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  1. Interesting... Where's the water inlet or storage tank? Does it leak? Can you provide the weight and dimensions?
  2. What's the saying? Store up treasures in heaven...? Knowing my luck I'd get there and St Peter would say "pack your $&%# dude, your going down"
  3. I'd also recommend your friend sell it individually with a onsite auction as mentioned (if they are trying to maximize profit), but then again you have to have enough Kaiser enthusiasts in the same vicinity (besides the two of ya ) IF your friend has to sell as a lot online then they may also want to check out - Auctionzip or Proxibid etc... They seem to get a lot of virtual traffic and if it's headlined as "Kaiser Parts" then the word will get out quick. The auction houses are good at breaking them into lots to maximize $ but then again, the online percentage your friend woul
  4. The irony of the sign.... No need for any of them now. Roamer sounds like a good guess.
  5. Early sign twirler on strike? "Twirl your own $%& sign!..."
  6. Stanley in Canley UK 1922 Nice depth in these shots. Always loved the garage photos
  7. Look at the space.. Anyone recognize the brass front end on the right?
  8. I see a future promo for XIAFLEX commercials....
  9. Both links where I found them stated they were Albions
  10. Amazing how many laundry companies were available at the time... One from Scotland that had the slogan "Here comes the Castlebank man" Very unusual
  11. The wife: You suppose you should take the wheel from Jr? Ironic, the savior is just over the horizon as the photo was taken. Would like to see how this story ends but I think we can all guess...
  12. I sense another bad pun coming.... (one that never quite got off the ground) Sorry guys, it had to be said. I know many of you were thinking it Be thankful we finally improved the roads Based on the tracks I'd say that lil T has done this a few times...
  13. I think I see where this is headed.... Someone's in training (shhh)
  14. Funny how most (so called Americans) joke about this topic isn't it? Glad we won't be here to see our great grand children speaking all those foreign languages and having zero products that true American patriots can be proud of. Only a matter of time Seams so wrong? It is horribly wrong where this is all headed... A European take over of any American brand or manufacturing will have negative consequences that last far beyond our imagination. The short term memory loss of far too many of our (so called) fellow countrymen have allowe
  15. Bell Motor Car engine characteristics ... came with Herschell Spillman 7000 however that is 3 1/2 x 5 according to my research Look through the photos on this link to see if you notice anything that might help. Rare Find Indeed! 1920/21 Bell Motor Car (barnfinds.com)
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