10. Interesting images and info on this Rubay Locomobile that also appeared at the Chicago Salon after the New York Salon. The rear and sides were caned according to a description in the story of the New York Salon. locomobile&f=false TG
  11. I saw that it sold for 72 euros plus. Dreamy photo of a superb design - if I'd known about it then you would have had an extra bidder! It would be great to have a low-res image added to the Voll & Ruhrbeck Cadillac page at Coachbuild. com. I'm a moderator there if you're feeling generous... TG
  12. This incredible '31-'32 Cadillac Cabriolet by Voll & Ruhrbeck (or another similar) may have been the inspiration for the '33 Fleetwood Style 5586. The family that runs these auctions is the same that puts on the Veterama Show in Mannheim and has the Automuseum Dr. Carl Benz in nearby Ladenburg, Germany. TG
  13. 1933 Cadillac 452-C Four-Passenger Convertible Coupe - Style 5586...From the Fleetwood Individual Body Styles V-16 brochure, none built. Peruse the 1934 Book of Fleetwood here... TG
  14. Below, chassis # CG 3843 after its restoration, at St. John's in 2011. A full description with copious pictures from its sale follows... Some will remember seeing the '31 Waterhouse Victoria at Hershey in 2017... TG
  15. 1931 Chrysler Imperial CG Victoria by Waterhouse in the Chrysler Building showroom, NYC...One of six built.