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Good day.


I'm pretty sure I've seen this custom somewhere in this forum previously, but kind of a slow day...😊


I recently picked up a latest copy of  the magazine "The Art of Rods & Customs" by garageshotsmagazine.com, in there was a piece on a custom '71 Buick Riviera where they grafted the front-end of a '65 to the '71 boat-tail. Not sure if I'm crazy on the paint colours, but in terms of customs,  I think it's pretty cool...


The builder's website has a couple hundred photos of the build...






Mike Swick

Edmonton, AB



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There were about 100 interesting fabrication pictures that I liked. In the end it was just, obviously, and ''71 Riviera with a '65 Riviera grille and headlights. Combining the designs of two iconic cars leaves one looking at the iconic parts and it doesn't integrate into something special, at least for me. If they had added '59 Cadillac fins it wouldn't have clicked either. It needed to be more subtle without the readily identifiable parts so prominent. There's a first Gen Riviera with a Ford Torino roof that looks pretty good, but it takes some thinking to connect with its origin.


They did a great job blending the peaked fenders. Aesthetics were lacking it the concept and the lines of the paint tutone looks forced, as well. I'll have to demonstrate by getting mine finished, maybe this year.


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