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  1. But, but - the sale includes a Chip Foose original framed drawing of the project! And who, by the way, is Gia? You'd think Bonhams would know better. What a hot mess. TG
  2. A friend bought the '24 Rickenbacker Coupe, and I went up Detroit to do the paperwork and close the deal. It's a cute car with an original interior that needs some attention. I was really pleased to see that it has an original winged Rickenbacker "Hat in the Ring" Motometer, but I think the wings may be on backwards. The mohair interior is original and needs some preservation. The great staff at the AACA Library & Research Center provided numerous 1924 Rickenbacker brochures and promotional info... And additional info came from the AACA Library & Research Center's Facebook page, in the photo album with the 1924 Handbook of Automobiles. This sort of material and much more is available at the AACA Library & Research Center in Hershey and online, so mine it when you need to. You're only a phone call, an email or a click away! http://www.aacalibrary.org/collections/aaca-collection/ TG
  3. From the 1930 Clifton catalog...a bit more subtle and aimed at the dealers.
  4. Artistic license reigns in that illustration. https://www.grautogallery.com/vehicles/9687/1934-buick-series-40
  5. There were '34 & '35 Model 41 Club Sedans, a 3-window variety - they sold 11,475 for '34, the most popular body style that year. This is Nicola Bulgari's '34 Model 61, dolled up with graphics for the BCA 50th Anniversary in 2016 at the NB Center, Allentown, PA.
  6. I can't answer that question. Sold for $150K in 2009, then $110K in 2011. https://www.conceptcarz.com/profile/6112,16037/1934-buick-series-90.aspx
  7. Also, minus the Trippe lights and no trunk on the rack.
  8. Something to dream on - Nicola Bulgari's 1934 Model 91 Club Sedan at the 2016 BCA 50th Anniversary, Allentown, PA.
  9. Twice postponed, the 2021 Annual Convention will be held June 3-5 in historic Williamsburg, VA. After a tumultuous year, it's going to be great to see old friends and talk of plans for the future of the AACA. Some elements of past conventions have been eliminated - the Presidents' Dinners, Trade Show, and there will be fewer seminars - but we look forward to a full slate of activities for 2022! Over the years, scores of beautifully restored vehicles have been featured at the Trade Show, like this 1960 Triumph Italia 2000GT by Vignale, one of 329 made between 1959-63. It appeared at the 2016 Convention, restored by one of our Trade Show vendors, and is shown as a teaser for when things return to normal in 2022. Here's a link to the 2021 Annual Convention registration form with more info and the schedule - the deadline to register is May 15... https://aaca.org/images/meet_brochures/2021/AM_21_Member_Registration.pdf
  10. Interior suggests it's the base Marquis for 1978, not mid-level Grand Marquis. http://www.lov2xlr8.no/brochures/mercury/78mq/78mq.html
  11. Hi Jeff, You may want to share this image with Marc Mougin if you have his contact info, as it is the Buenos Aires dealership where his Peerless was sold. TG
  12. Oxnard is on the coast, west of LA and south of Ventura. But the Merc looks like a good example, probably reupholstered and restored to some level.
  13. I imagine it was a privately owned garage that serviced all manner of cars and trucks. Not affiliated with any particular manufacturer. There were several in my town.
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