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  1. It's worse when you damage 2 cars at the same time. Many years ago I backed my 64 Riviera into my 71 Monte Carlo. Looks like your car came out great!
  2. My 64 had a white interior with white headliner. One of my 65's had the dark green interior and had the headliner pictured above. My other 65 had a black interior with a silver headliner. All 3 were original cars.
  3. This one is correct for the Riviera. Foam was never used from the factory.
  4. And here is a picture of the order form. This particular one is from a 1966. Not sure if they continued into 1967 or not.
  5. Looks like an original wood wheel with intact horn bar. Can’t tell if there is any pitting or cracks though.
  6. Seems like quality control at its best!!
  7. Another question I have regarding the horsepower ratings is why do the big Buick's using nailheads, 430's and 455's with single exhaust have the same horsepower ratings as the Riviera's with dual exhaust? Just curious!
  8. It has been researched and the larger emblems came out in mid December. In addition, when the large emblems came out, the rear one was moved to the left side of the panel whereas the smaller emblem resided under the Riviera script.
  9. Someone had advertised fiberglass trays for several years in the Riview. The ad stated you had to paint or cover them to match your interior. I don’t recall who it was but Clark’s typically offers top quality products.
  10. The price paid was generous IMO.
  11. Buyers wanted to aspire to a Buick because it was considered a prestige brand, even if they could only afford a Special. To some, an entry level Buick was better than the top model Chevy or Ford.
  12. I had them on my 65 and they were on the car when I bought it. Make sure you really want them because once installed, the paint is usually damaged.
  13. There is no comparison. Clark’s hands down.
  14. Agreed! The price is great. Some might consider it a steal.
  15. Nice to see a side spear that hasn’t had the paint removed!
  16. The GS could be had with either skirt.
  17. Looks like it has a fader switch for a rear speaker which is a plus.
  18. The courtesy lights mounted to the door panels look like they are from an Oldsmobile. Although not correct, I have to admit that I like that custom touch.
  19. They did not produce more than one style of radio knob for the 65 Riviera.
  20. If it rotates completely, then it does not have a fader and most likely never did.
  21. A quick way to tell if your car originally had a rear speaker is that your radio should be equipped with a fader switch. If not and if the radio is original, then it probably didn’t.
  22. It says it is no longer available.
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