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Saw this Model A Ford across the street....


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11 minutes ago, Peter J.Heizmann said:

You are very fortunate, John.  Looks like this guy stopped touring to allow all those close up photos.  Anyone else stop?  Any info on what tour it was?

It was a local Model A group. For some reason, a lot of them do not use their cars in "winter". That is one of the reasons I quit the local old car group. My honey and me were the only ones driving an old car.

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10 hours ago, Dave Mellor NJ said:

Nice truck. I question the spare being on the passenger side, though.

I don't rule that out. I actually had a 1928 with factory, dual sidemounts....

1928 Ford.jpg


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3 hours ago, Joe in Canada said:

The truck has 29 plates on it but it looks to be a 30. What year is it?

I questioned that a while back when I posted this truck before.

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21 hours ago, JFranklin said:

Oregon didn't use a plate in 1930, just a sticker for the windshield.


I have never known this, was it a one year only thing?

I have an Oregon 1928 plate issued to one of my cars.

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5 hours ago, JFranklin said:

It was just 1930.


This got me to thinking about the nice lady at DMV that emailed me several pages of info on the History of Oregon plates.

This page in particular does say in the sub notes that a sticker for 1930 with 29 plates.

Love to learn something that I should have already remembered.   LOL

early licernse plates003.jpg

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